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  1. Yes I am for real. They will nudge/paw me for a cookie and they get a cookie most of the time. That said I cool baked goods at nose height and have never lost a cookie. They don't steal or bench surf.
  2. So often I hear comments like "Oh she's got you trained" or "She's getting exactly what she wants" Why is that a bad thing? I LIKE the fact that I know what Bitty and Bubby want and the fact that I am able to provide what they want! What is wrong with making a dog happy for goodness sakes! Its not like if they ask for a game and get a game they will go out and eat little children! I love the fact that Bitty loves frosting, Bubby loves truffle oil and they will nudge me and ask for a baked good on the cooling rack. I love the fact that Bubby will go to his bed, sniff his sheets and cry so I change his sheets (he doesn't like grubby sheets). To me its communication, another means of knowing something about my dogs. Why on earth would you go out of your way to do what your dog doesn't like or to NOT provide them with something that makes them happy if it doesn't harm either of you.
  3. Awwww look at her!! Gorgeous smile! Hehehe thanks! I am a wee bit smitten
  4. I think its nonsense! My little one does all these things and she is the most harmless, sweet, adorable little moffat!
  5. Lowchenlove that sounds like MrB. He was admiring the lovely Blake Lively. He said "That Blake is almost as pretty as my Bitty!
  6. Pity you aren't in NSW!!!! There are two great ones I have used! The original one couldn't take my dogs so recommended this second one which turned out to be fantastic as well. Original one ran in a similar vein, lots of updates, photos etc. Dogs were thrilled to see us but not overly wanting to go home (they had rabbits in a paddock!).
  7. That's actually what I was thinking- I wouldn't trust it, but I'm sure many kennels operate like this in reality, despite what they advertise as doggy nirvana while you're on holiday.. Yes they all make it look like doggy heaven, but they're all just a business there to make money. I will be calling one kennel Monday and see how i go / If they are prepared to take him, i'll give him a trial run at the kennel for a couple days and see how it goes before i book a longer stay. I actually have a kennel in NSW and take small / medium dogs. We offer hands on all day and I am quite offended at the pointed comment..... Yes they all make it look like doggy heaven, but they're all just a business there to make money." I think you should look around and see some uomarket facilities before you make such a general comment. Just have to add my two cents! I have just boarded my dogs for almost three weeks. The kennel they went to was superb! I got pictures and emails of the dogs antics every three days or so! It always seemed like the kids were playing ball, digging, running around and having fun. They came home in tip top condition, lol if I am to confess perhaps a fair bit cleaner than when they live at home! The facility where they slept was spotless and had absolutely no smell! Mind you there were no TVs and such but there seemed to be a great deal of care and good commonsense with activities that the dogs enjoyed!
  8. And here is a picture of my little heart breaker! hehe I have been playing and training with the Bitty heaps to make up for not bringing her up that night!
  9. I made the most interesting discovery on my holidays which I must share! Bit of background: A lot of people feel that I love Bitty best! I don't know why they just think I do! I do tend to talk about Bitty more because she is very cheeky and active. I am also more protective of her because she is not street smart like the Bubby. Plus I raised her as a baby and she really is my perfect little dog! Anyways three weeks ago MrB and I went on holidays. We had a package which included unlimited cocktails so we decided to go bar hopping one night. MrB has never seen me fully drunk and wanted to know what kind of drunk I would be! It seemed like a good idea! I had about 10-12 drinks! Not sure as I lost count! Now I am hazy as to what happened but apparently after we got back to the hotel room MrB asked me for a cuddle! All well and good except that after a few minutes of cuddling, I burst into tears, asked MrB where Bubby was and if he (Bubby) still loved me, howled for a good half an hour about how much I missed Bubby, how he was the love of my life and what will I do if he doesn't love me when I get back and then went to sleep. It gets worse! I checked my Whatsapp the next morning (with a hideous hangover) and it was full of ramblings about how much I missed Bubby, where was my Bubby, had anyone seen my Bubby! These were all sent to my friends! The icing on the cake was when I sent out a photo of Bubby with a message: "This is my Bubby, if you see him can you tell him I love him" It was all very tragic! I had no idea I loved the boy so much! :p MrB said I was such a disappointing drunk!
  10. VERY effective but I am still suspicious of it so the kids dont use it unless its middle of summer. Otherwise I capstar them! But I do find that comfortis lasts longer than a month!
  11. Yes!!! Almost every bl@@dy week!!! I dont know why but her nails grow so fast!!! And I try to walk her plenty on concrete!!!!
  12. Bubby doesn't think so! Not enough Yum Cha he says!!!
  13. HAHAHA we dont have dogs YET and hey its they tolerate it then good for them. But just out of curiasity what kind of fruit do you feed your pooches Basically every single fruit they have tried except the stuff which is actually dangerous to them like grapes Bitty ADORES jackfruit, mangoes (I buy a case every week because I love the look on her face when I peel them one) and nashi pears Every morning they have a mix of apple, pear, kiwi, banana (before cyclone) and whatever other fruit is in season plus the yoghurt
  14. hehe wantsapuppy I am NOT the person you should be getting advice to feed your dogs from! My dogs are on a somewhat "liberal" diet! It suits them just fine but not something I would go around telling people they should do!
  15. Two soup spoons every morning on their fruit I like the Farmers Union Greek Yoghurt, Aldi Greek or Vaalia natural I buy whatever out of those brands is on sale
  16. I asked this! hehehe I even tried to tactfully (or so I thought!) check out a few of their dogs but they caught on and knew I was a nutter so they brought out EVERY single dog they owned and let me look at them! They also locked me in with a REALLY INSANE one (Bitty's grandmother) for a bit of a laugh! Ahh memories
  17. MrB, wonderful as he is, has a “one human per dog” rule! Every evening he announces “Every dog to their human please” and the kids sprint off to their relevant human and we each cuddle our own dog! He is not very open to another one as he keeps saying that it won’t have its own human and will drift around somewhere! And he won’t agree to anything but a golden! Not ever! He is a very committed Golden man! I adore the breed but MrB is a nutter when it comes to Goldens!
  18. I would do things to reward them BOTH when they are being calm and happy. Perhaps if you see both dogs sitting around doing nothing, arm yourself with treats and feed each dog. I used to also call mine over after a play session and make them line up for treats. If I caught them cuddling together it would be MEGA MEGA treats! Basically don't try to wait for him to do something mean towards her and correct it but try to catch them in HAPPY moments and reward the heck out of that! I have done it to the point where my dogs go out of their way to be all loving with each other because they want a reward!
  19. Great ideas - thanks. I worry about the teeth breaking off too! What are Beef Whizzers - can you get them at the supermarket? My boy is inside confined to the family room with a doggy door for access outside. Our fences are all locked and secure so I don't worry too much about anyone coming into the yard. Make this site your friend!!!! MUCH cheaper than supermarket! http://australianpettreatcompany.com.au/
  20. My contraptions dont last too long Lavendergirl but it does give them a bunch of things to play with! I have egg cartons which I drop a treat in each egg space and then I tape it all up. I put treats in old empty tissue boxes. Those plastic boxes strawberries come in I smear with peanut butter. I buy cheap plastic cups, put yoghurt in them to freeze and then smear the sides with honey (NOT an inside treat obviously). Save up the tubes inside your cling wrap (I collect them from family and friends). Wedge a treat right in the middle, wedge paper tightly so whole tube is packed with paper. Save up small boxes (eg toothpaste box), put a treat in that, fold down one end to make it shorter and smaller, put it in a bigger box and that into a bigger box and another bigger one. Must admit this stuff creates a lot of mess but we just pick up all the paper and pop it into recycle when we get home. I also HIGHLY recommend Beef Whizzers! They are hard enough to last a while but not so hard as antlers to make me worry they will break teeth.
  21. hehehe Bubby does not set foot outside except for his two walks a day and one ratting session at night! I always walk them for an hour and take them to the park if I am leaving them inside for longer periods. They have free reign of the entire house. They are usually left with 3-4 entertainment contraptions I have made each. I spread towels all over the kitchen in case anyone has an acident but we have had good luck in that regard so far! The only thing I do when Bitty has free reign is to remove all cupcakes from nose height! She will be nosey and pick a cupcake up and carry it around! Other than that they just seem to rip up their entertainment contraptions, eat the treats inside and sleep! Bubby came trained but with Bitty I used to let her roam inside but watch her like a hawk and made sure she never touched my stuff. I always had my stuff strewn everywhere but would supervise so that she knew just to jump over things and leave them alone! She was always very good! Only thing she will pick up that is not hers is a cupcake!
  22. OMG are you being attacked by birds as well? We have been attacked three times in the last month! Bubby in particular is VERY wary now when he sees a bird! They are so nasty and violent!
  23. Sweet and a bit sad Weekend was MrB's birthday so he did all the things he loved! He woke up and went off to listen to music and cuddle the Bitty! He was listening to some of his favourite songs and End of the Road was one of them. When they got to the Chorus: Although we’ve come to the end of the road Still I can’t let you go It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you Bitty gave him a kiss and he kissed her back and she snuggled into him! MrB started getting all teary and said to Bitty “You can’t make the Dada cry on his birthday Beedoon”
  24. Yes! I love seeing them enjoy themselves! And I agree with Teela! It is a bizzare feeling to walk anywhere without at least one of them! I avoid it! Walking them also helps me maintain my weight so its an essential for both the dogs and humans in this household!
  25. So funny this thread should come up!!! This was an email I sent my breeder the other day! _________________________________________________ I am big on positive training and rewarding the dogs for giving up bones and toys and food when I ask for it. I also reward them when they eat next to each other nicely or when they find a bone and there are no squabbles about it (there has never been but I like to reward all the same! Reinforce the happy behaviour!) Anyways, it’s all good but I think their cleverness is making it backfire on me. I have had several instances now where they wait at the back door, Bitty has some old bone in her mouth, smiling at me. Obviously I ask for the bone which she gives me but the suspicious thing is they both head for the fridge and wait as soon as she spits out the bone I always give them something from the fridge (to reinforce my training) but lately I feel like I am being taken advantage of........................... ______________________________________________________________________________________ Another one (I am not a very bright human obviously!) On Friday Bitty herds me to the fridge at dinner time. I didn’t want to feed her cuz I wanted MrB to take them on a second walk when he got home! So I look at her blankly. She nods her head at the fridge, I look at her blankly again and say “I am a very stupid human mother! I have no idea what you are on about Bitty!” She then goes and paws the fridge LOL by this stage I was thinking I couldn’t pretend to be stupid anymore! So I laugh and open the fridge. She walks right in and nudges the bottom shelf where I keep her food I crack up and say “nicely played Bitty!” and feed them both dinner!
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