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  1. Thanks so much guys!!! We have started on targeting and have been doing well. I just got overexcited and became too “pushy” in terms of my training. After last night I figure it was time to back off and get some proper advice so I don’t crush her enthusiasm! Thanks for the box link Luke!!!!!!! We’ll have some fun with that!!!!!
  2. Thanks Tess! It probably doesn’t help that I am a ninny at this whole clicker thing so I think I am being a bit ambitious and quite demanding of her. Do you have any easy exercises that you can recommend we do? We have been learning “touch” and she does that well. Aim is to roll a ball and I think she is nearly there. I got overexcited on the weekend and wanted to do shame and then the meltdown!
  3. Hi Guys! I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a beginners book on clicker training or give me some tips for my pup. She is very eager to work and focused but I have noticed that she gets “upset” when I sit around and wait for a behaviour. Last night we tried to learn “shame” and she ended up barking and jumping all over me out of frustration. As soon as I stopped trying the clicker and taught her to weave through my legs by using my hand she was as happy as a clam again. She is excellent when I lure her into doing something but seems to “go off the rails” if I sit there and wait for a behaviour. Hoping someone can help! We have such a good time together I don’t want training to become a frustrating thing for her but would like to try and use the clicker as I don’t think I can teach everything by luring.
  4. Thanks again for all the support guys!!!! We all slept well last night (so well I could barely wake up). I made Bubby take a nice mellow walk with me this morning but he really wanted his normal morning jog so I am taking it as a good sign (I didn’t let him jog though!) He also enjoyed his chicken and vegetable soup very much and has kept it down (it is his prescribed diet by vet for the next week). Vet was sooooo good to us and the bill was surprisingly not too bad which was a pleasant surprise! Now I need some beauty treatments to make myself young again! I swear I have aged 20 yrs!
  5. HE IS HOME!!!!! I scoured the yard for old bones. He was inside with daddy for a bit while I calmed his sister down and now they are snuggling together on the back porch!!! I am so relieved!!!!!
  6. onsntillnflash: Do you have any tips in regards to how you nursed Onsy? Not that I plan on ever being so stupid with his bones again but would love to store away useful info!
  7. Good point about the him possibly being sick in the middle of the night!!!! I will take him home unless that make a really wonderful case for keeping him there!!!!
  8. Just called them. He is eating again and so far has kept it down. Has also been flirting shamelessly with the vets and vet nurse!!!! They close at 8 so no one will be with him. They want him on the drip and that’s the only reason he is there really. I do agree it seems silly to keep him there now that I know, no one is there but am wondering if he needs the drip. I can definitely crate him at home. Mind you if he has recovered, no reason why he would need so many drips………. Sorry guys I am thinking out loud!
  9. Guys I need a bit of advice. Vet would like to keep him overnight, more fluids etc (but from our conversation it seems that he is perfectly fine to come home) I am thinking it can’t hurt him to be there right? I will be stressed watching out for him if he is home and making sure Lil Sis does not bounce him. He may have slightly leaky bowels this afternoon (they said he may leak a few hours after the procedure still). If he is nice and warm and hooked up to fluids and with ppl who have proper training, then he should be safe right?
  10. Thanks everyone!!!!! It so nice to have doggyish people to vent to. Work thinks its scandalous that I came in late this morning because of “the dog”. He is doing ok. Onto his second bag of fluids and very mellow.
  11. Just saw this thread!!! Glad your boy is fine!!!!! Don’t beat yourself up about it! He nicked the others food! You didn’t hand it over to him!!!!
  12. Vet just called. They cleared him out, he is groggy but sitting up. I may be able to bring him home today but they prefer to keep him. He’s still on a drip so hopefully that will do him some good. He was very blocked up apparently. Long line of blockage running. Vet has been so lovely about the whole thing and so prompt in contacting me as well!!! I am to ring them at 6 pm to see how Bubby is. I am just so relieved! We have never seen him so sickly before (he is so robust and solid normally you can never imagine him as anything but healthy) so it really put OH and I through the ringer last night!
  13. Thanks for all the support guys. Yesterday after work he threw up what we identified to be Sunday’s dinner and has not kept down anything since so I am quite ok with the IV drip. They may or may not be exaggerating things but at this stage I just want my baby home in sound condition and see him bounce around with his sister again.
  14. He is safely at the vets and will be on an IV drip after he gets his Enema. They probably will keep him overnight to see how he is. Vet assured me they will take good care of him, and keep him on the drip and that he will be ok.
  15. Thanks persephone. Your comment has put me a bit more at ease. I think we will get a head start to the vet's now. Thanks guys.
  16. Sorry, will move it now. Pandii do you know if they will go back to normal? He has always been so healthy and sound I am so worried about doing permanent damage to him.
  17. Hi Guys I just need some moral support. Went to emergency vet last night and she said he may need an enema but we can try laxatives first. The laxatives are not working so I am taking him to our normal vets as soon as they open at 9 am. Just need some moral support. Its all my fault because I have him too much bones on the weekend and now he has a huge hard buildup in his rectum (according to emergency vet).
  18. Hi Sarmy I think its ok to keep pup in the crate if you are gone for only a few hours. Make sure pup has been toileted and make sure pup has plenty of toys and things to amuse itself with in the crate. Do you have much time available for pup during the day when you are home? I would advise than you invest a heap of time on “mat training” instead of locking pup in crate when you are home. What I did was I taught my pup to sit on a mat in the same room as me. Pup would get a treat every few minutes for staying calmly on the mat. This has worked very well for me and I now have a very calm pup who will sit nicely as I attend to my chores inside. If I am very busy and cannot keep an eye on pup and reward her for being on her mat then I will put her in a puppy pen in the backyard with a bone to chew on or some toys. I find that a training session with her before I leave her alone tires her out and she settles well. When is pup biting and growling at kids? Are kids running around overexcited? Try to promote as much “CALM” as possible. Train pup to sit nicely and only allow kids to pet pup when calm. I don’t have children but I found that initially when my pup wanted to play and I played with her she would get VERY excited and over the top. So instead of playing we would drill through all our commands until she had mellowed down. I would only start a game when she was calm and if she got over the top, game would stop and she will have to sit nicely and calm down. Also fit as many small training sessions as you can into a day as possible. Just 5 – 7 minute sessions. I did about 5-6 sessions with my pup every day for the first 2 weeks and have now decreased it to about 3 a day. It really wears their mind out and they settle much better.
  19. How about a crate, lined with soft toys and fleecy fabric that you can leave in the lounge room? They can rip up a toy if they wake up early, and you can just replace the toy with another so all your things will remain in tact? The fleece is also very cheap and can easily be replaced if shredded. This is what I have set up for my puppy and even though she wakes up much earlier than us, she sits in her crate quietly and does not make a peep or she will rearrange all her plush toys around the crate.
  20. Ohhh congrats on the new freezer FTPO! It will change your life!!!! LOL it did for us!!!!! Cant live without my extra freezer!
  21. Hi There I would have gone to the vet on the first day. Puppies are fragile and I would not risk anything until i get a good professional diagnosis first. Hang tight and just get pup to the vet! It is too dangerous to do anything else without proper medical advice given your pup's age
  22. Mine goes INSANE for fresh fish! Seriously goes off the rails! I have started feeding raw mackeral once or twice a week and he has always had a tin of tuna or sardines once a week as a snack as well Not brave enough to try a whole raw fish on pup. Maybe when she's older!
  23. I must have the complete opposite experience with labs! I have never met a lab that I didn't love and have bordered on stalking a few (there is one which brings in the paper for his owner every morning and he just makes me go all squeeee when I see him)! The ones I have met are either super friendly/jolly or are complete huggable teddy bears! I have to admit I am kind of relieved when I meet a lab at the dog park because I find them very friendly and don't need to worry about random berserk behaviour.
  24. Is Laffi coming home yet????? Tell her to come back!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Polly is just so gorgeous LP! Gosh that face reminds me of Loverboy!
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