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  1. I always thought Poms were a small dog already.................why would you need a "mini" one???? Its already a small dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People just seem to get stranger and stranger!!!
  2. Goodluck Newnewf. Despite everything you have told us I think you are a fantastic owner for admitting that you need help and accepting it! Many hugs to you and Turtle! I am a keen follower of this thread and will be cheering you on from afar!!!!!!
  3. I know your Leo has many talents and congrats to him on his winnings.........................BUT all I thought of when I saw that photo you posted was: OMG He's soooooooooooooooooooo handsome *swoons* I am such a sucker when it comes to Loverboy Leo's pretty face!
  4. centitout, I have often read your posts and all the great advice you give. I am officially running scared at the idea of EVER getting a pup now after reading this thread of yours! If you can't train him what hope is there!!!!!! Are some dogs just grubbier than others? Do they enjoy the dirtiness?
  5. OMG Cassie, I saw the heading on the menu and thought it was another Oakley so haven't clicked on it until now. I am so sorry Cassie. Nothing I say will make you feel better but I am thinking of you.
  6. Just how large is he Moirat? Pic please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh dear! Not to sound disheartening but he sounds like my Bubby. Bubby was the pick of the litter and in the end the breeder couldn't show him because he was always "ladida ladida driiiiiiiiiiiiiiift driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiift". And your description of your dog with the other goldens sounds like my Bubby at the park. I have managed to perk mine up a bit (through training and making myself more "Exciting" to work him up a bit but his core personality is just very..............mellow, cant quite escape it! Send him down to me!!!! I LOVE that type of personality!!!!!
  8. Wow! They put sugar in dog food????? What the devil for?????
  9. Bubby throws up if he doesn’t get something in his belly by about 11 ish! I think its most likely am empty stomach problem so I always get something in his belly before 11. I worked with a lady who had the same problem so she used to give her dogs some dog biscuits just before bed.
  10. Soooo happy for you Jodie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I jut use a soft human one. Another thing I do is I buy plain white cotton cloth, cut it into a small piece and polish his teeth with it. Its soft and u sort of work on the teeth like you are polishing silver. He may look at you like he thinks you're mad though but they do get used to it! Mine sort of just zones off now when I polish his teeth! No toothpaste. I dont know much about dog toothpaste and I wouldnt use a human one. Just polish with warm water!
  12. Any chance you can brush their teeth? I just wet a soft toothbrush in warm water and scrub Bubby's teeth. Its a tad time consuming but I find it cleans his teeth really well. Also this sounds gross but when I check his teeth I will pick off any food thats stuck between his teeth. Bubby gets plenty of bones but I think they are too large to give his teeth a thorough clean.
  13. We adopted him when he was 1 yrs old (he's 2 now) and its something we have consistently been doing since he came to live with us. I was always told "begging is a bad habit" so we've always made sure he doesnt stare at us while we eat. Mine has never actually stolen food though. I leave food around to cool on a regular basis and him alone in the house with it and its never touched. Its only every once in a while that he will look longingly at us having dinner and then we are on top of it straight away with the "No food" command. I think you need to be vigilant and continue being vigilant. Perhaps one of the dog trainers will come into this thread and help you out.
  14. My little guy loves food as well and we've made sure we're really strict with him when we eat. He must not look or hassle us for food or else he will be sinned binned. Sin binning works like a dream for my boy as he is a nosey little thing and hates to miss out on family action. We've only had to do it 3 times in his life. If he looks at us and appears interested we say "no food" and he will walk away to do something else. He gets 2 chances and third time is sin bin. Also even though we do save him a tidbit of what we are eating we wait until he is napping or focused on something else or off somewhere else and then we will call him over to us and offer him the treat. This way he seems to know he needs to be calm and to stop focusing/expecting food before he will get any food.
  15. Will your dog chew and then swallow the bits or does he spit them out? I have a golden that likes to chew and spit out paper so I buy these long hard paper rolls from fabric store retailers (they sell me 1 roll for $1, the rolls are about 1.5 m long). Cut these rolls into 30 cm tubes. Stuff things into the tubes or give him the empty tube to chew. Mine loves it and goes bonkers when he sees me carry a tube in my hand!
  16. Thanks for the tips guys! LP: Scrunchie over the muzzle? I would never have thought of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hihi, I tried this last night with a piece of tape and he didn't react at all. Just sat there looking at me expectantly. Tried a bigger piece of tape, no reaction. I have also tried blowing on his face. No reaction either. Any other alternatives I can try to get his paw to his face. Thanks heaps!
  18. I feed veggies because Bubby gets constipated if he has too much meaty bones.
  19. Great to hear Ollie is doing well Jodie!!!!!!
  20. Do you have a bath? I got a hand held shower nozzle and attached that to my bathtub tap. After we bath him we towel dry with some chamois and then blowdry. I am thinking of investing in a dog force drier recommended by one of the others in the general thread. You can get one brand new on ebay for about $200 apparently.
  21. Hi Guys, Have been reading your posts on various allergies and wanted to share a few things I have learnt in dealing with Bub’s allergies. Bubby’s allergies are too severe but we did go through a stage of gunky eyes and red bleeding skin which he would chew on continuously. I took the advice of another lady on this forum and tried chinese herbs (in tablet form) as an alternative and lucky for us it has worked wonders. I have also consulted a chinese herbalist and received some interesting feedback. Apparently in chinese medicine there is a concept of hot and cool. Being too hot can result in allergy symptoms. I was advised to counteract Bubby’s hotness with cooking foods. I have started to supplement his diet with mung bean juice (also known as green bean) which is renowned for its cooling properties. I boil the mung bean until it turns to pulp and then strain the juice and give it to him to drink 2 times a week. I have no idea whether all this is actually true but I went from an itchy dog, covered with red sores, who scratched and licked every night to a dog with clear skin and no more sores. No more chewing and scratching either.
  22. Thanks animalsluvbree. Nothing in the ear and I have shone several torches in. Will see if it improves. It looks like it could also be an insect bite at this stage.
  23. Sorry this is really dumb but are the mites inside or outside the ear? He is not rubbing it on any surface. I can touch and play with his ear without any fuss. I will keep an eye on it!
  24. I would steer clear of chocolate in any form (I am pretty paranoid about choccy). Hows about roast lamb? Mine ADORES roast lamb because it smells stronger than other meat. Roast him a nice lean piece if you dont want him consuming too much fat! Or marinate some chicken breasts with a bit of soy and sugar and grilled it until its golden. Or coat some chicken breast in egg, breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese and bake it in oven until crisp. Or how about sear him a nice steak, chop into bite size pieces and serve it with some steamed veggies (my boy got this on valentines day). If you narrow down what you want to give him I can give you even more ideas!
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