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  1. Ivermectin doesn't do tapeworm, or at least that's what my vet told me the other day when I got some.
  2. Fertility Vet

    In my breed that's completely normal. They don't come in season under 14mths old and I have plenty of girls that only come in once a year while others are around 8mths. Other lines in the same breed start at 9mths and then regularly 6mths after. Speak to your breeder and get to know what is normal for their dogs. The only one I've ever taken to a repro vet didn't come in till she was 5yrs old She was mated and whelped a normal litter. The vet could only tell me to just wait and see as there was nothing they could do about it. ETA greyhound people will tell you to find a good muscle man as there is supposedly a back manipulation that will help them come in season. I've never tried it so cant say if it is successful or not
  3. Italian Greyhounds

    And yet you're leaving them with me for a week ? What am I in for ? They better not teach my little angels any bad habits or I'll be forced to put then in with the greyhound pups
  4. Borzoi In The New Big W Denim Ad?

    I have done the odd ad with my IGs and greys. The IGs are not requested very often though
  5. New Welfare Regulations For Greyhounds

    Surely both the above are a move in the right direction albeit much overdue. I do not see our own Canine Councils implementing kennel inspections and core competencies before handing out licences
  6. New Welfare Regulations For Greyhounds

    Move towards all people that care for greyhounds at any stage of the lifecycle (until retirement) being registered with peak bodies; Introduce a tiered system of trainer licence types which stipulate how many greyhounds trainers are able to train; and Ongoing licensing by peak bodies to be subject to inspection and compliance with maintenance of facility standards. Inspection & compliance All facilities at which greyhounds are housed with licensed people, throughout their lifecycle, to be subject to regular inspection; and All new facilities/kennels to be compliant with relevant codes of practice
  7. New Welfare Regulations For Greyhounds

    People/Participants National approach to education Develop formal education modules on relevant topics for delivery to all participants, including the option of progressing to the completion of a formal qualification of Certificate 2 in Racing (Greyhounds) through the national Vocational and Education framework; Development of Fact Sheets covering all aspects of the industry to support education material; and All new participants to be assessed on core competencies before obtaining the relevant licence.
  8. New Welfare Regulations For Greyhounds

    You can read more about this HERE and HERE
  9. Italian Greyhounds

    Diamond looks great Dogmad
  10. Italian Greyhounds

    She moves with grace and pizazz :) This was when she was only quite young
  11. Italian Greyhounds

    No Ive told you a hundred times YOU broke him and since Poppy is so great that just proves it
  12. Greyhound Industry On 7.30

    It was great to catch up. Rolf is just too cute for his own good Come over any time you like.
  13. Greyhound Industry On 7.30

    Havent had a chance to watch this yet (although I have read the transcript) as I was driving back from the races where I had two dog running. It was predictably one sided and as a racing participant I have no right of reply to the allegations aired on the programme. All I can say is what a croc. And anyone that believes the media will present a balanced view needs to do a bit more research. Lets remember a certain gardener who told the world oodles were fantastic and the public believed him and jumped on the oodle wagon. Dont believe everything you see and hear My link makes for some interesting reading about the filming of this segment
  14. Meat Supplier That Delivers?

    Try Seven Hills Pet Foods. Not sure if they do your area but their meat is excellent quality
  15. Free Microchipping Day

    Do you have to be a resident of Penrith council or can anyone go ?