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  1. Long Lead For Malamute

    http://k9pro.com.au/long-line-syn-tek-10m-x-16mm/ or http://k9pro.com.au/gripper-long-line-10m-x-16mm/ :) Both will hold a malamute no problems. Also K9 Pro currently have a massive sale on :)
  2. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler?

    I use the Techkewl Phase Change vest, and its awesome. http://www.k9pro.com.au/techkewl-phase-change-dog-cooler-vest.html
  3. Gsd Breeders

    I've heard good things about Monsimbee also. Raennik is also another breeder that I have seen some lovely dogs from, as well as Brooksvale. There a lots of nice GSDs around, just take your time, meet the dogs and speak to the breeder. My recommendation is to do the puppy raising program with K9 Pro ( http://www.k9protraining.com.au/ ) . I did this with my working GSD and it was amazing!
  4. I Need To Vent - Still Shaking

    A harness works great. I had one of these http://www.k9pro.com.au/dt-fun-dog-harness.html on roscoe as soon as he was big enough to fit it with a "in training" badge on the sides. I got really sick of the question "whats he in training for?" but it definitely stopped people from just walking up and trying to stick themselves/their dog in his face.
  5. I Need To Vent - Still Shaking

    I hate the idea that we should just "get over it". HELL NO. Who has to live with that dog for the next 10+ years? That would be me not you. I made a similar thread to this when Roscoe was a puppy, and I came across a number of similar situations where people tried to force themselves or their dogs on my puppy. I didn't back down and even though that got me a lot of filthy looks and a number of "get over it" comment, I now have an amazing dog who is exactly what I wanted. Your dog is YOUR dog, you have every right to dictate every single greeting that they go through.
  6. What Obedience Looks Like When You Add Drive!

    You would have loved K9's stand at the recent I Love Dogs Show in Sydney. One of the dogs was working with their owner. Steve tried to interrupt their focus with the same ball on a rope. No chance until the owner gave the stop command. Then the dog dive-bombed the other ball. Dog was having a total blast in front a whole group of strangers. Huski does not know yet.... I am going to dognap the beagle AND Wiz!!! j/k truly Lol VM! That dog and handler team you saw at the show was LMSW who made the video :) Roscoe is a pretty cool dog and he did some great work at the show demonstrating how we can train dogs to have high focus around distraction. PS if you dognap my beagle just be prepared to have no food left in your house :laugh: :laugh: Yeah that was my boy Roscoe. We were at the show all day doing demo work and he was awesome! Definitely the most distracting environment I've ever had him in with people reaching out to pat him as we heeled past and even some other dogs getting led past and bumping into him, but he didn't even look :)! Steves programs are honestly the best, the results are there and you can see for yourself how awesome the dogs are. After a whole day at the show you think Roscoe would be tired... "Nah mum I'm good, throw my ball!"
  7. As some know and some don't, I make videos for YouTube! I've been wanting to make a video for ages showing what "boring" obedience looks like when you train your dog in a super fun way. Its a collaboration with the fabulous K9 Pro, and all the dogs in the video are trained using Steves programs and methods :)! Theres a range of breeds and owners, all different ages/sizes/genders but the one thing that's always the same is that we train in drive :)! (My super fab GSD on stars in 2 short bits, I had to restrain myself from making the whole video about roscoe )
  8. Puppy Request

    Labrador are a GREAT dog for the first time owner. A good puppy from a reputable breeder and they're hard to mess up. Point them in the direction of a great breeder, a good puppy school or local trainer and stop being so judgmental. We all started somewhere. If they're located in Sydney I recommend getting them to contact K9Pro and do their puppy course. Best help they'll be able to get! http://www.k9pro.com.au/
  9. Cool Coats That Don't Require Water?

    I have a Techkewl vest for my GSD and its AWESOME. http://www.k9pro.com.au/techkewl-phase-change-dog-cooler-vest.html :thumbsup: Highly recommend! You freeze the inside and it lasts for ages.
  10. I've rented a new camera for the next week, and while I'm busy giving it a good work out, I thought I would see if anyone has any rescues that they need photos of? Send me a PM or message me on my facebook page :) https://www.facebook.com/jenmartinphoto
  11. Not southern Sydney, but worth the drive definitely. Steve Courtney from K9 Pro is amazing http://www.k9pro.com.au/
  12. Puppies Being Adorable At Puppy School!

    Glad you enjoyed it guys :D It was obviously SUPER tough for me, with all the cuddles and everything :laugh: !
  13. So my friend Amy runs a really awesome puppy school, and I got the chance to go along and pretend that playing with puppies for an hour was somehow work :D They're pretty damn adorable. <333!
  14. Who doesn't love a super fast, agile, beautiful working dog!! :D *woops, typo in the title! That's what I get for making a thread before I have had my Saturday morning coffee!
  15. My Labrador Riddick Is The Happiest Dude Around

    Thanks guys, I totally agree with all the comments :D Hes such a chilled out dude, happy to just hang and be a dog. Makes a nice change to the insanity of Roscoe the working nutter :laugh: