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  1. Rob Zammit at Vineyard Vet Hospital
  2. Sorry I can't talk to her breeder as that IS ME :) She will be 4 years old in June and only had 2 seasons with 19 month between 1st & 2nd. This is not normal for my breeding ... Her mother has always been a 4 month season girl and her grandmother was always 7 months so I believe there is a problem, 19 months between 1 & 2nd season is certainly a problem and now she is 10 months from her 2nd.
  3. Thinking of going to Bowral Veterinary Hospital, who should I ask to see there. I have a bitch 3.5 years old and only had 2 heat cycles, I need to find out why and how to rectify her problem.
  4. Thanks for your replies .. puppy was delivered by caesarean, bedding is vetbed cut to fit the whelping box,I no longer heat the room as with milder weather it is not needed, I did try her with a trampoline and she quickly demolished that, I have cut her food back and for the last 4 days I have been giving her time away from her puppy. Today I tried the puppy on a little fresh mince and she was extremely interested so I think I will begin to wean her off mum. The puppy has been attempting to climb out of the whelping box, though as yet has not managed to escape :) but it won't be long.
  5. Any ideas please, I have a maiden bitch GSD with a single puppy that is now 3 weeks old, week 1 she was fine loved her baby ( and still does ) BUT since week 2 she has continued to dig up the whelping box. I have continued to give Calcium within the higher range but some days she just goes wild, I would hate to have to take her baby away as other than the digging she is a perfect mum. I am worried about her puppy getting injured or possible effects on her temperament. Does anyone have have ideas on how I can stop this behavior as she is driving me mad. What about vitamin B ?
  6. Yes those huge feet really hurt when they hit me in the chest, they leave me gasping for breath LOL
  7. Too funny moosepup :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Just a GSD with soft feet :)
  8. I have a bitch, mated at 63nmol/ my vet also said definitely no puppies as to late... well we proved him wrong she had 9 healthy babies. Hope you are lucky also
  9. No recommendations! Does that mean their are none or we have no one living in the area :)
  10. My only experience is my now 2 1/2 years old she has only had 1 season and that was September 2012 ..........so it is now 16 months and still waiting. Strange though her mother has always had 4 month cycles .... I am going to have her checked out if nothing happens very soon. Sorry no help !!!
  11. I paid $380 and 1 of my puppies was recently done in QLD for $515, thought that was outrageous!!!!!
  12. Can anyone recommend a great vet between the Gold Coast and Brisbane?
  13. Did your vet swab the area prior to injecting the chip? Did you see your usual vet? junior vet? I wonder if the lump was lanced and cleaned if a microchip would pop out, sorry just curious?
  14. Very odd, not vaccine related as 2 week ago, possible microchip infections??? Do the lumps go under the jaw ? possible strangles ??? Have you put anything new on the grass or floor of your puppy run? Sorry no other suggestions.
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