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  1. There were studies to show there was a protective effect in males if left entire (against a variety of illnesses but bone cancer topped the list for the Rott's). I have read the referenced article in a veterinary book we have at work (it has an online version). A lot of large breeds were mentioned including my own Dobermann (although they seem to get mentioned quite a bit in veterinary books, seems they're prone to everything :p ). Also in answer to the original question it is due to the delayed closure of the growth plates and early desexing may cause your dog to grow slightly taller than it normally would have.
  2. We had a pup come in to my work for a check up over the weekend and they are the CUTEST puppies. That's all I know about em ;)
  3. A customer came in to work today and said she lost a pup to Distemper (confirmed by her vet) recently (in the past month)? She purchased the dog from west of Melbourne and she lives in the north of Melbourne and the dog was a confirmed Distemper victim. Anyone else know of Canine Distemper around the burbs?
  4. I like the smell of Fidos Hydrobath Flush.
  5. I always assumed they held them at the crack of dawn when the air was still cool. Looks like next year it is!
  6. I was looking at one later in the year say Sep to Early Nov? :D May have to look in NSW for one or wait until next year. Thanks
  7. Cool I'll add you to the list of contacts I have sent her. She seems keen to work on the dog which is promising, she just need some professional guidance. Thank you
  8. The lady said she lived in Montmorency. I gave her 4paws website but I didn't know if you covered that area. I was looking at your website earlier.
  9. 1. As people have answered, track on, means that you get to do your next level track and the competition. 2. Getting your dogs to sit or drop means that the judge can definitely see the indication. Sometimes, if you just traing the dog to just pause, in the excitement of a competition, when the dog might get faster (dogs also pick up on your nerves) the dog might not really give an indication of a full pause, so the judge will not award it. Personally I feel it is better to train a sit or drop and hope for the best at the trial. I have trained a Tracking Champion, another with a TD title and another who just passed her TD2. I am training them to pick them up, sit and wait for me to take the article from them. In the 3 years, I've been tracking, not once as this affected their focus when resent - you do have to train for it though. The times, people say that if the dog picks it up and carries it, in can affect their smelling of the track, but I never let the dog continue when they still have the article in their mouth. If they pick it up and you take it off them, it does not affect their rescenting of the track. I personally just feel better to be safe than sorry so would train for the better indication so a judge can never say "I'm unsure whether that was an indication or not". Good luck with it. That's what I was thinking along the lines of. It would be upsetting to fail a test for this reason, particularly if your dog walks right up to the article. Thanks for your advice, I must admit I do like watching the dogs that drop at the article.
  10. Hi if anybody knows of a good trainer/behaviouralist that can help a person that lives in the northern suburbs of melbourne can you please pass me on the details. They own a female Rotti that is having issue's with aggression (towards other dogs mainly) and is very strong on the lead which has caused the owner to fall over. Thanks Neatz
  11. The only Nobivac we use at my clinic is the intranasal vaccine that only covers Kennel Cough. We don't keep it on hand really it's more at clients request and can have it ordered and in the clinic within a couple of days.
  12. That's just rude. Hope you have better luck at your next trial :D
  13. I agree. I have also noticed at my clinic that itching seems to be very common in specific breeds. Don't see how you could link that to worming etc. You would expect to see it spread evenly across the varying breeds presuming they are all on similar vacc, flea,worming treatment. Having said that I avoid any product that I don't feel is essential for the well being of my dogs. I don't treat for fleas and don't combine treatments if I can avoid it.
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