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  1. my almost 7 month old puppy (shetland sheepdog)'s front feet are turning out slightly. We've been seeing a chirovet who thinks it will right itself in time as he gets better (he suspects it is because of a slight injury). I am after any suggestions for things I can be doing in terms of diet, exercise or stretches etc. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. She's 19 months old - this is her third season. Good idea. :) Personally I find it odd for the vets to jump to the conclusion that multiple bitches are failing to ovulate. Which would seem a pretty serious issue? How much investigating have they done into the testing. The failure could be at that end. I sometimes worry that we are starting to rely on prog testing too much. I know it's convenient for vets, and for owners who don't necessarily have a stud dog available for teasing etc. Two different vets - two different pathology labs - which is why I pricked up my ears. I have a theory, not at all backed by science, about why there could be a higher than normal incidence of this happening here. I wonder if the bitches know something about the upcoming summer here in SA (december anyway) that the rest of us don't. I know that kangaroos don't get pregnant if there is a drought coming up. (Or they get pregnant, but the little kangaroo doesn't grow to maturity in the mum until the drought has broken). I know some Australian animals have smaller litters, and not boys, just girls when drought conditions are approaching. I am wondering if it is a similar thing with dogs.
  3. I've sent her to the stud dog anyway - just in case. I was prog testing all week to get the timing right to send her. It was just an interesting comment made by both the vets that there are lots of bitches here that are not ovulating at the moment. Was just wondering if anyone had a theory as to why that would be.
  4. I am trying to mate my bitch on this season. Seems like she isn't going to ovulate. (Still have my fingers crossed though). The interesting situation that this has brought up is that, during the course of her progesterone tests (where she started to rise, and then drop again), two different vets (one who tests in-house and another who sends bloods to a pathology lab) have both stated that this is happening A LOT in SA at the moment. Bitches are coming in season, not ovulating and going out again. (Some will still stand for the dog, some won't). Talking to a few people, I also know of bitches that have 'missed' in the last month or so (bitches that haven't been prog tested but had matings). Anyone got any ideas as to why this might be happening? Do the bitches know something about the upcoming summer that we don't? Anyone else have other examples? I am puzzled and very curious. I still have my fingers crossed for my girl.
  5. snap - Pepperone here too. I have used both. Love the rubber back for the non-slip properties. Funnily enough - vet bed is the only thing my girl hasn't tried to chew and eat - and she has chewed everything else.
  6. Don't frequent seasons also indicate high progesterone levels and put the bitch into the highest risk category for contracting pyometra?
  7. My dog has stopped itching since I stopped dentastix. Along with raw bones, plaque-off has been really good.
  8. Pets Pantry at Warradale. They have good raw meat and bones, along with other food. They also do a good meatloaf wet food that they make themselves. They also have homemade dried liver etc. They are on diagonal road. I shop at Foodland Pasadena - I avoid marion at all costs. Brighton Bead is good at this time of the year. Most people are friendly. The Oakland Road dog park is a disaster. I didn't have a bad experience, but I did witness one. I haven't been back.
  9. I know this topic has been done before, but cannot, for the life of me, find the thread. I need a recommendation for a vet in Adelaide in the southern suburbs (from Plympton down to Morphett Vale. Would also head east to Blackwood.) Any help gratefully received. Would like a vet that doesn't push annual vaccinations (I do C3 tri-annually and titre test). I also would like one that understands the whole show dog thing (as in, won't shave a leg if they need to take blood)
  10. Lyndsay and Diedre Smith (Sayly) and Pauline Kent (Tayona) also breed nice Aussies. Or tell him your friend Robert Trimboli from Griffith can pick the puppy up - although that will probably go right over his head.
  11. So next vaccination is due at 13yrs of age. after 10 years old no C3 vaccination is required. Interesting to also note Dr Jean Dodds research states that - The Kennel Cough vaccination in the C4 & C5 are only valid for 6 months therefore her recommendation is that should you feel you need to board your dog or place in a higher risk environment then vaccinate for this shortly before. Also pregnant or lactating bitches should not be vaccinated. All vets should have received the information from the AVA so really they have no excuse to tell the public any different from their own governing body. I have had some vets tell clients that a tri-annual vaccination is available but more expensive, this is bull@t as the same vaccine is used. The main problem for the public is that often boarding kennels and dog clubs still ask for an annual certificate - those who do request annual vaccination are not current with their information and they should be advised of this. Even Dogs Victoria published an update not that long ago. My girl would have horrible itchy skin 6 weeks after a C5 vaccination. She hasn't had one for 3 years and is due. She won't be getting a C5 but a C3. She has been titre tested and for the first time, 3 months ago, she was low on one of them, but still high for parvo and distemper. The puppy is due for her booster shot, so I will probably do them both then and then titre test after this. My understanding, at the moment, is that you can't get pet health insurance unless you annually vaccinate? Is this correct? My local obedience club will accept the titre certificate. The local agility club won't. Suffice to say we don't do agility - which is a pity. I've told them they need to change their rules and go by the AVA recommendations. (Especially as DogsSA has done a similar update as DogsVic has).
  12. The shirt isn't making her more quiet - she just doesn't have the freedom of movement in her front legs to want to jump up. Which is what I am wanting to avoid. Funny about your boy though if it is a normal coat - they aren't that restrictive are they?
  13. Some people prog test others dont. Why do you think it is a waste of money. Have you prog tested your bitches with successful preganancy resulting? What other methods do you use. ie colour change, smear tests. I have delved into smear tests but not in great depth. Am going to have to grab a microscope because I would like to learn more. Have prog tested a bitch which was not moving very much at all in the results. Decided to AI at day 21 regardless of what the test was going to come back as and she had 8 puppies. Next day after AI she was totally out of her season. Have only missed once with one of our Bulldogs(which we did prog test but never got her pregnant) and we didnt prog test any others but relyed on colour change and flagging and never missed. I dont solely rely on a prog test though. Prog tests I have been quoted have ranged from $45.00 to $61.00 price seems right in this one. I done smears on my bitch. Fairly straight forward
  14. I have discovered a new use for a thundershirt. My girl is pretty athletic and likes to throw herself around a lot, jumping up onto things, off things etc. She has springs for rear legs. She's a bit sore at the moment so I am wanting her to stop jumping. I've discovered she doesn't want to jump with a thundershirt on. Win.....
  15. a related question - can two rough coat collies make a smooth or two smooth coats make a rough - or are they different breeds? Is this a similar situation? Always curious about genetics.
  16. stupid question..... If LSC and SC GSDs are the same in every other aspect - then why are LSC counted as a different breed now? Why not just add LSC as an acceptable coat and allow them to be shown with short coat GSDs?
  17. I have no research articles to back this up only what 3 different vets have told me - but Endometrial Hyperplasia is the pre-condition to developing pyo. (in bitches) - My bitch had it and was the reason she couldn't carry a litter successfully to term. She didn't develop pyo - was desexed before she developed it but did have it. Whilst not necessarily a genetic condition - the chances of developing it have strong genetic links. Interestingly - having just had a health scare - Endometrial Hyperplasia also develops in women and is the pre-condition to endometrial cancer and again, whilst not necessarily a genetic condition (you can have it with no previous person in the family having it) it your chances of getting it increase if other family members have had it. There is if you want it to grow and develop properly This is something I don't understand completely that gets thrown around a whole lot. I would be interested in any research which has concluded that desexing at the standard 5-7 month age bracket has adverse effects on growth and skeletal maturity. There was an article on DOL last year - and I cant find the link anymore - that clearly showed a high increase in hip displaysia in dogs of all breed who are desexed before maturity. The person who wrote the article was an honours student who, for her thesis, had gathered together all the peer reviewed research from around the world and collated the results. Was very good. just what I would have tried to say, less eloquently.
  18. That was my thinking. Pretty sure bloat is rare in my breed - but with the way one of my girls eats her food..... always good to be prepared.
  19. can we clarify? Am very pleased to see 'Washy' getting RUIG, but the website results have the Puli as RUIG..... The owners daughter posted that Washy went RUIG and she was ringside so pretty confident this is correct and catalogued incorrectly, hopefully it gets fixed eventually. cheers, thanks :) go washy.....
  20. can we clarify? Am very pleased to see 'Washy' getting RUIG, but the website results have the Puli as RUIG.....
  21. Saw a really cool little diagram on facebook about three weeks ago, outlining the symptoms and progression of bloat. Can't find it now at all. Does anyone have this diagram/image? Would really like to keep it handy. Cheers
  22. Looks like it isn't an option - I have lightroom 3. Time to upgrade I think.....
  23. As the topic suggest. Anyone know how to get the ratings to export with the photos in lightroom? I just discovered the ratings function and would like to be able export this information with the photo. Any help gladly received.
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