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  1. Turkey shanks and wings are a good, nutritious raw, meaty bone and are a soft type of bone, which they can easily crunch up. I have 2 dogs: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel and they both enjoy turkey wings and drumsticks as part of their regular diet. Thankyou. :)
  2. haha well look at my two! I got my Cavalier first and when he was about 1.5 years I got my little Frenchie girl. They are the best of friends and always want to be together getting up to mischief! They play together really well, although Lola, my frenchie will chew and pull on Arnies poor long ears but then he goes for her wrinkly muzzle, very funny to watch! :laugh: They have similar energy levels, the cavalier is slightly more lazy. Go for it!
  3. Intersting and sad thread. Benji- my unpapered maltese from a neighbours dogs - 15 years - heart failure, had severe heart murmur. If I think about him, I still cry. He died 2 years ago now.
  4. Would turkey shank be a good cut to give my two. Is it a soft type of bone? Thanks.
  5. My dogs eat sticks, dirt, grass, roots of plants, bark etc. I think its just their natural instinct to eat things outside from nature? I used to be worried about it, but then nothing happened to them and I don't worry about it anymore. Its natural stuff, their stomach can handle it so I just let them eat it!
  6. Meh - Can I ask how you manage the yeast allergy? I notice that if I stop the meds for a little while, she will be back to licking and chewing her paws, scratching at her ears and scratching at her folds in her facial skin. Obviously all the areas where malasezzia will grow.
  7. Andisa - Cant I ask how often do you feed bones now? do you give a chicken frame daily?
  8. Ahh ok Rappie, so that would be why you don't need a referral then. I did however see a registered Dermatologist at the Melb Vet Specialist Centre and was not happy at all with a number of things - how she acted, what she wanted to do to Lola, prices they charged etc. Dr Hilton seems to have all the experience, studied and goes to conferences regularly but just isn't registered. I wonder why, I shall ask him when I see him next which hopefully won't be a while because Lola is doing great.
  9. Ok, I have posted about him before though and didn't want to make out like thats all I'm posting about, but lately so many threads on people with dogs presenting with allergies and they just see their normal vets. Its so worth seeing a good specialist. His name is Dr Robert Hilton, his website which has some informative documents to read aswell is www.ozskinvet.com.au He goes to a few different clinics a week, you just see him at which one is closest to you. You don't need a referral to see him, which is a bonus. Just ring his mobile and ask him any questions and to make an appointment. He is so sweet and really caring. I see him at the Lost Dogs home in North Melbourne.
  10. Lola is extremely allergic to her own bodily yeast, which I found out by doing the intradermal testing. I have tried googling to see if others have been through this but all that comes up is yeast infections, not actually being allergic to the yeast itself! My little problem child. :laugh: I am managing her quite well so that she doesn't have to have vaccines or cyclosporin as yet. I give her regular bathes and she has 1/4 of a Nizoral (anti yeast) tablet twice a week. Nizoral is considered safe however she is brindle black and one of the side effects is lightening the colour of her fur which it is doing. She is not used for showing, so this doesn't concern me. The only serious side effect that can happen is hepatitis of the liver. I thought hepatitis was a viral thing? Anyway just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this type of allergy. Also if others from Melbourne are after a great, well priced Dermatologist, just message me. I love my Dr and I saw another Derm before him, she was a nightmare and a rip off merchant. He has saved Lola and he is just wonderful.
  11. Wow, to me that looks like a 4 week old cross.
  12. Get rid of the clumping and try Breeders Choice Natural Recycled paper litter. Its safe if the dogs eat it, its just paper. Thats what I use and its the best stuff. Lola loves the taste of cat poo, so if I don't clean the tray in time, she will be seen running off with a 'chocolate' in her mouth and gobble it up, some pieces of litter included, but I don't have to worry about that. Hope she is ok now.
  13. Just to advise, I made up my first mix now. I was thinking about it last night and I think you should only add 55 gram of the completed mix (including the soaked up water) to 170 grams of meat. The 55 mls of water should not be added as 55 grams of mix, so I didnt add 110 of the mix. That is almost as much mix as the meat which doesnt seem right. 55mix to 170 meat seemed perfect. Just to clarify for others. Wow, I really confused myself. LOL. But I think the instructions on the pack need to be clearer and simpler. Other than that, my dogs gobbled it up, but they normally have barf anyway so they are used to raw.
  14. Ok thanks for that. So perhaps if I gave them livers twice a week?
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