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  1. we also have a little crossbreed, Scout, we are pretty sure that she is a English Pointer/Kelpie as we got her from the AWL 13 yrs ago when she was about 8weeks of age. When people ask "what is she" our standard answer is "a Mexican Chicken Herder"!!! Same reaction to you to Pers, people mostly say "Ohh...I was wondering what they looked like"!!!!! ;-) ;-)
  2. when I had Cardigan Corgis, was asked about my mini Gsds!!! Also rather tongue in cheek, was told many years ago that my Cardigans (corgi) could never do open obedience.... why...???? because they are not.... jumpers......
  3. Today I noticed one of my dogs having a bit of a chew on some alyssum greenery...is there anything I need to be concerned about???? Or even any medicinal bonus to eating it...
  4. +1. It's great to hear the follow up stories. Great that it was just one of those things and he's looking good and healthy. same here too :) so glad for you
  5. another one here for "dogs instead" no kids :) I, also, from quite a young age did not want to have children, don't get me wrong I think they are amazing and a miracle but not for this little black duck!!!
  6. I, too, have only just seen this post Sending loads of healing hugs and love to you all
  7. I am never very good at the "linkie thingies" to here on Dogzonline from youtube, but Adelaide Sportdog facebook page has just put up a whole heap of video from the tracking and individual tests....
  8. I have nothing to say other than than........ O M Goodness!!!!!! How cute!!!!!!
  9. a lady friend of mine rushed her male dog to the vet with sudden swelling on either side of his penis....only to be gently informed that her male dog was having "pleasant thoughts" another friend was helping a first time stud dog...and owner's...when the stud dog had lost interest in the bitch, my friend said to the male owner to "take the dog out & stimulate him", male owner grabbed a tennis ball!!!!! She had to quietly say "Not THAT type of stimulation!!!"
  10. a friend found her JRT loved frozen peas!! :laugh:
  11. this is one of the first routines that I watched while deciding to get involved with dancing with dogs...it showed what can be achieved with good music choice for the breed/individual dog :D I am working on getting our high steps that high!!!
  12. gentle hugs to you Darien My parents are doing the same too Their Cardigan Corgi is almost 15 yrs old and sleeps most of the day/night & when she is awake, walks around in a confused state...both Mum & Dad can't or rather won't see Megan for how she is and being their last dog, both parents are now into their 70's, are finding hard to approach the idea of the final goodbye. Sadly a bit like your husband, it will take something to happen & the vet to talk to them, rather than them make the final choice themselves...
  13. My very first 2 Cardis were from Kardibroke in Vic & we are talking 40 years ago!!! Moving to Sa our Cardis were from Nan Green of Cambrian Kennels & my first Cardi from her, Nike, went to become the first Cardi in Australia to obtain AD for the breed, again we re talking 25 years ago!!! I know Jan West has had a lot of success with her Cardis in the agility ring & it's lovely to see the Cardis doing well in other dog sports, such as DWDs too CC :D :D :D Many years ago I was told that I could never do open obedience with my Cardis as they are "Cardigans" and not "jumpers"!!!......insert groan here if you wish... :laugh:
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