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  1. Has anyone got any Toy results from Illabo any day??
  2. lol you won't get far with threats. It's been proven time and again that neuter pays for itself so stop with the big stick. It's nearly enough for me to say no way will I be going. Hate being threatened. Goodness me Rabanne you must of got out of bed with your cranky pants on, the question was ask the reply was given, then you took it as a threat either you go or you don't. Club for going to the effort of introducing Neuter to your shows, I am sure allot of people will be very GRATEFUL...
  3. Please go to the thread and list them I would love to see who these dogs are, not for any other reason as in 1st , 2nd but I would love to see ages of these breeds............please go and list
  4. Please list your BREED :: AGE :: DATE :: OWNERS / HANDLERS :: That your dog became a Supreme , I am reading , hearing bits & Pieces from every where but I, among others, would love to look at a list of them .... Thanks....Just also wanted to say "Well done " to everyone of you & your dogs all very well earnt some fantastic passed dogs never got the chance to make this title is lets really embrace the one's that has.....
  5. Rain all gone (Or seems to) Saying a Nice sunny w/e but only around 16 & cold nights.... Good Luck everyone..
  6. :laugh: What ever the weather I will be under the Doona having a lovely sleep in and a warm w/e.... Good Luck to all who are entered....
  7. I wouldn't either with a Whippet
  8. Just thought I would let you all know that Albury this week in expecting RAIN RAIN & RAIN BOM :: RAIN - Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun.....Oh dear that is wet so pack your wellies..
  9. K.Tresidder Ch. Kelanmee Autum Aria BIS on Saturday , looked wonderful out there, moved unbelievable......lovely dog
  10. :) There is not much point putting up signs (Sydney) as only the outside benches can be seen by the public... The is a very high pool fence around ALL the dogs & exhibitors, public not allowed to enter, there is a gateman who comes & gets you if the publis wants to talk about your dogs....
  11. 7:30 AM...OMG that is a little early.... would not be pleased at all... I get up at 1/4 to 5 in a morning but always go back to bed later when all dogs are done..... Maybe the answer is put say Noon till 4pm then NO calls before or after this time, that gives them a span of time to plan... Or yes maybe e-mail is another option..... Or take phone off hook untill you are ready to deal with the callers..... ;)
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Weir road way is open or should I go Wodonga?????
  13. OMG I love the coffee vans........Noooooooooo don't taken 'em away. bad Canberra....
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