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  1. Hi people looking for dog friendly accommodation in Crookwell Sat 09 February. 4 adults 3 dogs
  2. Thank you Danios - so the commercial dry feed I use is 1.3:1 the report I read was 1-1.5 I add raw or cooked stews especially in winter but I gather there is no need for any other supplement?
  3. Hi people I would appreciate some help I feed quality dry feed plus a mix of home cooked pork/beef meat,vegies pasta. I am confused about the puppy food agendas on dry feed for LARGE BREEDs only. I posted this on FB but I thought you guys may be able to enlighten me. I wouldn't like this to fall into a raw vs cooked vs kibble debate. I feed dry because I breed mostly service dogs and they ONLY feed dry. But for the raw or no Kibble fraternity the pups will experience that too so the transition won't be too bad either way. so this is the post on FB. Are there any canine diet experts out there? I went to the Dog Expo on the weekend and spoke to many dry feed suppliers. Of course they all said 'their product is the best because ...' and I do not wish to promote any one brand however I am confused about what is important when reading the contents label. With regard ONLY to large breed puppy diets - I have always tended to focus on the protein/fat ratio - preferring to keep the protein level around the 24% mark for adults and preferably 28% for puppies. But it appears that its the calcium /phosphorous ratio which impacts on growth rate the most - which is logical. However when looking for the ideal Ca/P ratio which is 1-1.5 Ca/1 P I notice the protein levels tend to be > 28% even up to 32% for both adult and puppy feed. So I am confused. So what is more important in other people experience when choosing kibble the protein/fat ratio or the calcium/phosphorus.
  4. Ask yourself why you want the breed you want, ask yourself what attracts you to this particular breeder. Ask yourself what are your expectations from him and expectation of a dog - if you choose to get one. I presume you have researched your breed - so write down the questions you need to know - ie health, activeness, life style management with your dog - ie grooming and supplies ongoing show costs. Ask about why he loves this breed and why he shows and if he has been in the game for a while - why he continues to show. If he can answer these questions without getting terse or reactive - then you should have a good showie who does this more for the passion for the breed than the ego of the win. Good luck
  5. I have a waiting list, I then after I have confirmed the bitch is in whelp I will email the waiting list and check who is ready for a pup now. Once the pups are on the ground and depending on what is whelped I will offer a pup. If accepted a 10% deposit in the first 2 weeks which secures the pup for that person, then I require the balance in my account when they pick up or the day before they fly to their new home. I have no issue with returning he deposit, I have no issue with people cancelling and I have no issue if when on a waiting list someone finds a pup somewhere else as long as they tell me they want to be taken off the list. But I am lucky I have a number of people wanting my dogs and are prepared to wait for the right pup for their needs. If a person cannot get a pup from me I will help them find another pup from a breeder I trust.
  6. Just curious - is any of the micro chipping issues this policed? Generally my experience is if the vet finds a dog not micro chipped they happily microchip it and don't go down the avenue of perusing the person who sod the dog un-micro chipped. Regarding un-neutered dogs - all I can say is Europe has always been ahead of the rest of the world regarding the understanding and management of dogs in the community. I try to educate the puppy buyers about delaying the neutering until a dog is sexually mature. They are informed about the impact of early neutering on growth and the link between the increased incidence of HD due to early neutering. They are NAGGED to have fencing high enough the dog can't get over and low enough the dog can't get out and decent lockable gates. Pens with a secure floor & roof if the owner is off property but at the end of the day the choice is the owners what they do. IMO better to inform that to legislate.
  7. Yes I agree love that some of our pupster have special jobs from this litter as well as the diabetes alert pup we have a PTSD Veterans support pup, an autism support pup and a mobility support pup. Pretty proud of our pupsters.
  8. That is just too cute for words - it will probably be the last time a Pug towers over a Rottie
  9. One of the pups from a litter I just bred has started her journey as a diabetic alert pup. Such an important job and one I think she is learning very well. https://www.facebook.com/Koda-for-T1D-Mirandah-221450731552437/
  10. For me drive & ability are selectively bred into a line or out of a line. I went through our kennels about 3 years ago and re-homed the bitches that had low or no retrieval and low drive ( the energy and focus they put into the retrieval ) While drive can vary in litters depending on how much stimulation they get I find breeding Labs with low retrieval or drive pointless. The majority of my dogs go to service, hunting or military homes - I am VERY selective on the people who get our Labs as companions dogs. The higher the drive the less suited they are as an ordinary backyard companion dog
  11. Just to add tot he gloat Dora & Clare back up their results today with 2nd place and a a wonderful score of 192 - what a team! Meanwhile John is currently poring the Champers and I am hoping Clare stays on the podium for the photos lol. Then to cap it off little Tiki in Tamworth picked up Res CC and Puppy in Group. I am a happy breed - where is that bottle of grog !!!
  12. Just a bit of a gloat one of my girls owned by Clare & John Seligman gained her CDX title yesterday at the Friday NSW State Titles. Clare is a first time competer in obedience and has flown thru the ranks with Dora. Dora scored 180 (1st pass 181, second 188) and she was the only Lab competing in the CDX ring in blistering heat. So pending Dogs NSW Approval Dora the Explora with be know as 'Neut CH Tapua Honey Gem CDX.' Plus recently Rebecca Lemon's 2 girls, Dora's sister, Ellie 'Tapua Elysia' who just gained her CD & RN and her companion all of 10 months 'Tapua Sub Zero' who gained her RN at the tender age of 10 months. So so so glad to see Labs competing in the obedience again. Once I have recovered from surgery I hope to get back into training and into the obedience ring too.
  13. Thanks guys all the contacts are very useful - our pups all experience ENS,sound desensitization and are well socialized by 8 weeks. For an experienced handler they are well set up to learn and progress in whatever direction the owner wants. This guy is keen to enhance the foundations and mold the behavior in a healthy way - he is seeking guidance and I would like to link him with an experienced person. Of course a well rounded, obedient and highly socialized dog is essential for therapy work but guidance while creating the dog he needs will help him. Thanks for your suggestions much appreciated.
  14. I have a potential puppy buy in Victoria who is a Psychologist. He wants to condition one of my pups as a Therapy dog for possible use in his practice. If he was in Sydney I would go to K9 Pro but this guy is in Victoria and I needs some recommendations for trainers I can pair with this guy in conditioning his puppy. Obviously as a Psych he knows the principals but its always good to be guided by an experienced person. Any recommendations would be appreciated. He lives in the Mecloud region
  15. Elvis - just a baby boy - 9 weeks old
  16. This is just a little bit different pups are just learning to gently slide down the slide notice how they cue up to have a go.7 weeks old tomorrow, happy to be handled, happy to be lifted up and put on a slippery surface and come back for more.
  17. This is just a little bit different pups are just learning to gently slide down the slide notice how they cue up to have a go.7 weeks old tomorrow, happy to be handled, happy to be lifted up and put on a slippery surface and come back for more.
  18. No not my kids they are Labs in Canberra somewhere
  19. Yes Daffy does because I will be breeding from when she comes back she is only on lease, Scrappy is Adrian's dog he owns her outright but if he is away for a while Scrappy boards here. We will be starting to scent train my other dogs this weekend - it should be fun
  20. I got the idea from a ACD Kennels who created this which I copied for my guys. I love this new toy.
  21. Thought you might like to see a blog about Truffle Hunting featuring Daffy Dog. http://datewithaplate.com.au/2015/06/16/the-truffle-hunt/
  22. Me too - might have a go next season :)
  23. Truffles are a tad delicate the dogs are trained to indicate by scratching the area the truffle and then wait for the reward. Sometimes truffle is near the surface and the dog scratching can damage the truffle - so the boots prevent the nails digging in.
  24. I am very proud of my working girls , my yellow Daffy Dog (AKA CH Tapua Celtic Charm) and Scrappy (AKA TApua Heeni Te Anna) both work for Australian Truffle Hunters who are currently harvesting the truffles from a big farm in WA. Between them they have brought in over 200kg of truffles. Part of a 5 dog team that have found 1.4 kg of Truffle so far this season. Daffy Dog - you might be able to see the pink ribbon in the line of tree marking where she has found the truffles Scrappy pointing to a truffle she has found.
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