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  1. Litters Due January 2015

    4 weeks old now. We nearly lost him, he got sick at three weeks, he started to lose weight but several vet visits and lots of TLC got his weight back up and he is doing well again.
  2. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    This is Chance. Saffy's surviving pup. he is four weeks old now.
  3. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    This is Chance. Saffy's surviving pup. he is four weeks old now.
  4. Just want to ad that while desexing is a good way to avoid Pyometra, and if you rehome your bitches it certainly prevents them being used to breed. I myself have never owned a desexed bitch in my life. Most have never been breed (only the Cavaliers I have owned in the past 7 years have been bred from) and none have ever had Pyometra. This has been my personal choice since adulthood and simply due to circumstances when a child. My parents only ever desexed male dogs if we had a female as we didn't want to breed. We didn't desex male dogs if there was no bitch around. This is not to say that I wouldn't desex, but I choose to do so ONLY if medically necessary. Many breeders I know have had bitches that they still were intending to breed and who were quite young come down with Pyometra, so it isn't just about being older. Yes, it's a risk. No, it hasn't happened to me yet. I thought one girl of mine had it last year. She was ill, wouldn't eat and had a smelly discharge. Ultrasound showed no fluid in the uterus, she was given a course of antibiotic and recovered in a few days. Did she have early onset pyometra? One vet believed so, the other thought not. Either way, being alert to her being off colour and getting her to the vets early was paramount in her recovery IMO.
  5. Litters Due January 2015

    A week old and coming along ( thank goodness! )
  6. Litters Due January 2015

    Lovely! Congratulations on the special delivery. :)
  7. Litters Due January 2015

    Thanks all. Yeah, who'd be a dog breeder right? The last surviving boy is doing well and slowly gaining on his day 6. It's his due date tomorrow. I am quietly hoping that we get through the next few weeks and he gets past all his little milestones.
  8. Litters Due January 2015

    Saffy presented with a black discharge last Tuesday. There was nothing for it but to perform and emergency c-section. Two puppies had died in utero and there were three remaining. All very small and a week prem at Day 56. We lost the tiny boy (85 grams) on day 2. His colour was never quite right and while making a small gain on supplemented food he never had strength enough to nurse off mum. The surviving two were of good colour and feeding well at that stage. Last night the little girl was not as vigorous as she had been and had been dropping back in weight (born 94 gms) despite making small gains and picking up weight. She was ok at 12.15am but found listless at 1.30 am. This is the hard part of being a dog breeder. The last remaining puppy, a boy born 120gms dropped back to 115 gms and is back up to 125gms and feeding well exclusively on mum now. We quietly dare to hope.
  9. Litters Due January 2015

    Congratulations to all those with new babies safely landed.
  10. Litters Due January 2015

    Congratulations! What a busy New Years Eve for you! :)
  11. Litters Due January 2015

    I have a litter of Blenheim Cavalier babies due on Australia Day! January 26th. :)
  12. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Awww...Jake is cute as! Is he one of Belinda's babies? :)
  13. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hopefully the cause is something that is not difficult for her to live with, either with meds or hopefully no need for any, just care if and when she has an episode. Fingers and paws crossed.
  14. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Poor Izzy. It is a bit scary when we don't know what's is happening and whether it will ever happen again. Not much to do unless there is a reoccurrence. It could have been anything from a seizure to epilepsy and everything in between. Hopefully you won't have it happen again.
  15. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Interested to hear what the Specialist has to say. Hope Lily is feeling okay.
  16. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    So sorry for your loss. As Gretal says it really is the luck of the draw with MVD. Until such time as we truly understand the mode of inheritance or manage to isolate the DNA all we can do is try to put the odds back in the dogs favour by heart testing and breeding from Heart Clear parents. It really is not a guarantee but we have to try something. But all dogs, like people are susceptible to the randomness of disease and illness, and of course injury. Sadly that is part of what we must be prepared to take on as pet owners. Just like parents, we must accept that our kids can, and do get sick or hurt. We all hope for a long and happy life, and do our best to try to care for our charges in the best way we can to help to ensure this. Hugs to you.
  17. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    The symptoms you have described are very similar to that of a Border Collie X ACD I had. She was about 12 years old and had a stroke. She recovered fully but was a bit wobbly at times with her back legs for a while. Sadly, she did succumb to cancer, which she had been battling at the time of her stroke, and died three months later. My vet did tell me that dogs recover far better from strokes than humans do.
  18. Snake Season Is Here

    This might be worth a try.
  19. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hey guys, how is everyone on here? Haven't been in here in a g e s LOL Hope everyones fluffy footed friends are well and happy. :) All my crew are well and not much happening here, just the daily normal stuff. Which is fine by me. ;)
  20. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Lovely news to hear of the safe arrival of these precious little ones.
  21. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    My first Cavalier, Bonnie managed to scratch her eye (needed vet treatment but responded well to ointment) doing zoomies in the long grass!
  22. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hi all, my babies are now five weeks old. Time flies when you are having fun!
  23. Litters Due December 2013

    My babies are now five weeks old and loads of fun!
  24. Litters Due December 2013

    Fingers and paws crossed. :)