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  1. Thanks Mita, the link is here, hope this works https://www.facebook...09119845921832/
  2. Good point, the flyer has the photo so that helps but doesn't have Finnish Lapphund on it as we knew people would not know what that was. Thankyou everyone....every little bit helps :)
  3. If people with Facebook accounts would please take the time to share the poster at this link below it would be greatly appreciated, his family desperately want him found. The Lappie community and friends have just been amazing so far. https://www.facebook...98863460286678/
  4. I think it would have been nicer to have had Best In Group first. It was a shame that some breeds weren't represented in their group because they were beaten dogs in Puppy in Group. Maybe they could have gone in so spectators could have seen them in a full line-up then been excused.
  5. I can get it for you Cassie :) I will PM you.
  6. I saw a small poster for that in the office at DogsSA a while back Piper http://www.jackrussellterrierclubsouthaustralia.com.au/JRTCSA%20Events%20Calendar.htm
  7. Aldonza Madly in Love was actually the Samoyed that won Puppy of the Year :)
  8. :cry: RIP Charlie :hug: You were so lucky to have had each other.
  9. Such gorgeous photos Here are mine, Suri and Arley from our recent litter Front view Rear view....even cute from behind
  10. Where do I find the dog shop at SACA? Is it at their showgrounds? I was there this weekend but I didn't see any shops there. Thanks :) Yes Arees23 it is at the showgrounds, there is a big building to the right ff the rings with a big carpark in front of it. There is a canteen, club rooms, toilets, Dog Shop etc over there :)
  11. One of mine would be when my brother was in the Forces he had to live overseas for a year (it turned into 3), we looked after their family dog Bunji. I will never forget when they arrived at our place when they got back, they were dying to see him and the way Bunji greeted them brought tears to everyones eyes. The love they all had for each other was beautiful, it was hard to give him back but I also knew the bond they had.
  12. I'm a fan of twiggy sticks too, Ella loves them, and they aren't messy. I have seriously thought about just taking in a chip packet, she can hear you opening a packet of them from a mile away and will come running and stand nicely in hope.
  13. That is so cute, you may be poorly colour co-ordinatated for a while yet :laugh: Ella is a sock girl, luckliy for us she always takes both socks at the same time and seems to bring them back. Different story with the washing machine, it takes 2 and most the time gives one back.
  14. Awww he is such a good boy, still able to look happy :) Glad he seems to be progressing well. Wishing you and Bailey all the best in his recovery.
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