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  1. Black Hawk Holistic

    I have just about finished my first 20kg of BH cat food. All my cats and foster kittens love it. I have not had one turn their nose up at it like I have with other foods
  2. Chester's Elbow Dysplasia

    I tried to find the report from Mokhas surgery but all I could find were the very large bills. I am not sure of the technical terms for what Mokha had but he had 3 larges pieces of cartilidge that had broken off floating in the joint so they were removed and the surface was scraped or smoothed I think. His surgery was nearly 1 1/2 years ago and he is doing so well. He runs and plays, has cartrophen injections monthly and is on Joint guard and fish oil. I am so pleased we went ahead with the surgery as he would have been completely lame by now if we had not. I hope you have as positive an outcome as we did. We were extremely careful with him, enforcing the rest and took a long time to increase his exercise. It was hard with another young lab in the house who was and is an extremely active girl.
  3. Chester's Elbow Dysplasia

    Wishing Chester a speedy and full recovery. Did the specialist tell you what sort of ED he had.
  4. How And When Do Your Dogs Go To Bed?

    Mine go to bed about 9.30 to 10pm, just tell them its bedtime and they are happy to go to their beds in the other room. They start snoozing in the lounge room around 8 any way. Wake up is around 7am, I mostly dont use an alarm, they rarely let me down.
  5. Some Breeds Less 'smelly' Than Others?

    Completely agree, I know just what you mean. I love the way my dogs smell, both different but it is them. I dont think there stinky unless their wet.
  6. My lab Mokha has ED in the elbow, he was in pain all the time and only 6 months old. We opted for surgery and he is now 2 3/4 yrs old and runs and plays and is happy. Of course we are careful with him, I rarely let him run with dogs other than our own female lab. He had three large pieces of cartilage grinding away in his joint, I couldnt imagine leaving them there. My best advice would be to seek the opinion of an orthopedic specialist.
  7. Kennel Recommendations In Melbourne

    I use All Breeds in Lyndhurst, very happy with them.
  8. Black Hawk Holistic

    Had to laugh this morning, I tried to feed my cat with the last of his old food and he turned his nose up and walked away. Put down the Black hawk instead and threw the remainder of his old food in the bin. Luckily there was only a tiny bit left. Black hawk was gone in a couple of minutes.
  9. Black Hawk Holistic

    Picked up my next bag of Blackhawk, thanks Sheryl, and have converted my sister fussy miniature poodle on to it. Naughty little thing is very fussy and would not eat any dry food at all, well we offered her some black hawk tonight and she ate it all. We could not believe it. My cats, and 5 foster kittens were put on the cat/kitten version and I am very happy to say they are all happily gobbling it down. Even my rather fat lazy cat just climbed to the top of the cat tree to get to a bowl of it. I am a very happy customer.
  10. Dog Walking Accidents

    Mokha has managed to pull me over when he got a fright from a "really scary cat" while out walking, result sprained ankle, couple of fractured ribs. He got a fright at training once, lead wrapped around my legs, over I went and knocked out face first in front of whole group. Molly on the other hand has jumped on my stomach for a cuddle while I was lying down, thought my insides were going to burst out but other than that the worse damage is a face covered in sneeze snot. My face, not hers. Gotta love those labs.
  11. Sentinel Spectrum

    After Mokha had a horrible reaction to a spot on treatment I put both dogs on Sentinel and have never had a flea or a worm problem, and they have no problems digesting them. They actually think they are a treat.
  12. Elbow Problems - Golden Retriever

    Totally agree with previous comments regarding the diagnosis without xrays. Mokha was disagnosed at about 8 months with ED after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 6 months. Both problems being evident on the xrays and confirmed by the specialist. Surgery was done on his elbow and he has been much better than I could have hoped for in the 1 1/2 years since surgery. Crate rest and xrays are definitely the way to go.
  13. How Has Dog Ownership Changed You?

    Since Molly and Mokha arrived in my life I can honestly say I have never felt lonely. The 2 days I had them in boarding kennels recently nearly killed me. I couldnt wait to go and pick them up even though I knew they were being well looked after. Not to have Mokha give me my wake up woof in the morning was horrible.Lying on the couch in the evening without Molly curled up with me was not nearly as relaxing. Having my dogs just makes my life so much better in so many ways.
  14. Anal Glands

    Mokha has had anal gland problems all his life. I have actually gotten used to the smell when they let go but an all time low was him leaking them out on the carpet last night in one milky looking oozy bloob that just sat there.
  15. Thumbs up from here :D too.