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  1. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted! But I really wanted to share something I created. If you didn't know, I make educational yet entertaining videos through my brand. I hope this brings a smile to your dial and I'd appreciate any shares if you do enjoy it. https://dogmatters.c...-your-dogs-poo/
  2. Correct socialisation is crucial. Think of it as a vaccination against behaviour problems, some of which cause more dogs to be put to sleep than those that die of the infectious diseases vaccinated against. And correct socialisation also involves a lot more than just a vet puppy school. Take puppy lots of new environments, meet different people, traffic, machinery, noises, all neutral or positive experiences (just use common sense and don't let puppy on the ground at areas highly trafficked by unknown dogs). Make sure the puppy school you go to doesn't allow a free for all where puppies run around crazy as this can cause issues for you later. And make sure the trainer has experience and preferably qualifications with behaviour and training, and is not just promoting products they sell or are endorsed by.
  3. Where do you find house sitters that you trust with your animals? I don't know anyone local that I would rely on.
  4. Jason Euler from dog services. Over a decade of experience and a lovely guy. Pm me if you can't find his number as he doesn't have a huge web presence
  5. I'd join if there was one close enough for me. As it is I have to travel 6 hours for IPO
  6. He: "You should add breeding to your business because there is BIG money in it these days!"Me: "I don't believe in breeding for money, there is a lot more to it than that. It's quite involved and expensive and you don't actually make much money if you do it properly with all the health testing etc"He: screws up his face, "what? You just put a male and female together and it makes puppies, what is so hard about that?"
  7. Poor Nova and poor you Lisa! It's so frustrating and annoying when other people being irresponsible impacts us and our dogs negatively. And when they are so impressionable. I can relate!
  8. Hi Jimmay, Yes I do it often. I bought the springer bike attachment to do it more safely and its great. Makes it a lot easier and safer. My husband is a metal worker and he made his own version which is more like the walk-dog bike attachment. Our two dogs that we take biking are a show-line border collie and a cocker spaniel x fox terrier. We try to mostly stay on the grass on the side of the road. I don't like them running on the hard hot surfaces too much, especially when it's hot and sunny. But we mostly go late afternoon and evening. We are lucky to have a huge park with a big flat grassy area and I take them up and down that a lot. We also have a lot of bike paths and most our rides would be for about 30-40 minutes and cover probably about 7klm (estimate). We have worked up to that - originally 10 minutes of running was plenty. We go at a trot speed with occasional faster bursts on the flat grassy areas. It tires them out well. My border collie had elbow dysplasia as a pup and has had an operation. All good now and no signs of lameness but we have to keep an eye on it. He is not like your typical border collie. My spaniel has a lot more energy and goes faster for longer. I also have a 7 month old belgian malinois who is too young for long rides, but have started doing very short and slow goes on the grass with her to get her used to it.
  9. An ex neighbour of mine had a dog killed by a snake while he was home but he didn't notice in time. He didn't work because he was a drug dealer so his dogs got to spend a lot of time with him.. no more though because I hear he's now in prison... My point is you don't need to be at work or even away from the home to miss an incident
  10. So in this heat I've been wearing a light and cool boob tube style dress, like a sarong but holds itself up with elastic. I took Envy out the front to see what OH was doing - he was working in the yard. She pulled by dress down and exposed me to the street That's a naughty yet talented dog.
  11. I disagree too. My OH and I were both working full time for our first 2 pups we got at 8 weeks of age. And almost full time for the third one who has been raised separately to the other dogs for the early stages and is a high drive breed. Most people need to work to support having a dog and most jobs are full time. Our first dog is a very happy independent girl. I'm actually happy she learned how to be alone at a young age.
  12. This is Zola who we are puppy sitting this week. Cute little choc lab 12 weeks old
  13. Just had a long weekend down near Brisbane and was able to get together with some good friends who are also trainers. Here is Envy loving it in protection training: Look how big she is: And afterwards:
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