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  1. Having A Small "how Awesome Is Dol Moment!"

    Beautiful puppy. There's a lot to be proud of you did forget to mention that you've also helped many newbies when they were lost in the show ring ;) It is an awesome place I cam e here looking for my breed (after researching and deciding against a lab x poodle). I have great friends from her and like you show as well
  2. Reattaching A Dog To A New Family Member? Help

    Hope this continues. Hint get some of GSD's 4EVER treats and Jazz will never leave the bed. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) That's not bad idea I have bought any of those in ages. Tones used to love them at obedience
  3. My Pug Alvin Is Missing

    Hurry home Alvin! Fingers crossed for a safe return.
  4. Reattaching A Dog To A New Family Member? Help

    The dog pictured below, Toby, won't sleep on the bed by choice. He gets his toy and runs to his pen every night. It's where his comfort is. But he's possibly the dumbest dog in the universe ! Even when he had a crate in our bedroom every night he still wouldn't sleep on the bed
  5. Reattaching A Dog To A New Family Member? Help

    Lol BB. When in our room she's locked in anyway. But miss eight got up this morning with the biggest smile. She got up to the toilet in the middle of the night closed the door behind her. Jazz whined till she came back and got up on the bed and went back to sleep. I checked on them at 8 this morning and jazz was on her back getting a belly rub both happy as and jazz got up to say good morning to me but went back to miss eight. Miss eight also asked to take over daily grooming, helping with bathing, and all feeding etc so hopefully there's a way. I'm going to step back.we'll also look at some ob classes for both of them Thanks for the tips and advice. It's not something well ever do again, running on two puppies that aren't ours. Both kids knew they weren't likely to stay but kids and dogs, they fell in love, even though for the six months we told her she wasn't staying. It's too hard. Thanks again guys!
  6. Reattaching A Dog To A New Family Member? Help

    Thanks Persephone It has been gradual taking her in their without the other dogs and treating her etc over the past 4 weeks. We aren't letting her sleep on our bed so she has the choice of her bed or miss eights bed. ( our room was a very occasional treat so there's no real habit to break). But it's a fair call just patience and time I guess. A the moment she's settled in there by the sounds. Our daughter is walking her to the park tomorrow with us she'll have the treat pouch and lead. Oddly enough I didn't think to move her blanket up. Was just wondering if I was missing something. Bec
  7. Ok so very long story short, we have an eight year old daughter who recently became attached to a young female puppy we were running on for show. She hated showing ( the puppy) and so after talking with her breeder we rehomed her to an awesome family where she is absolutely thriving. But this left the eight year old daughter a little heartbroken. She understood why and was fully involved and friends now have the puppy so she has access to her but she misses her. We have three here already. Two are pets and one show. Our 2 year old bitch jazz,is, well complicated to say the least. She had issues from the day she arrived at 9 weeks old with aggression and growling. She then had gaiting issues and at 10 month she was diagnosed with legge calve perthes disease. She had a femoral head and neck resection and was desexed. She had a lot of time and energy put into making her a happy member of the family. She would snap if you moved near her, but now she smiles at you all day and begs for tummy rubs and kisses. The kids are finally at ease with her and her with them. She's really a happy hav for the first time in her life Now onto the issue. Miss 8 wants Jazz to sleep on her bed. She's happy to have the door closed to keep her in etc. our dogs are normally inside the house at night and penned in their runs in the garage overnight. They occasionally get to sleep on our bed ( only one at a time). This dog is awesomely behaved when she does sleep on the bed. We'd be happy for jazz to sleep on her bed every night. Our eight year old has proven she can manage the dogs, train them and be firm with them, jazz is only 4.5 kg so not a huge dog either. So how do we train Jazz to sleep on her bed when the only other place beside her pen that she's slept on is our bed? So far she whines constantly to get out. I've put her in tonight and ignored the whining . I didn't put her in till the others were going down to their beds? Any tips do we just repeat this every night till she gets it?I might add that during the worst of her aggression I was the one who groomed and then recovered and rehabilitated her. It was a lot of one on one sessions and while she is an alpha bitch she does see me as the leader in the house ThanksBec
  8. Dryers For Toy Long Coated Breed

    Hey guy thankyou for all your advice I am guessing both the libery and simpson stand dryers must be REALLY really good cos no one wants to part with second hand ones LOL will keep trying bec
  9. Vaccinations

    I got my 2 yr old done today. C3 - every 3 yrs - KC every year - Nobivac is the one he was done with and it claims three years. Our vet was swift to implement new policy advising in writing months ago of the changes. puppy vacs, 1 yr booster, 3 yrly after that.
  10. Gosford City Show - Sunday 12th June 11

    I believe some groups were shown inside, in the sheds........ toys terriers and non sporting?? were all shown inside. I went (I wasn't going but got a call to say toys were undercover ) Managed to have trolley set up under the cover stayed nice and dry as did the pup Toy group was judged by group was done just after 11 and gen specials were also going undercover I believe - I left in the break in the weather and was home by 12) Some groups like gunners and hounds were all out in the rain - I wasn't going out there at all!
  11. so....next question if I may - what do people recommend? what other options are there. I don't want the heartworm injection. Thankyou guys for your advice/input Oh and given two are babies currently it would be a halfway split for now as the adults are in the next one up Bec
  12. Hey guys, so we have gone from 2 sml dogs to 4 sml dogs. We use sentinel spectrum but as you can imagine with 4 it gets a bit exxy. With four 5 kg dogs for example can you buy a 20kg chew n split it 4 ways? Bec
  13. Dryers For Toy Long Coated Breed

    Hey there Its for use on my havanese. I have 4 but one is clipped off and will be forever, one is growing back his coat (well we'll try LOL) two are 3 month old puppies. Coat type varies alot and the two babies are different litters and certainly different coat types. Holly takes no time with a human hairdryer and Jonah takes AGES Just though those with toy breeds like yourself maybe able to point me in the right direction. Thanks Bec
  14. Hi guys, Just wondering what the recomendations are for dryers for long coated toy breeds? These guys are show pups so need to begood on the coats. Just too many brands to choose from. Thanks in advance guys for suggestions and tips Bec
  15. Important Pts Question

    My 23 yr old cat( had her since i was 5) needed help to the bridge and I was prepared from what I had seen when I did school work experience from the vet she was old and it was simple and quick and what she needed after a long battle even though it broke my heart My heart and avatar dog Sophie died 2 years ago. It was a sudden illness, she was only 11 yrs old (this seemed young after my cat). I will always be grateful that her vet gave her a sedative she came back to me and they administered the sedative while she was in my arms and she went to sleep quietly and they gave me and my husband time with her alone , when I was ready they euthanised her. If the times ever comes again this would be my choice.