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  1. It's on at Hillsborough grounds on Tuesdays, usually starting around 5pm. Carolyn McMillan runs it - if you're on Facebook you can find her page at https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.j.mcmillan.1?fref=ts
  2. It sounds more like she's probably just a lowlife backyarder trying to cash in on the reputation of registered breeders though.
  3. Well done for doing all the right things here. Please also follow up with the pug club and Dogs Vic though to see if this person is actually a member of that organisation - if not, then there is nothing that can be done, but if it is a member doing the wrong thing then she needs to be booted out for the sake of all reputable breeders and their dogs.
  4. I would go further and ring Dogs Victoria to check on the registration status of the breeder. If they are indeed registered then I'd forward copies of all correspondence to Dogs Vic as proof of the breach of their code of ethics. The only way we are going to stamp out dodgy registered breeders is to report each and every case and demand that our canine councils do the right thing and get rid of them. If they are not registered breeders but are claiming to be registered with Dogs Vic then I would still forward the information to Dogs Vic as I think it's time for the canine councils to start taking that type of misrepresentation of their "brand" very seriously. Find another breeder - but do SOMETHING about this one too.
  5. As this is in QLD and I am in NSW I am not 100% sure of the legislation, however I do know that in NSW the Councils and the RSPCA will investigate cases like this. I reported one backyard breeder for advertising pups for sale at 6 weeks of age and that earned her a visit from the RSPCA. They didn't seize any dogs or take any other action BUT she immediately changed the ad and kept the pups for another 2 weeks, and now advises other people of the 8 week minimum. I would have rathered her be shut down forever, however my actions at least saved that litter of puppies from being shipped out at 6 weeks of age and she now knows that there are people who are watching her. I think it's worth contacting the authorities and at least trying. Sometimes there is some other technicality that they can catch these people out on - ie. Are the pups microchipped prior to sale at 4 weeks as required by law? Are all dogs on the property registered with local council? Or we can all just have a general whinge about it amongst ourselves and continue to let people like this go about their business uninterrupted.
  6. Until we as a community start reporting each and every case of breeders breaking the existing animal welfare/companion animal laws with regard to the sale of dogs none of this will change. Whether or not this "breeder" is dodgy or just inexperienced/panicking/whatever she needs to be reported to the RSPCA/overseeing government department for offering a pup for sale at less than 8 weeks of age. Ignorance is no excuse, and if she is that uninformed before having a litter of pups then she needs to be stopped in her tracks right now. Having battled long and hard against seeing even more legislation implemented that will affect those of us already doing the right thing, it drives me insane to see people like this flying under the radar because no-one bothers to report them. People like her are invisible until somebody draws attention to them. Please report her.
  7. Hi all - the Miniature Pinscher Club of NSW certainly does rescue min pins and I am one of the rescue contacts for the Club. Dogmad please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.
  8. Thank you for your replies. I've passed your suggestions on. Simply Grand I am sorry that you've had to board your dogs too
  9. I am currently fostering a pair of gorgeous dogs - a min pin and an English Toy Terrier - both female, desexed, housetrained. They have been surrendered by their owners who have been unable to find suitable dog-friendly rental housing on the Northern Beaches, but they hope that they may be able to find somewhere to live so that they can get their beloved dogs back. They have an 8yo son, so need to be mindful of his needs as well. These people adore these girls and have paid a mint for their vetwork before surrendering them. They have just signed a 9 month lease on a property but are willing to look at sub-letting the property or breaking that lease if they have another option. They are looking for a property where their tiny dogs (both around 2.5kg) will be safe and secure, and where they can let the dogs have inside/outside access. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Wow - when I started reading this thread I certainly didn't see it as a bull-breed-bashing exercise. I saw it as an inexperienced-owners-buying-litter mates-and-not-training-or-fencing-them-properly thread. I would have seen Am Staff as interchangeable with any other breed when it comes to dogs not being properly trained or contained. I think a lot of people on here need to get over their own sensitivities.
  11. What a great outcome. It would be lovely if this chance is offered to all iggies and other breeds which don't do well in shelter environments.
  12. Hugs to you, Anna - it is always so hard to say that goodbye :'(. Rest easy, Herbert. xx
  13. Thank you Aziah! I'll give that a try.
  14. Hi, I've read through a few of the threads on nervous/anxious dogs and have just bought some Netvatona tablets to try on my very small dog (approx 3kg). As this product is made for humans I was wondering if someone on here could help me out with the recommended dose rate for dogs. Thank you :)
  15. Sorry I'm a bit slow to reply to this thread. I hope your cart works out! I have a cart for my miniature pinscher, Little Bear. We purchased it from Eddie's Wheels in the US. It was pricey, but custom-made and perfect. Through using the cart on a daily basis, allowing her spine to relax and stretch, she has actually regained some use in her back legs and only needs it around 50% of her active time now. Good luck with your boy :)
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