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  1. 2013 Brags Thread

    This year all our dogs have gained a title so proud of them all. My husbands kelpie got her AD title My Dalmatian tripawed got her ET Our daughters JRT gained her ET and RN My sons JRT gained his Earthdog instinct at 7 months old My JRT gained his earthdog instinct then his earthdog novice at 8 months My loaned JRT gained her JD title So all our dogs this year have gained a title so proud of them. The baby boys we bred ourselves from our first ever litter and the litter sister has also gained her ED instinct title. Its the first time ever that all my dogs have titles. This year we spent every weekend training for the ET so next year we will be concentrating on agility as the baby boys will be 18 months old they have started their foundation training. Its been an awesome year love my furkids and my hubby and kids.
  2. Kenneling Dogs

    We only board 8 dogs at a time and they are put to bed at 10pm then we are up at 5.00am to 5.30am to let them all out. Each dog is given an individual play session water changed and breakkie given. Kennels aren't hosed out until its warmer in the day unless some one had had an accident then there is no choice but I prefer not to hose until at least 10am in winter. Summer totally different and some of the dogs we have had even like a game with the hose :) If we went out and checked on them all night the dogs would be quite stressed I feel. Having said that if anyone is barking or whinging or fussing we are out there as quick as a flash. Our kennels would be 20 metres from our house. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my dogs with no one living there.
  3. Endurance Test 2013

    No worries with the bike I had to ride it after one lap when I got the flat tyre until the first break so I have told my husband he is getting a new bike either for fathers day or Christmas as that bike is now 30 yrs old and is past it.....i'm sure you can vouch for that as well Al
  4. Endurance Test 2013

    My Steffi passed as well she was the tripawed dally :) I love my girl. My daughter little jack also passed. We had a great time and I think Steffi will miss her weekly runs will have to try and keep it up as shes amazingly fit now :) we will be back in two years time with our baby boy jacks and it will be me and my son this time. :) he will be 12 and reckons he is going to run it mmm we will see about that one.
  5. Dog Shop At Erskine Park

    Thanks Dancinbcs. Its petcetera. i knew when i heard the name i'd be right:)
  6. Can ayone please tell me the name of the shop at Dogs NSW grounds at erskine Park that sells all the grooming things. I would like to ask if i can pick something up from them next time i'm there but for the life of me cant remember what they are called. Thanks
  7. Dog Scared To Make A Mistake

    100% agree with Canine Fun Sports. I have been having the conversation on the weavers if she went wrong something like oh dear lets try again so will definately do that on the other equipment. I live on the western side of Orange so no one near us so learning via trial and error hopefully less errors now..... If anyone knows of anyone out our way happy to hear from you.
  8. Dog Scared To Make A Mistake

    We have got the drops and sits under control now. This is the first time i have trained an adult dog from scratch all my others have been babies and you dont realise how much you kind of accidently teach them. We used lots of luring as shaping kind of worries her a bit but i did shape a nice nose to hand touch. I think shes been booted up the butt a few times as if i run to fast and we kind of get in each others way she will also shut down then, so i am learning to try and improve my style as well harder than teaching the dog i think... We did video the trial at first i thought it was that at obstacle number 10 or 11 in agility and jumping she shut down but it was more that she was in the wrong spot that put me off and then i stopped her flow and that turned her off so its alot to do with my unco handling and i know i did get nervous in the trial so i think i have to enter more and get over my phobia get combination arent we nervous trialler and a mistake phobic dog.... or well maybe we can both crawl into the crate and cry.... I agree she does have a history and i think it will always haunt her so i have to learn to be a better handler to avoid stuffing her up (easier said than done). I think it was definately the trial situation that brought about the rise in this behaviour i know (from the video) i called in a streesed out tone even though i didnt even realise or mean to i definately wasnt angry at her just the excitement of the moment. I havent actually used a marker as the wrong behaviour i usually just ignore it so maybe i should try the oops one its all a learning curve and so intersting to see her develop emotionally and socially. it was funny luring her to sit and drop at the start had to work on one at a time as she would just stand taller and try moving her feet silly show dog :)
  9. Dog Scared To Make A Mistake

    when i was driving into work i was thinking of using a different work and her fluffy name got to think of a totally unrelated word that dummy me will remember... Thanks for you help and at least i know im on the right path of thinking.
  10. First of all a bit of background. I got my dog end of last year from a breeder she is an ex show dog and has her CH title but was a kennel dog locked in kennels and then taken to shows. Shes been a nightmare to toilet train still don’t trust her but that’s ok I live with that. I am training her in agility and obedience. As she has never learnt to learn its been a big struggle teaching her sit and drop as all she was allowed to do was sit and pull to walk out on her lead in the show ring. We are getting there slowly. She loving agility she had her first trial a couple of weeks ago went ok but shut down on me when I called her name and come a bit anxiously I wasn’t angry at all but I said it in a panicky voice in the stress of the ring situation. This morning before work I set up a similar scenario where I had to work hard to call her off the table and go to a jump she LOVES contact obstacles as she loves being up high. So I call her turn my body (possibly a bit too late) and she hops on the table that’s ok that happened in the trial (more than likely my error) I then call her and she drops her tail and runs to the gate as though I have beaten her a hundred times poor baby. I am working with the clicker and working on heaps of rewards for come and ignoring her mistakes I am not competitive at all and just want to trial for fun. I also theink the breeder has probably called her and really got up her for whatever it was shes done wrong so now shes a bit phobic about doing the wrong thing. The breeder is very loud and has a hot temper I have seen her yell at the dogs and them all cringing. So is there any tricks or games that I can do to help her learn that its ok if you stuff up we just try again.
  11. My bitch was incontinent as well 2 months on propalin and shes been off for 2 months my vet said keep an eye on her and put her on again if needed this will probably continue her whole life just another thing to add to her long list of health issues....
  12. Do Thundershirts Work?

    Soory for my dog did nothing total waste of money. Gave it to a friend to use on her belgian shep same result did nothing. We thought it was worth a try but total waste of money in my opinion.
  13. tell her exactly what you told us that one of your dogs is overweight and explain how unhealthy it is for your dog to be overweight. No need to turn it into an arguement she might think shes doing them a favour explain the situation and she might be ok. Lifes too short to argue with neighbours esp if it can be solved with a simple explanation
  14. Dog Seizures

    My dog was having seizures i didnt want to go down the drug path if i could help it. So i saw Robert mcdowell in bathurst they are herbalist. To be honest i was skeptical but happy to try anything. She was put on a natural diet BUT given extra calcium apparently some seizurs can be caused by low calcium absorbtion. She now has 2heaped teaspoons on her tea each night and was for 8 month given herbal drops it will be 12months in early november since we started and no seizures at all well worht a try. They can do over the ohone consults. Good luck i know how stressful it is my dog was the same age when she started fitting she is now 4yrs coat and her attitude to life has changed so much
  15. First Heats

    I had a bitch whose first season was at 18 months then cycled every 6months with no issues guess like humans they do it at different times