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  1. It didn't include all vet work, just final inspection vet work. plus 3 days boarding which i don't think i need. How do they determine value of dog? Oberon isn't desexed, I don't have intentions to breed but don't also feel the need to desex him.
  2. thanks guys, i'm still shopping around. He is entire but can prove i've had him a long time. Who is Wayrod associated with?
  3. Hi, long time since I've been on here. We're considering moving to NZ and understand the requirements for importing Oberon to the country. We just got a quote for transportation of him via one transport company for $2150. Is there a way for me to bypass the transport company so long as i meet all the requirements. Also is this a typical quote? he is 38kg or so and a big dog and the cost included purchase of a crate. How much does the average crate cost? the company quoted for a crate of 110 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 85 cm (H). thanks for any help.
  4. my personally preference is for the first edit. not keen on the lost colour from the original but thats my personal preference. think the crop is great.
  5. Awesome shot, just love it pixie-meg I love the second sofa hog in the background too :laugh: Lovely to see Cowboy annie, and glad to hear he is on the mend :) I love this! Very very good :D i'm very tempted to get it printed up and put in my office. love it. kja, i love the DOF in yours, very nice and its a lovely warm shot. gapvic. love the book shot, nicely composed. do you use lightroom? i reckon it'd be fun to play with the saturation on that one. i'm desperate to get lightroom, i trialled it and now my trial is up i keep seeing all that i can do with my shots that i can't right now.
  6. really love the shot of the sheltie, Crazy Cresties. also really like your edited landscape. anniek, love the look on Gemmas face. Mr Red dog, really like the focus on the peacock. here are some of my recent shots though i've lost track of which week. Untitled by inkdogdesign, on Flickr Untitled by inkdogdesign, on Flickr Untitled by inkdogdesign, on Flickr Untitled by inkdogdesign, on Flickr
  7. Rainy, there aren't too many neuter shows up this way. i don't intend to breed with my two but know i can keep them entire responsibly. besides many people start out just showing and become breeders anyway.
  8. don't know too much about the breeds but given you already have gun dogs in the lab, the GSP would probably be the most compatible. but it probably doesn't matter too much
  9. what about a borzoi. the right dog can be a great kid dog but that comes down to choosing the right pup. also while giant in height they don't weigh as much as the super giants so require less food and medication. as well as being naturally free from hereditary health issues like hip dysplasia. I understand wanting a rare breed, i too wanted that. Also this breed isn't necessarily that expensive to buy compared to other purebreds. I think the average pet borzoi is around the $1000 mark. I have seen many zoi barking to guard their property and I wouldn't enter the yard with the way they looked at me. Just thought this breed might be worth thinking about.
  10. i know they say the dog is stalking but what i see is what my Zoi does when he is scared of something. he slowly approaches the 'object' as it doesn't look right, until finally he figures out its no issue and continues on. not exactly dog vs wolf.
  11. Completely agree with Pav lova. you don't want your sbt to become aggressive as a result of poor socialisation.
  12. Would that be suitable for a GSD? It's held my adult borzoi. you buy to compost bin packs which gives you 8 panels. you would need to secure it down with pegs and i use zip ties to clip each panel together. you make a rectangular shape, so 2 panels on one side and one on the other with 2 overlapping panels on top. its not as secure as a proper crate but still pretty decent and cheap.
  13. GH, no need for a crate if you keep her close to you and under control. you could also get a crate system from buntings. they call them compost bin cages but look the same as the panels you can buy. they fit in any car and you assemble as you'd like. let me know if you'd like further instructions.
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