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  1. Old Collie Rough Girl From Blacktown Pound

    We recently lost a foster that was palliative care from the start, but was absolutely so worthwhile. I can remember one morning, this little one in bed with me, snug and warm...she looked up at me and if she could have said 'I love you' she would have. We had wonderful support from our rescue group and we cried like babies when the time came to let her go. But she died in my arms with so much love, while I told her what a good girl she was and I'm sure that was the memory she took with her.
  2. Luki - Parvo Survivor

    And just think of the wondeful life lesson that Jack is learning about compassion and love and respect for animals....there's nothing like learning through example.
  3. Luki - Parvo Survivor

    So thrilled with this outcome for Luki. It also shows that love does play a part in their recovery....alone in the pound without someone to encourage him and hang on to, this little boy might not have made it. Only good luck from now on for Luki.
  4. Luki - Parvo Survivor

    So happy to hear that Luki is improving and hoping and praying that both these little boys make it. Talk about going that extra mile, it's wonderful to hear what people will do to save a little dogs life. If the saying 'what goes around comes around' is true, the people who have turned their backs on these babies will get what they deserve. Well done k9.
  5. Luki - Parvo Survivor

    So sorry to hear this terrible news K9angel, and praying that this little boy can recover and know what it's like to be loved. It seems he already knows you care about him. Too late for this little boy, but what the others in that pound, what about protection for all dogs coming in or passing through? Surely all should receive an injection on arrival as a basic duty of care.
  6. Here's another link Stefie, all very sad statistics but hope it's helpful. http://www.deathrowpets.net/default.html
  7. This RSPCA link is comprehensive and fairly recent. http://www.rspca.org.au/assets/files/Resou...ts2007-2008.pdf