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  1. She did. She is trying to see what happends if she does it. If nothing happends she will continue to do this. Imagine if it was a grow up dog - how would you interpret this? And what would happened if a grown up dog got carried away like that. nipping, biting, chewing hands, barking at you when you are lets say on the phone and not paying attention, are all signs of a dog trying to be the boss or at the least to get your attention or testing the waters with you. All of the biting, niping and chewing hands is unacceptable. Growl at the puppy, walk away from it, put it outside, ignore it, scream in pain when it bites you will show the pupp that you dont want this done to yourself. If the puppy wants to chew something give ti something that it can chew. Dont give it your old socks or shoes - it will than take your new ones as it will not know the difference. I have made a comment before in another threat that I would take the scruff of the neck and gently shake the skin (not the whole dog) while I growled at the pupp (Just like a mother would do to a puppy) - it has coused some confusion, so get someone in puppy school to show you what I am talking about.
  2. Vehs - I'll put it bluntly for you - he had a hard on after waking up. Nothing wrong., and yes it is also the same thing during tie up during mating.
  3. "here boy" made me laugh ;-) I use COME ;) or if I get the look a wave a favourite toy - that seems to do the trick as well. I don't have a problem calling my dog, but it has certainly taken me long time to achieve this. I have a dominant large middle aged stud dog that certainly does not treat other males as good friends, they are more of a dogs breakfast :-) and becouse of this I HAD to find a method to teach my dog to come to me rather than eat the oponent, if you know what I mean. It has taken me a while but I have no problem, just wondering how to speed it up for the next one. I know that starting this over the internet is the wrong way, but how about improving what I know already. Direct me for the future please. Dog training classes, one on one lessons? books? other dogs? equipment? - this are the recommendations I am after.
  4. K9 - could you describe the few days method for all of us, since I think that teaching the dog to come reliably form any situation is a long process (fun on the way though) and others don't even think it is achievable. I'd love to know how to call away a 9 month old puppy away from a play with another. And how to achieve it in 2 weeks. Certainly will help me with my next dog!
  5. Salli if you start with a puppy it is a different story than a grown up beagle that already knows hows to run away...
  6. Go to obiedience classes to teach your dog general obiedience including a word Come. The problem is that whatever the world offers is obviusly more iteresting to the dog than you are, hence the dog goes exploring. If the dog would know that you are fun, love, food etc any time would stay closer to you. So in order to achieve this you have to develop a bond with your dog. Make a "monkey" out of yourself play with it, jump around, run screeming and waving your hands and if your dog follows you than reward. Something very tasty, something that is only given on these extreme fun outside little trips to the park. If you just walk along how interesting are you???? where the grass smells of other dogs, sheep etc. Would you be more interesting if you had food and gave it to your dog for staying close? or if you had a favourite toy and was willing to play with it, or something to fetch? and if you were on top of this sooooo happy to do it! You bet! Teaching your dog to say close is a long process, especially with a grown up. But it can be achieved. Your dog should be relying on ou for reasurance, so in new places automatically should stay closer, if he is not ask yourself who is the boss?? I have tought my dog by teaching the word come for starters, than on the long lead the same thing, I used a dog training classes for this, distructions of other dogs and people. Secondly I have a release comand and I agree for my dog to go and run around free and play with others when I agree to it. After all they need to do what dogs do, not only what I say all the time. I also used to hide. If my dog went to far away I called ONCE - come if he didn't I dissapeared. Countless times I climbed a tree, hid in the bushes, behind buildings etc. Of course you have to choose an area where you ca actually do this sort of stuff, and know that nothing will happened to your dog. There were times that I was in hiding for 10-15 minutes and watched my dog run around looking for me in panic. Believe me its a long time. And when he found me - I was over the moon, happy, playfull and full of treats to give him. I have also driven off in my car few times. Same scenario, I called the dog ONCE, didn't come, so I got in the car and drove off. You should see the speed he followed!!! Now I am like this old lady that you mentioned My dog walks, runs and plays with others, but looks up every so often to see where I am. When alone walking in the park or in the bush I really find it hard to hide these days. My outings with my dog certainly do not look like I am walking along bored, checking time if its time to go back home, and the dog does what he wants (runs away exploring what he wants). We play, we jump, we have 3-5 minute training sessions, followed by more play, rolling it the grass, healing, fetch etc. I came back worn out (I have a large dog) but boy is it fun - yeah, we both love it. Again - the most important is that you are more interesting to the dog than the rest of the world, how you achieve this? you know best what your dog likes most so provide it. It is a long process, good luck do not give up after 6 months, it can take longer with a grown up.
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