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  1. If you want to get a dog to do protection work get a malinois. there arent suitable dobermanns in Australia, even those from working lines. Many will tell you that im incorrect but if you want a good dog for protection working line malinois is the way to go. if your dog is to be a pet then go for a reputable show breeder that does something with their dogs and dogs have titles. I mean parents have titles, not dogs 3 generations back. Show, obedience, tracking, agility type titles. Someone that doesnt run their breeding on one famous dog in the pedigree from long ago. and then there is health testing too its a massive subject, feel free to PM me kennel names and i can tell you if and what i think.
  2. The costs would be a lot higher then $8000 That would be just the flight as at the age of import (not earlier then 9 months old) the dog would be already over 30kg. Plus price of the dog, plus quarantine, health testing and of course the cost of someone raising the dog in Europe for that many moths. Budget about 25K Id say. Docked dogs are regularly imported from NZ. Docked dogs can be shown and compete in ANKC sanctioned events, cropped can not , regardless if cropping is legal or not in the country of origin. I hope that answers most questions and clarifies things. Re a breeder helping out with import - what do you mean? If the breeder wants to import they will do it themselves and whilst someone might be nice and be willing to help, its a very time consuming process, so most would be reluctant to get involved with the dog that is not going to be theirs.
  3. WAC Thank you so much for your input. ii've changed the import bit and put a short statement about cropping and docking (can't put that I don't support it, because I do) I might do a FAQ page i really do some funny and weird questions all the time On on another note - got a enquiry text at 11.30 pm!! ive answered at 5.45am lol
  4. Thank you so much for your input. ii've changed the import bit and put a short statement about cropping and docking (can't put that I don't support it, because I do) I might do a FAQ page i really do some funny and weird questions all the time On on another note - got a enquiry text at 11.30 pm!! ive answered at 5.45am lol
  5. Thanks for the tips. I get the cropped ears and docked tails all the time, even if both parents have full tail. People see does in movies and in photos form overseas and want to have one like that. Do you think that when I say that the sire is Aragon Sav San imp LTV that is not enough for someone to know he is an import? Should I change it? Re competition - yes I mean any dog sports, that is tracking agility IPO etc etc
  6. I had a nice one recently It was all good and I would have been happy to sell them a dog, until they told me that they spoke to another breeder (Dalmatians) and want the dally docked if I can help with finding a vet that would do it. I said I won't be helping them with info about docking and their breeder should be informing them of it all, they told me there is no need to be rude I think maybe they had the two breeds mixed up with the docking part of it LOL but regardless I'm not selling them a puppy if they are getting another puppy of the same age of a different breed.
  7. I have put these together from bits of my recent puppy enquiries, as I currently have a litter. Enjoy
  8. OMG We were swamped with people. My dogs are saints. It was good to see so many familiar faces, some even thought I have no idea who they are :-)
  9. May be a strange question...do you think that those highly competative in your sport could potentially be doing exactly the same as they do in Greyhound racing to improve performance? Those is that sport that want to be be competitive might want to consider a dobermann to compete with :-) Second place at the recent trial was Monelite Vivid ET WAC. And I can guarantee that Monelite Dobermanns are happy to be chasing a plastic bags, or a ball, they don't need to be trained to do more than that. And still get ribbons and prizes. She is also very happy to be sharing her bed with a fluffy cat. Those that want to meet her come to the Dobe Club stand and the upcoming Dog Lovers Show this weekend.
  10. He will be living on a three acre property, however predominantly within the acre and a bit that is fenced. The fenced are pretty typical farm fences, only about 1.2 metres high. There will be someone home pretty much all day, and in terms of young kids there is a 5 yo and a 3 yo that although young have quite a lot of dog experience. In terms of dog training I have never ventured far away from simple commands, eg. Sit, lye down, on your mat, crawl, out and a few more. He would spend most of the day outside with our other dog, however would come inside to sit I front of the fire after dinner until we go to bed, and on a cold day he will spend most of the day inside in front of the fire. In terms of walks/training we will strive to give him the amount he needs. As our current dog is an older bulldog, he only needs a walk every now and then, however he needs lots of attention, so that's what he gets. I am still unsure as to what dog sport I like the sound of the most, but I would most likely just be doing it for a bit of fun for me and the dog, rather than in a competitive circle. Thanks for the help. It'll definitely be useful in the process of deciding on a dog breed Based on what you have written I wouldn't recommend a dobermann to you. Mainly due to the fencing issue. Whilst it might be ok when you are home, where would the dog be when you are not at home? As a breeder (and I breed dogs with a lot of drive) I also wouldn't recommend a dobe with small kids. Its not that they are agresive, but they are very active and need an outlet (training) Play often ends up in kids tears as the dog steals their toys, knocks them to the ground running by etc. Most people cant cope with couple of small kids and adolescent dobermann. If you were to get a dobe, you would need to build some fencing and perhaps get an adult (opposite sex to your bulldog) that has got a bit of training done already. Happy to expand if you wish.
  11. If you tell me a bit more about yoru lifestyle, family and what do you plan to do with the dog I will be able to tell you if a dobermann is suitable for you. Kids, size of yard, height of fencing, typical day for you and the dog, Inside or out or both? Sports? Competitions? What do you know about dog training.
  12. whatever you do DO NOT get a dobermann
  13. I'm another ruthless leather fan and I also have several collars and leads. Tip top Dog in the avatar is wearing one :-)
  14. Im not saying I cant do those things at all, there are some cafes that allow a dog to come in. But there are heaps of places that wouldn't let me in or asked me to leave. maybe its because of the type of dogs I have.
  15. its very sad but true that most people that do the right thing get penalised because few idiots that do the wrong thing. BTW - If I didnt have a bad back Id so carry my dobe in to Bunnings LOL
  16. Also - I believe that more places that would allow dogs is NOT going to equal more problems, more issues and masses of people with dogs everywhere. its not that all of a sudden there will be 10 dogs on a train during peak hours. People that dont take dogs anywhere now will not all of a sudden start taking them everywhere. Those that have them off leash at the beach will have them off leash at the beach Those that do the right thing will continue doing the right thing. and those would be the ones that would go more places.
  17. I think people mistake my intention with what is already in place and people not obeying the rules. I'm talking about allowing dog on public transport, lets say, on leash and muzzled not about some idiot owner with off leash dog that is at a beach at the wrong time. Two have not much to do with each other. Most of the issues people present here as the "against" is what already exists and that is not going to change unless rules are enforced. What I'm talking about is an ability to be able to sit in an outdoor cafe with my dog, Right now hardly any one allows that. Im talking about ability to sit at an outside table in front of a take away shop (you know how they have couple of tables on the footpath) - I have been asked to leave those countless number of times I went once to a small park in the city, where there was no signs that dogs are not allowed. There was a cultural festival there and security came to me and asked me to leave! I have argues with them, the wouldn't leave me alone, they were saying that my dog is a danger to the society (a dobermann) My dog was on leash, has not bothered anyone, just walked on leash next to me. These people pestered me time and time again, saying no dogs allowed in that park, but when I asked to show me a sign they couldn't point me to one. I told them that unless they leave me alone I will be calling the cops saying that they are harassing me. However day was wrecked as I got angry and eventually left early as they just kept following me. I also must be a lucky person as I dont see that many dogs that are pulling on leash flipping themselves, barking and carrying on. Its not that I havent, I just dont see those often. As to the question how many dogs - Id be happy with one dog per handler, I see no issues with that. Do you guys think that perhaps I should change this to a campaign to allow dogs on public transport? As a first? Perhaps this has been done, and failed already - does anyone know?
  18. Ill reply under each one 2. Nuscience dogs ie constant barking/flinging self all over the place on lead/jumping on passing people/harassing other dogs Clearly the dogs isnt socialised and untrained. Why? Because most likely its not taken anywhere. Why? Because its only really allowed on the streets and if owner has no car only in its neighbourhood 3. Appropriate Flexi lead usage Rule of 2 meter lead in public places - how is that? 4. Consistent registration and microchipping Nothing to do with allowing dogs in more public palces 5. Confining dogs/not letting them wander (seperate to intentionally allowed off lead in on lead but it is part and parcel of ownership) noting to do with allowing dogs in more places 6. Restricted breeds/dangerous dogs. Whether you agree with these or not, you should obey the law with them in the meantime for their own safety and others How about lead and muzzle for all? 7. Obedience and training - most dogs don't seem to have it (or are too excited/scared to demonstrate it) - if they can't walk down a street they're not ready for other challenging locations, let alone should be allowed access to more challenging or fragile locations unenforceable for one Why an excited dog that pulls on lead wouldnt be allowed somewhere else? My dogs get veyr excited when they go places and one pulls on lead. She has no issues being places, 8. Peoples overall lack of awareness of their dogs. Not their fault usually (ignorance vs lazy) but an increased sense of responsibility and respect for others in regards to Fido behaviour and locations I belive this is because dogs arent allowed anywhere. If they were people would be come a lot more aware as well and attempt to fix the problems, right now they just stick the dog in the yard and "problem solved" So how about this - for a dog to be allowed on public transport, lets say (or some other place that they are currently not allowed to be) Dog must be on a leash and in some cases muzzled Dog and owner must have attended basic training and have a "certificate" of completion - mind you while I think it would be great, I dont think its going to happen at all.. There would be to many people saying - but I can trin the dog myself, but I live to far from the club, but I have to pay, but who is the trainer that would issue a certificate blah blah blah
  19. Please give a specific example of current issues, exclude off leash dogs in on lead areas
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