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  1. Ive put an order for 10, and just got an email saying they have despatched my order. So the max 2 might not be so strict :)
  2. I'll be there. Please have large entertaining toys for my destructo dobies!
  3. OT - when you do and have your first litter - can I please put my name on a waiting list for a puppy!
  4. If the pup has had raw then you can go to straight raw straight away. I find that dog fed kibble only don't know what to do with bones, they play with them but don't eat them, but those that had something - even simple like chicken necks or wings will do other stuff easily too. Introduce veg straight away, just give the pup celery sticks and carrots to play. It might not eat it but will get the taste going.
  5. If you send me your email address Ill email you my diet chart that I give to my puppy buyers its simple to follow. Not to be given out to anyone without my permission tho! I applaud you for trying to do this, not many people are as keen. and it really isn't difficult, probably cheaper then buying premium dog food, and certainly healthier for your dog. Ignore the family and friends BS. I wonder if they give their kids 2 minute noodle soup and Mc Donalds every day for their whole lives and nothing else Re going cold turkey with a change -I'd avoid it with a baby puppy that just came home. Do the two week transition. There is enough stress on the puppy being in a new home, you dont need to add the food to it. They stop eating for first couple of days anyway, no need to make it worse with a potential upset stomach. Re supplements - I give supplements. Pet pep up, or missing link or vets all natural, or for an older dog rose hip powder But none of the phosphorus or calcium, none of the measuring percentage etc. They get chicken carcasses one day, some other stuff another day, raw fish, veggies and fruit. leftovers, eggs, yoghurt, offal, meat, bones etc etc etc My puppies are raised on a natural diet, they get a chicken carcass at 4-5 weeks of age to demolish LOL pleasure to look at and a lot more then doing a spreadsheet to calculate whats in it :D Best advice I can give you - buy a freezer and find a supply of a variety of meats. And a supply of minced chicken carcasses/bones. petbarn has it, nd many good pet shops will stock it. I never buy the ready made BARF, its very expensive. I did buy it couple of time to try, certainly not economical for me. But I have more then one dog, and my dogs are large.
  6. I have been feeding raw for about 15 years. I have never looked at the % or measured anything. I just look at the dog/puppy. They loose weight very fast or put on weight fast. You can change the look of a dog in a week. For my breed that weighs about 40kg when adult the puppy weighs as many kg as its weeks. Puppy eats pretty much as much as an adult, which is about 1-1.5kg of food a day, depending how active.
  7. I think it depends on the dog/dogs. Ive done it, couple of times. Mine had access to part of the house where they normally sleep and door open to the outside so they could be out during the day as per normal. Plenty of water and toys. I left no food so they were very hungry when I got back. My dogs are used to staying alone for long periods of time, as I work full time and very far from home so they are alone all day 5 times a week. And they have each other for company.
  8. I'm so sorry. 16!!!!! that's great age.
  9. If I had one dog it would be sleeping indoors all its life :) I currently have 3 and they sleep indoors in a "dog room", mined you they used to sleep in my bedroom but after all were attempting to take over the bed I have moved them out of the bedroom. But Id never let the puppy sleep indoors for couple of months and then kick it outside at night. I can just imagine howling Maybe make it sleep in the laundry, so it gets used to being alone at night. I dont think its fair to get the dog used to sleeping with the pack and then making it sleep alone. My dogs are inside when I'm home and outside when I'm not, starting from day one.
  10. I wouldn't be doing that. the puppy will get used to sleeping with people in a warm room, right next to them and then one day will get kicked out to be sleeping alone outside. Not fair. If you want her to be sleeping outside do that from day one. But i see no reason why she would have to sleep outside ;-) Anything you want the dog to do or not to do in the future do from day one. None of that chopping and changing. Confusing the dog, especially if you give something good and then take it away. As to crate/kennel I always buy everything as its for an adult dog. The only thing that changes is collars and coats, maybe size of toys.
  11. Chart Polski Bauceron Ogar Polski Gonczy Polski In that order
  12. The short answer to your question is no, not only Korean Air will fly dogs. they might be the cheapest tho. find out how long is the flight. We paid several hundred more to have our boy shipped the fastest way, and I think it was with Emirates or Edihad, cant recall.
  13. let me think........... latest purchase would have been two massive large cow bones But also worming tablets, toys, coats. In the past I have bought my dogs a car, a trailer, and ...... hmmm yes, I guess, the house with a huge yard
  14. Council rego for an entire dog is about $120 for life, $40 for a desexed one. Over the dogs life its not really a fortune. Dog being an adult is most likely already registered with the council so transfer will be free
  15. get an agreement, read it and understand it. Its doable but beware of conditions and have everything spelled out up front. I'm a breeder and I have few dogs on coownership - just like this boy is offered. But before the dog went to a new home the owners were given an agreement to consider and plenty of time to research if they want to go into it. So far no complains from anyone, they are all very happy with how we have it.
  16. poor thing. I hop it gets sorted out quickly for the sake of the dog.
  17. I have 3 dogs and two stay together and one stays alone. I said several times that whilst it is not an ideal situation I wouldn't be calling RSPCA straight away, Id try to find out more about the people and the dog. RSPCA are happy to turn up, find something pathetic and issue a fine. The antibarking collar would be just it for them. But if the dog had shelter, water and wasn't hungry the'yd probably do nothing. I understand that dog dumping and neglect happens, but maybe, just maybe, this is a slightly different situation. I hope that OP provides an update, I'm curious as what has happened.
  18. Who said its highly recommended? Both Teebs and I suggested that it might be temporary situation, but oh no, a dog might be alone for few days - lets call the RSPCA as it's highly traumatic. Might be highly traumatic for a dog with separation anxiety, a dog that has never been taught to be alone. For dogs like mine staying alone is part of every day life as I WORK full time and travel far for work. They are alone every day for at least 10-11 hours, or sometimes more. Somehow they don't seem traumatised by it. And if I was to leave them in the yard alone for few days checking up on them every day, they would just accept it. Not saying it's IDEAL, just might be a necessity. Suggesting that someone values their pets less then you is just passive aggressive. What would you know about me Teebs or the person in this subject?
  19. How traumatic?? Maybe for a dog that spends days on the sofa with the owner right there all day, not for many dogs that have owners that work full time.
  20. I personally would be checking on the dog every day. and Il put a note in the neighbours doors telling them that the dog whines and that you have checked on it. If the people sold the house maybe they are doing something in the new property to prepare for the dog, maybe the fences arent up to scratch and they need to fix something before they move the dog there. They might not be in a position to take the dog for few days. They were obviously responsible enough to put the antibarking collar so that the dog wouldn't be bothering the neighbors. RSPCA are most likely going to issue them with the fine if the collar is of an illegal type. Yes there is a possibility that they are neglecting the dog, but there is a possibility that they are in a transition and need few days to sort things out. Id be talking to the neighbours first. And checking on the dog.
  21. I wouldn't be leaving them together ever. My friend lost two whippets that she had with an Anatolian. Both died right in front of her when dog were playing. The Anatolian landed on the whippet and broke its neck. The same thing happened to the second whippet.
  22. I wouldn't be teaching a tog to toilet inside EVER, regardless of weather. Prepare an are outside that the dog can toilet, put some fake grass if you have to.
  23. puppies of 12 weeks are allowed to be shown, so I can't see a reason why not take a puppy out in public. It was a great way to socialise those puppies, and keeping them locked up at home is only asking for trouble when it comes to their social development
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