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  1. Many thanks for answering my question, Mysticview :)
  2. Hi Bec. Great choice of dog! I've read all the replies in this thread from breeders and others but from personal experience, I think it's still a bit of a lottery. We were inexperienced dog owners when we bought our first MS, but had had kelpies and working dogs as kids (when Mum did all the work!) We were offered the last little boy in a litter, met him once when all the others had been picked up, and of course fell in love. He was a gem, the best dog one could hope for with a young family, and so easy to train. Our next MS, a female as suggested by the breeder (different breeder, the f
  3. Should have clarified, my experience is with mini schnauzers.
  4. If you already like the breed, why not a schnauzer? They're great dogs and seem to fit all your requirements, including the cat issue. I've had two from 8 weeks old, who came into a household with a cat, and there was never a problem. My latest girl, a rescue at 7 years old who had never lived with a cat, didn't bat an eyelid at the existing 13 year old cat and visa versa. Now the cat grooms her beard :laugh: . Of course, there will always be individual personalities, but I know lots of 'schnauzer friends' where they live with cats without problems. :) Edit to add: We also spend a lot of
  5. Oh no, I just saw this thread. So very sorry for your loss PFL. You were always so supportive of our little group in the Palliative Care forum, so just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you at this sad time.
  6. I haven't been on here for a while, so thanks for the lovely thoughts Anne, GWP4Me and Vizsla Momma. Yes, it is comforting to know that even though they didn't know each other, they are with each other now in their favourite place of all times. :)
  7. Ah well, I am blonde :laugh: ! Sorry, it was late and I was rushing. Anyway, as you say, a low grade MCT is probably 'better' than a haemangiosarcoma. Most importantly, Boof is sounding like he is recovering well :)
  8. Good to hear Boof is back home and in your expert care! That's a big lesion for a little dog; I'm sure he will feel more comfortable soon and back to his old self. Fingers crossed for clear margins on the pathology. :)
  9. Just a postscript; we scattered Lucy's and Darcy's ashes together up in the bush last weekend, over a glass of wine. It was the most beautiful summer evening and as we were doing it, some kangaroos appeared on their evening route, from the paddocks to the forest, straight through our place. The dogs would have loved that! It was sad but at the same time comforting to know that they are both together in their favourite place.
  10. All the best to you and Boof for the next battle Anne, hope it all goes smoothly and he is up and about soon afterwards. :)
  11. So sorry to hear about Boof's latest battles Anne. Hope all goes well the future surgery and the pathology results are benign/low grade.
  12. Michelleva, she sounds (and looks) adorable and I'm with your husband and kids! I am a first time foster failure mother too, so don't worry, there's others out there. My girl Missy, wasn't from a puppy farm, but she was separated from her brother of 6 years, so there was some adjustment. She paced a lot too in the beginning, and also ran the perimeter of the yard, probably looking for how to get back to her brother. She was also a terrible eater for the first few weeks, but I found that letting her eat within 2 metres or so of our other dog (who was not food defensive - it never lasted long en
  13. Great news Dave, sounds like all is going well. Jazz sounds like she has such a great love of life and you are doing everything possible to support her. Isn't Veronika just gorgeous !
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