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  1. We had family cats and dogs (some purebred and some strays) ever since I was born but the first dog I got to choose for myself was an Old English Sheepdog I called Phobie (I thought that is how you said and spelt the name Phoebe). I was 16.
  2. My favourite, long term vet is European and very abrupt. She has gone far above and beyond for me many, many times but she is just very to the point about what is wrong and what needs to be done. Not into any chitty chat or long explanations. She's an amazing vet who loves animals but she is not for everyone. I like her because I like a truthful and knowledgeable vet who also offers/chooses some homeopathic options. She also says what she says she is going to do and follows through and she remembers your pets and what's going on with them. That's all as important to me as it is having a good GP for me. It's bad that one disgruntled client can result in all this though. No winners here really as it wont have changed Ms Curtis's opinion and that's a long time for Dr O'Grady to find justice. I have to admit if I had a complaint (that I thought was legitimate, whether it was or not) I'd be miffed to get a letter saying I was no longer welcome at the practise at all. Their right to refuse service of course but it makes me wonder how unpleasant she was truly being when she first complained? So many people think the customer should always be right but you really do need to draw the line at some point.
  3. I lost my girl Tempeh far too young in November 2018. I had to make the decision to euthanise a physically healthy dog that I'd had since a foster puppy because her brain had made her so unpredictable and dangerous. The decision broke me. DOL knew about her since I'd fostered her yet I couldn't post on here because I couldn't cope with the thread about it sitting here as a reminder. She'd left some of her breakfast in her dish (just kibble) and two days after she was gone my sister threw it and the dish out thinking she was doing me a favour. I had a total melt down and she rummaged through the bin getting it all out again but it wasn't the same (a part of me may not still have forgiven her). I wanted to turn back the clock and couldn't cope with anything else changing. Despite having a heart dog who is very comforting and in tune with my moods, I still sleep to right this day with one of Tempeh's coats on a big stuffed toy on my bed. I reach over and feel the straps and it gives me comfort. I still want what I always wanted for her - to be ok. We went from being a 3 dog family for forever down to being a 1 dog family in a very short period of time. I went from being an owner who was fully committed to this poor beautiful girl to the person who took her chance to overcome her struggles away from her because it was 'easier' (of course it was our last option by then). It was hard for all of us but because I made the final decision I was impossibly hard on myself and probably still haven't forgiven myself for it ending up like that. A couple of things helped me through it. First was Tempeh herself. I got signs from her that she was ok and knew it was coming and that it was the right thing for her because she really was struggling with this world. In my mind she is smiling and being silly (which makes me type this all through tears). I still look at photos of her on that last day and she'd had enough. It was there on her tortured face. I felt her around me a lot from the day she went over the bridge (still do even though we've moved house). I talk to her when she comes just like I did when she was alive. Then another shar pei owning friend known here on DOL passed away about 6 months later and his boy needed a new family. We weren't sure we needed another dog but our remaining dog was struggling being an only dog for the first time ever. There was lots of discussion, finger crossing and tears from all sides - it was a big decision for everyone. Surprisingly the two dogs have done well together from that first day and are actually very similar in the things they love and are always together. I kept the whole thing very quiet out of fear of more heartache and judgement too. We love our new boy so and it has taken him a while to accept we are his new forever home rather than just some nice people he is staying long term with (his dad was sick on and off for an extended period). We are nothing like his dad (they ordered each other) and the adventurous life he used to have but I think wounds have been healed on both sides by our union. If Jonah can overcome his loss and make the best of his new life we can do the same. I never would've gone out and got another dog to heal the pain from losing a beloved pet but you have to trust the universe sometimes. I don't feel I have disrespected Tempeh by having Jonah in our life so quickly either. She was gone physically but will never been forgotten. It is not a competition. Same for Jonah and how I am sure he would still feel if his dad suddenly walked through the door. But it helps to be needed and to share loss. It helps to have a positive distraction and to redirect your energies and focus. And it definately helps to be able to share your feelings with other crazy dog people who understand exactly how heartbreaking going through an experience like this is. And the funny thing is there is always more love in our broken little hearts - we just have to find somewhere new to direct what we have while the damaged part heals. Jonah taught me that!
  4. We are still fighting against the expansion of one on the Sunshine Coast. I reckon its got enough steam to be successful. It's been at least a year but they still operate and pump out puppies. I wish govt would find a way of legislating the demise of puppy farms and irresponsible dog owners without slapping qualified small breeders around the head at the same time. Like how do we reduce column A and B whilst encouraging column C? There will always be a need for well bred dogs and dogs bred for purpose. It's the unskilled breeding practices, the abused bitches and studs, the unvetted whelps and the overabundance of expensive and defective puppies that needs to be reduced - that is where the impact/cost is on consumers buying faulty products, rescue and shelters picking up the pieces, policing animal cruelty and of course abuse on animals. Surely they can come up with ways of reducing one and increasing or maintaining the other?
  5. See if the pet store was on Facebook back in 2016 and look back through the photos of that time. Maybe you can get a sense of whether they carry the same breed/cross bread a lot. That could indicate a puppy farm supply. If it is not a lot of the same puppies then probably backyard breeder (who would be breeding from the same dogs but not in the same numbers). If they seem to just have random puppies then probably they are supplied by by whoops litters. You can also google what you want to know and see what comes up like "are Buy My Pup affiliated with a puppy farm". There are people out there who are trying to expose puppy farmers and their retail faces so you might get lucky. But after that you wont find much else about your specific dog. They are pretty faceless to those kinds of breeders.
  6. Yes T, I can imagine you guys are under intense scrutiny. Even with so many standards you'd have to ask why is it still so ambiguous then and open to individual interpretation? Makes it all a bit pointless.
  7. I know I'm a bit late to the party on this but I wanted to comment on the equine vets story Asal posted above. I don't agree with how the RSPCA went about things at all but shouldn't all animals owned by humans have access to shelter? On large farms cows will shelter from rain and sun under trees. Wild brumbies will shelter from the same under trees and overhanging rocks and in gullies. Wildlife also shelter from the elements in and under natural growth. It is something instinctive. It is not specified in the story if there were any trees in that paddock and the photo makes it look like there was none. So even though the vets were able to assess that being without shelter (and by that I'm assuming they mean man made shelter) was not harming the animals in anyway, I'm sure if there were trees for shade and rain protection on that plot of land the horses would be making use of it. If there are no trees then a man-made shelter of some type is another option. If I saw farm animals on a plot of land in stinking hot sun with no shade option or standing all soggy in a rain storm for the same reason I'd also think it was a bit harsh. What would you think? Are people (owners and the RSPCA) getting too pedantic about what words mean and what basic needs could entail? And just because an animal isn't being physically harmed is that a reason not to provide a little more if you can? Particularly with farm and companion animals. We know enrichment is a big thing for wild animals in captivity so why not for other animals we own? Just some things I was pondering about that particular story....
  8. I'm not a breeder but don't find breeder's prices unreasonable at all (good, quality breeders I mean). It is a skill to breed a good, sound pup so to me that has value. I consider time and knowledge part of the purchase price as well as vet fees involved during the pregnancy and life of the pups, food, supplements, training, genetic testing, micro-chipping, registering, food and cleaning. It all costs the breeder money. It's like buying your product from a professional craftsman. It actually offends me when puppy farmers charge more than a quality breeder and they've put zero effort and skill into the genetics behind the breeding, left the puppy in a pen to be whelped and raised by the mother with minimal human assistance or vet care. That's where the madness is and that is where the true price gouging is happening. How can people not see that?
  9. My vets and vet staff mean the world to me. It makes me so sad that they are exposed to this kind of suffering. Back when I was a teen (in the 70s) I did work experience at a chemist and I still remember the chemist telling me how people would get angry at paying the cost of medicine to make them well and save their life but think nothing of blowing their cash on a night of drinking or a holiday. Same mentality isn't it.
  10. Brachy breeds as well? For some reason I thought there were restrictions pre lockdown on brachy breeds. Anyway the right rescue should know. Minis was also recommended to the owner by someone else.
  11. Squishy Face is in Vic and Minis is in Sydney and we have travel bans still at present. But did find a Frenchie club that rescues and rehomes so will pass that info on.
  12. Squishy Face is in Vic and Minis is in Sydney and we have travel bans still at present. But did find a Frenchie club that rescues and rehomes so will pass that info on.
  13. This has popped up on Gumtree. Frenchie is not desexed and has a leg issue so no-one wants it going to a backyard breeder! I've sent links to some shar pei options already but don't know anything Frenchie specific. Can anyone help or advise? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/north-lakes/dogs-puppies/dogs-sharpei-french-bull-dog/1247500197?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=com.apple.uikit.activity.copytopasteboard&fbclid=IwAR1HsTOEnt2VHkgXBi1AFz3qMKqOws_G-4cT5UwrG9m4zxc4FmrCFpyCa-w
  14. There is a FB Page that is on this puppy farmer like flies on shit. And I love them for it!!!! They've been trying to expand their operation by a ridiculous number of breeding dogs but not getting far still because of the public backlash up here.
  15. How did you go at vet Juice? Stussy developed one after a dog fight. It was large and very uncomfortable. She had to have surgery and was a lot miserable but it healed and no reoccurrence, although that ear remains sort of thicker and she doesn't like me to rub over where it was anymore. She had to wear a cone right up until the stitches were out or she was trying to rub or scratch the ear. I made her a fabric soft cone so she could cope better (it was QLD summer too).
  16. Sorry Coogie I only just saw this. Yesterday I played a couple of videos to Jonah where you could hear Duane calling to him. I started softly as I didn't want to upset him. He got up and looked out the back door but wasn't stressed or cying at all. Then he went out and lay in the sun, hopefully dreaming of his dad. It was interesting to reflect yesterday on how far he has come here. We are so glad he is in our lives and hope Duane looks down from time to time and sees both dogs are in the best situation for them.
  17. I'm very sorry Cynthia. I know how much your dogs mean to you and how huge a part of your life an old dog becomes. Fly free Jeune.
  18. Thank you j. I confess I read the entire article but didn't watch all of the video as I found it too sad. My bad.
  19. I just want to add I hadn't heard that the dogs had been an issue before, running loose and attacking another person, when I posted the earlier link. Adds a different twist to things.
  20. Here's a story from the owner's perspective. Very sad. https://www.9news.com.au/national/woman-mauled-to-death-dog-attack-jervis-bay-nsw-news/b67675a8-4f69-42fb-bc0a-264da5c7b50d
  21. I did with Pet Circle for several years and my only hiccups were the delivery people and the strange places they would leave it.The only reason I stopped was because I changed brands when Jonah arrived and the price on it fluctuates a lot so I tend to shop around. I have a kibble bin so I know when it gets down to a certain level it is time to start shopping.
  22. I'm not sure if you would also consider a Lab? Pauline and Pete from Tapua Labrador Retrievers are in NSW. They are very well known for their service dogs. The pups start training from birth for purpose (probably while still in the womb!), they win awards for both their breeding and acknowledgement of their service skills. They are here on DOL and also on FB. I've cared for their dogs as a house sitter and their are other DOLers who own them. I couldn't fault either the dogs or Pauline and Pete's skills and knowledge. They have new litters during the year but might also have adult dogs available from time to time that might suit your needs?
  23. Never thought about it from this perspective. We always had expensive purebred cats back when I was growing up (they were just cats to me!) and my first dog that was purchased just for me was a purebred OES that we went and got from a breeder (still remember all the details about it). And we also had quality farm dogs that were carefully selected and paid for. But as an adult all my animals have been rescue and they have all been unwanted and chosen me. So I'm not sure I even have a preference but I recognise the value of both in our lives. I cringe when people bang on about adopt, don't shop, outside of the rescue world. I think well bred, purebred dogs play a very important role in our lives and the world - maintaining healthy specimens of a breed, particularly those breeds serving a purpose. I'd also much rather breed more towards health than show ring beauty but that is me. And of course I'd love to live in a world with more balance - less puppies and dogs overall ending up in pounds, shelters and rescues with no hope in hell of all finding a home. In my mind one major way to do that is reduce the number of poorly bred ANYTHING. Since puppy farmers produce far more of this type of dog they are first on the chopping block for me, followed by dodgy back yard breeders as both are deliberately producing high/higher numbers without any concern for the future health of the puppy or where it ends up. We just don't need any more of that type of 'product'. There will still be plenty of oops and sneaky litters so dog owners wont ever become an elite group. And given my love of shar pei you can clearly see when we have a meet up the difference between a well bred pei and all the others who supposedly had 'pure' parents. Then you have the clearly cross bred ones because pei will breed with anything! It's all there if you look. Not all have significant health issues but you sure reduce the odds significantly with more careful breeding. There is an important place for both but like anything we need to do it in balance so the animals themselves don't ultimately suffer our neglect and wastefulness.
  24. Very sorry to read this. You have dedicated yourself to your fur babies and Bunter could not have had a more loving home. I know this one is going to hurt so take care of yourself.
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