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  1. I have no issue with a quality breeder making a comfortable living from doing what they are good at and dedicated to. But sadly it is the dodgy puppy farmers and back yard breeders raking in the dollars whilst pumping out poor quality puppies and spending as little money as possible on their breeding dogs and bitches and their care. Who do so many people not care either about where their pup comes from or the quality of the pup they are paying thousands for? It makes no sense to not do your homework when spending that much money on something you should have for 10+ years. They probably spend more time choosing their new tv than they do a dog.
  2. One of those times when you wished dogs could talk and tell you where they'd been for all that time.
  3. Here is a bit more about the dog and owner. States dog is a rescue (like he couldn't have known everything about it) yet has it out and about unleashed? Dumb. And I get he immediately left with the dog but if he had've had a leash on him the dog could have been secured away from the horse and he could've returned quickly to welfare check the horse and give details to the owner rather than meet with park management several days later. Another reason why parks and dog parks are so unsafe - stupid owners doing stupid things. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/surprise-owner-of-bulldog-that-attacked-horse-revealed-as-reality-tv-star/news-story/0b97d822812d2f671c6815eac7e8985d
  4. This is one of those times when I'd be asking my vet for recommendations for a specialist to assess him. If you live rural they may also be able to do some of it by phone or video and work with your local vet for more testing. I have great vets (and it is a vet hospital) but there comes a point when they need to refer over to someone with more specialist knowledge and experience. I hope they can work out what's going on for your boy.
  5. I'll be interested to hear how it goes AH!!!
  6. Someone is selling a set on Facebook Marketplace. You could check the main site to see the price difference. I've seen them for sale on there a couple of times. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/822736381974956/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A61153712-32b2-4895-867f-4bb1c02edb0f
  7. Dog ownership increased over Covid so it stands to reason dog attacks would also increase. The book should be thrown at anyone trying to secrete away a dog that has caused an attack rather than take resonsibility for its future security. You can still love your dog and give it a good life but you also have to keep everyone else and their pets safe from it.
  8. @WanaHavanese Two buttons I'd like for Jonah are actually please and bored. He is such a gentleman with lots of self imposed good boi rules that I'd love to see if he uses/thinks please (it may have been taught to him before he came to live with us). And bored because he seems pretty cruisy in his old age and isn't into toys or much cuddles. I can't even really encourage him to come for a walk around our big yard like our other dog either. But he loves car rides, outings and of course walks. If I take him to an appointment I try to find a different and empty dog park for us to try out on the way home and I can almost see his little mind thinking oooh where are we going now! I want his life to be as full as I can offer. A treat button would be worn out in a week. He already has a strategy for this that he thinks we don't see right through!
  9. You can only control so much. I'd like to think they gave her a great life for most of that time and then their circumstances changed so drastically they did the right thing and rehomed her as soon as they could. You and I might have handled it differently but that is the part we can't control. One thing I'm thinking a breeder could always do maybe 3 months after rehoming/selling/adopting out a dog is to check the microchip transfer has been successfully done. I'm seeing it with lost and found dogs on FB all the time - still in breeders name years after rehoming. Could be an indication of people who say all the right things but don't live it or could just be a technical issue but either way it is not ideal for the dog. And it actually happened to me too. There was a hiccup on paperwork with one of mine and the microchip people never contacted anyone about it so my doggo was in limbo land in their system for over a year.
  10. I still vividly remember going to an info session on laboratory testing on animals back in the late 70s as a teen. I don't know if all the things I saw were true (and I wont explain them here) but I was horrified at the blatant suffering, particularly in regards to cosmetics testing. I really thought we'd stepped away from some of it and found new ways. 4,000 beagles say obviously not.
  11. I don't think I can deal with that either. So many beautiful dogs harmed. How does rescue handle that many dogs at one time?
  12. @Anne I've watched lots of Bunny vids over the years as I find it fascinating. She does actually seem to understand words and sentence structures and communicate back. There are more dogs and vids besides Bunny too when you start down the rabbit hole. I've actually thought about trying it with Jonah for a while now. He is a dog with supposedly simply needs but I know he has a lot of rules for himself too and really seems to conciously think and choose his behaviours at times. Not sure if that was due to how Duane trained him but pei are also known to be an intelligent thinking breed. He has a particular strategy he tries on every night for a treat and we can literally see him thinking he's won and suckered us in again! If he had a treat button would he just push it or would he go through his ritual of deceit first? I'd like to see if I can discover some of what goes on in his head.
  13. I was using Canidae kibble but keeping some Black Hawk tinned on hand. All of a sudden I can't buy Canidae so have gone back to Black Hawk kibble this time around. Waiting for it to arrive so will let you know what I think. We stopped buying it because the quality seemed to be waning (we found some weird stuff inside the bag once too).
  14. I saw this last night and loved it! Go Lexie!
  15. I'm so sorry LFF. I only just saw this thread because even though Tempeh has been gone 4 years at the end of this year I don't like to be reminded of it. But having Jonah come into my life not too long after Temp left us (even though we weren't looking) made me realise that we love all the people and animals so close to us with different pockets of our heart. When we say we will love to the end of life we mean our lives - not theirs. So yes that little pocket breaks when they leave us but another empty pocket is there when a new loved one (be it human or animal) comes along. Just like our wonderful dogs, our ability to love more is infinite and seperate to our pain. So Tonka will always have his own pocket - that will never ever change. Thankfully the pain loses its sharpness and the memories gain theirs, or we'd never get through it. So I can love and remember Tempeh as equally as I adore and make new memories with Jonah. It actually helped me through the grieving process to discover this. We can do both. So if a new doggo helps you deal with the passing of Tonka so be it. He will always be with you on the inside.
  16. It's funny how different our dogs can be socially. If we go to a pei meet up Jonah has to circumnavigate the whole park and pee on every single little thing while Stussy has to run straight into the biggest pile of dogs to say hello. Eventually Jonah comes back to say hello to the humans and sniff his doggy mates and Stussy needs a time out in a quiet corner because she's gotten way too excited with all her new friends. The outcome is of course the same - two very tired dogs!
  17. This was Tempeh too. Hated leaving the house! We just worked around it and found other ways to exercise her physically and mentally at home - why torture her with something she doesn't like? I do regret not trying Nosework stuff with her though - I think she would've enjoyed that but again, it would have to be at home. One human thing I did start doing with her though was talking to her a lot. I've never talked to my dogs before but we saw some animal communicator (I know, I know....) and they said she would benefit from being talked to. She did and now I talk to all my dogs far more than is probably normal! Stussy of course is deaf and Jonah doesn't care but I still do it! That is probably the most humanising crime I still commit.
  18. One thing I have always been confused about is people who walk their dogs simply to physically exercise them. They aren't allowed to stop and sniff things - they are pulled to go from A to B in a set amount of time. I've always let my dogs meander wherever they want on our walks (as long as safety is maintained). Jonah in particular loves a good sniff and it really gets his saliva going so he always needs a good clean up around the chops. Stussy just wants to be out front seeing everything. I normally have one arm pulled in her direction and the other out behind me while Jonah is still standing somewhere soaking up the odours. It's their walk, not mine. I want all their senses to be engaged. And both mine have jobs - jobs they are naturally inclined to that suit our household and fit their personalities. How boring would their lives be if they couldn't get excited about something or feel they had a purpose in our packs?
  19. I hope this leads to something positive for all the breeding dogs and their pups! And for customers getting ripped off believing they are buying some expensive fancy breed.
  20. So far we have had a recommendation for BVSC - https://www.bvsc.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR27u7HFzqsRortCibhGKud2YcvCtTdAz-OcYzm3GzcKjztkVcJrjE2gpLc Pei people are very particular about their vet care (pei have some unique health issues) so I do trust any recommendations passed on to me.
  21. I am Brisbane southside but know lots of pei people on the northside so will do a group ask for you now.
  22. I look at it this way. Anything 'created' with quality materials by a skilled craftsperson should have a higher value than something mass produced by unskilled labourers. Few corners are cut and they take their time to produce a final product that is both fit for purpose and intended to have a long and useful/enjoyable life. We pay more money for quality goods all the time - furniture, cars, clothes, handbags, shoes, homes, holidays, hell I even spend more on certain plants for my garden. Why would living creatures be any different? Farmers do it all the time too to secure just the right stock. So it amazes me some of the prices people pay for poorly bred or fancy cross bred puppies. Sadly price indicates nothing about quality and skill in the companion animal world.
  23. People wrongly assume the microchip system works like magic but it also relies on new owners to ensure their pet is both chipped in their name and that address and phone information is kept up to date at all times. I had a foster dog transferred over to me (had all the paperwork) and a post came up about checking your pet's micro-chip details. My doggo was not there so I rang the company and was told there was something wrong with the paperwork so it never went through properly. But they never bothered to contact me on the info provided or the rescue group or even the vet who did the micro-chipping. I'd had the dog permanently about 7 months by then. And on lost and found pages you regularly hear about lost dogs with no collar on and the owner saying they've recently moved (although you'd assume the mobile number was still the same). So we also need to take personal responsibility for ensuring those chip details are always current.
  24. Oh bless him! He is gorgeous!!! And looking healthier and happier already! How did the meet and greet go?
  25. I'm so very sorry Rascal but don't regret for a single minute that you took her into your hearts and lives and gave her the love and care she deserved, even if it was just for a few short weeks. Run free now beautiful girl.
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