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  1. There are some here: http://www.pinnicle.com.au/lure.htm
  2. Sighthounds

    Bindidog I am thinking I should along to lure coursing ;) Did you tell the man that wanted to take Bindi home that she has a double? I didn't see your photos of Steve until the week after he was there (he was just visiting with his fam), and cursed myself for not getting his details!!! P.S. If the ground is too wet I don't think the LC will be on on Sunday, fingers crossed.
  3. Weed/grass Killer Around Dogs.

    I would try and not get it on your plants at all - quite an effective killer! But if your pour it straight from the bottle you should be able to achieve this, soaks into the dirt, and just pull the ones right near the plants out by hand.
  4. Weed/grass Killer Around Dogs.

    Vinegar, abut a $1.10 for a two litre bottle, kills grass and weeds very effectively and I believe it also deters ants.
  5. Sighthounds

    And what a fine looking whippet cross he is!!! ;-) You should bring him to lure coursing. There was a guy there that would have take Bindi home if he had the chance.
  6. Lure Coursing Sydney, Nsw

    The Lure Coursing is usually advertised about a week to two weeks before on the Yahoo Group "Sydney Lure Coursing". The Pinnicle Website has photos from the 09 May 10 day.
  7. http://www.naturalbalance.net.au/index.php
  8. Petstock Penrith

    I rang their Head Office the other day and was told they are moving to a new location however don't have one as yet, and no timeframe for when they might.
  9. I can't believe someone hasn't fallen in love with Steve yet How is he going? What is he like? Still keeping an eye out.