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  1. I believe Joy resigned on Tuesday this story was Wednesday. The dog in question both parents were hip scored. The lady is 82 years of age now. I bought a puppy from Joy and Colin years ago, she did develop hip dysplasia. I called and told her, she offered to take the puppy back. I loved her so kept her I was just letting her know.Years later I took my dog to see Joy as I had lived in the country till that time. I walked up and asked did she want to meet Dancingate Dorcas Willow...she said...bring her in...her is her mum...here is her dad. She didn't do any checking other than the name I gave h
  2. Dancingate have been registered breeders for 40 years. They are and always have been registered with ANKC.
  3. This is too sad for words RV Toby was one of the sweetest dogs I ever met.It was all just so fast, not enough time and taken far too young. I keep thinking of you, see you soon... love me and Mr G xxx
  4. Hope the rest of her journey goes well Ptolomy
  5. salt definitely we used on ourselves in SE Asia
  6. Just to throw a spanner in the works the beautiful GSD of the OP's will need to satisfy the european quarantine regulations should they decide to take her. I have a friend who had rabies shots done and done again and so far has not registered titres of immunity. This means the dog can not travel back to the UK. OP's GSD is a beautiful looking dog and I am sure that her state GSD rescue should be able to help. I am assuming now that the dog is not from a breeder since the op has made no mention of the breeder. If they have decided to rehome then I hope they find a perfect home. http://www.g
  7. I just want to kiss and cuddle Millie RS, please give her my pats and cuddles and tell her to please get well soon
  8. Thanks Wuffles I will work something out on word, hmmm big and brown ? ;)
  9. is there any chance someone could scan and post a qualifier card for Rally O. Just getting organised for the June trial. or can email me at rusk[email protected] I believe someone in OZ already has a title ! very good :)
  10. recycle shop at the armadale dump ! the previous one was a verge collection
  11. not sure where she lives but honestly you should foget your indignation and try education. At risk here is a poor bloody dog who didn't ask to be brought into this world. I wonder if there might be a rescue who would offer to take her and raise the puppies..desex them and her and give the Mum back with some education. Safe Perth have done this many times...sometimes the Mum dog does go back to an enlightened owner and other times they elect to leave the Mum in rescue. It is hard to find foster carers but maybe someone could just try to help her. Sorry but sometimes I think some of you guys
  12. seems that breeders are more fussy where dogs go thank dog ! more limited register and more realistic prices. With all this the cost of travel and show entry has increased to the unbelievable, vets fees and feeding supplements etc have increased a lot and not many breeders would ultrasound their girls in the past or it wasn't available. So great news, better health care, more extensive testing,and enlightened breeders who realised their poor dogs were being farmed. If someone doesn't want to pay for a top quality pup then they won't get one.If they can't fund a purchase then they can't pay
  13. you know what? I have had dogs who don't go nuts when I come home because I trained them not to..I now have a pack of loons and I adore my welcome with absolutley no intention of any retraining. I love my enthsiastic welcomes. I missed them and they missed me..ahhh perfect :D saucepans Jules ? Oh my it won't
  14. My linkyears ago someone posted this up on here and I saved it for future ref, son used it for his dog and worked really well. http://zimfamilycockers.com/EarCleaner.html
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