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  1. Sounds expensive! Unfortunately dogs are often expected to be satisfied doing 'nothing' through the day but their behaviour can tell us if their environment is meeting their needs. A bored dog left to find its own entertainment will often find something we don't like, barking, running a fence line, digging, destroying things etc. For the sake of the dogs mental health it pays to reassess what's going on if you repeatedly see the same thing happening. Being a young active dog and as TSD says he's possibly looking for mental enrichment. Wanting to rip and shred might be his 'thing' or its all he can find to do? Maybe check out this great site for DIY ideas on boredom busters? It can be a tough job meeting a dogs needs every day but it's important we do. Good luck!




  2. Are you able to share the breed or problem the dog has? Some issues are bought on or exacerbated because of environmental reasons not genetic.


    Did you check if the breeder health tested their breeding dogs for known genetic problems? Was the breeder where you were buying for breeding purposes yourself?

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  3. Great reminder of those cute little toes :heart:


    Mine is of some snacks we have ripening. This bunch has been off the tree for at least four weeks and just starting to yellow. I'm sure they'll all ripen at once :laugh:




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  4. Great photos everyone!

    In saying that your description of life at the moment made me feel anxious for you Perse.  Bit of a worry with winter coming to an end which is when you could normally at least expect decent rain. 

  5. I'm late again for last week's photo. This was a little face I unexpectedly spied at the supermarket! It ended up being my neighbour taking her new puppy to the vet and stopping at the supermarket on the way home. Not entirely sure pup was comfortable but he had a sweet little face all the same. 




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  6. Fantastic photos everyone. Loved them all! 


    I had breakfast in a cafe this morning and didn't realise until the way out the art work on the wall was made from tea bag labels lol. 


    Made of teabag labels


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  7. Great photos everyone! Just love those adorable babies. 


    Mine is of a UK phone box sitting far from home, half way down a driveway in Oz. Bought over by a wealthy UK gentleman who follows the warmer months between UK and Australia and wanted something to remind him of home! 


    UK phone box in oz




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  8. Went to sushi last night and came out to find what looked like a mini tank parked near us! Two guys came out, one opened the top and climbed inside and the second sat up high on the outside and they drove away. The finale was a massive back fire which gave everyone watching a fright lol




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  9. No that's not bark on my lip lol. Little bugger!


    Mine is an unexpected visitor. Luckily a baby red bellied black who was quite annoyed at us trying to get him on the shovel. He had his head and neck flattened and I was very glad he was so small.


    I put something down on the ground and saw a disappearing tail behind another box. Always a heart stopper! 






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