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  1. A Jumping Labrador

    Wow she is beautiful. To my experience, (20 years), labs are not fence jumpers. If they do you will find them waiting on the other side of the fence. I can only tell you my experience. I understand your worry though and she is still a puppy. Labs are puppies until they are 6 years old!! lol. Always a puppy though, their entire life. You must have had a real shock but I wouldn't worry too much. Labs do not tend to wonder. The only time one of mine did was following another dog. Alone, he was waiting at the front door.
  2. Puppy With Acute Renal Failure

    Sorry to hear about your puppy. I hope he/she recovers. Sorry I have no wisdom or knowledge on these matters so can only send a few hugs and say I understand how you must feel. I had a very sick puppy once (different ailment and he recovered and lived a happy life for 15 years) He was seriously on deaths door but miraculously recovered. I hope your little one does too.
  3. What a great outcome for her after her early miserable days. A happy new year there!
  4. Dog Goes Nuts Around Anyone New

    How old is your dog and how long does it happen for (I guess it is a puppy being in the puppy section)? My dogs still get excited when visitors come but soon settle down. They did it much more when they were pups.
  5. My Lab Puppy Ate A Whole Chicken Neck

    A vaccum ! Thats Ramses nickname! At my 15th this year he went around and sucked up all the food he could as much as i told all my friends to keep it on the table he went and found it and sucked it all up. About half way through my party he started to in 8 piles one after the other! being a lab and as only a true lab would do began eating it while i was cleaning it up so i put him in the bird avairy for some time out and to clean up the mess. He was fine after that but seeing how my party was based around him, it will be a party my friends and I will never forget! My old labrador boy did that too. Bit embarrassing as he threw them up whole on the footpath on his morning walk. The passers by looked disgusted at the sight!
  6. Mr Troy

    We sure do miss them.
  7. Mr Troy

    Some dogs really get your heart. I understand ARFMuttly and your post. RIP Mr Troy. You give so much for the future dogs May, thanks to you.
  8. My Beautiful Cody Girl

    Sorry for your loss codygirl. RIP Cody
  9. Rip Bonnie

    Sorry for your loss Berner-Loki, those Rottis dig a special spot into your heart don't they? A lucky girl to have known you too it sounds. RIP Bonnie. ;)
  10. The Passing

    My condolences griff RIP Bronson II
  11. Godspeed Chance Rottweiler

    My sincere condolences Anne. I know how much you loved her and how dedicated you are to the breed. She was a lucky girl for all you did for her. RIP Chance and hugs to you.
  12. Mrs. B & I Lost Our Dog

    My condolences Bonzawani for your loss. How very sad to loose a dog this way . RIP Andy
  13. Rip Beautiful Boy

    My blessings to this boy, a little canine soldier who deserved better :p RIP :rolleyes:
  14. Gardening Assistance

    Bella chewed up a corderline palm one night when I left her in the lounge and went out for a while. I propogated all the chewed up branches she left and ended up with 6 more plants. They seem to stop being destructive in the garden by about 6 years old. My old labrador boy Maya even helped me pull out weeds after watching me do it. I was stunned to see this. I had been weeding, he watched and copied....he bit on a weed, pulled it out and threw it on to the pile. Edited to say I am not kidding, I was truelly stunned. He seemed to love me gardening. He was an exceptional dog with the plants and always walked around the baby ones. I could start up a vegie garden without having to fence it off.
  15. Gardening Assistance

    Dont worry Bellasperson, they are born keen gardeners . It is more a puppy thing though and will not last. I can send you replacement plants if you need. I have two labradors and propogate plants. Not a good mix and I had to fence the dogs off from the plants. Now they are a bit older (3 and 5 years old) they are not doing any damage. Took a while and a lot of patience