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  1. I want someone who lives close to me, that is experienced in handling, to give me lessons to build my confidence. :-)
  2. This is great! So much fantastic information! I've just gotten my first show dog, and am so so nervous about my first show with him! I have no idea what I'm doing, thankfully he does, and I'm sure he will be a star no matter what! But I'm furiously reading everything I can get my hands on so I'm informed and as prepared as I can be. I'm glad all this info in pinned so I can find it easily to come back.. Thank you!
  3. I have a 3yo GSD and a 4.5 month great Dane. I just put GSD in the back yard and let them look and sniff through the fence for a few days. GD had the front yard, GSD had the back yard. On day three I swapped them so they could sniff around where the other was. Then I just opened the gate and let them meet. Now they spend all their time together. Outside together all day and in the laundry together all night. You could organize a walk. One person takes a dog each then meet at a nutural place for a greeting, then just walk home together.
  4. Nor had I! It's one that isn't attached to the collar. It sits just behind the ears. Very cool! Just does up with valcro.
  5. I took him to the vets and he was sedated to have it removed because it was more bent than broken. The et said they can usually just pull them off, but his haddnt broken. But all good now. His bandage is off tomorrow but he still has to wear his radar dish lol! Poor baby!
  6. I'd probably cut it off if it were one of his other nails, but this just freaks me out! He is booked in to see the vet tomorrow at 9am. The vet said he will sedate him a bit to cut it off and wrap him up and give him antibiotics. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  7. Does this look like I could just rip it off? He is very sooky with it. Ive had to separate my pup from him so she doesn't keep hurting him :-( lol
  8. My GSD broke his dew claw last night. It's sticking out horizontally to his leg. It bled a bit and he yelped when he did it. Will I need to take him to the vet to have it taken off or will it fall off? I've sprayed it with cetrigen antibacterial spray (had it left over from when my horse ripped her leg open on barbed wire) I don't want to wrap it or anything though cause I don't want to touch it! :-(
  9. Very common out here. And just as common to hang them on the fence. One reason being that the farmers out where I live are an easy hours drive from town, so instead of wasting time digging a mass grave or burning them, they just hang them. It also shows other farmers that the dog has been caught, and then they don't have to waste time hunting it themselves. Though it is disturbing for this person to go to the effort of impaling this dog on a post.... Bit sick really...
  10. I have a 10 week old great Dane pup, a 2.5 year old son and an 11 month old daughter. My son knows the rules, I taught him straight away. He is happy to let our pup come for attention, and plays with her, but if she starts getting stupid, he automatically growls at her and says "NO SKYLA!" and he walks away. She learnt in a couple days that he is not to be tested, and I taught her in the same time that my daughter is also off limits. She can sniff and observe, but that's it. If she gets rough with me, I grab the back of her neck (Cesar Millan style) and as soon as she lets go, I reward by also letting go. Then she is happy to run off and find something else to chew on. At 10 weeks old, she sits on command and has just mastered drop. Her recal is probably 90%... She is a puppy after all, and that leaf blowing across the ground is way too interesting!!!! Lol!!!
  11. I have a GSD X Meremma. He looks GSD in every way possible, except his ears. They are floppy, he looks like the flying nun lol. So I get the "meremma?????" I just say they are the big white dogs you see out in paddocks with livestock. "ohhhhhh..... *blank stare*.... Well.... He's cute...." *walks away* and I have a 10 week old Great Dane, which ive only gotten "oh how much dose she eat?" "hope you've got a saddle for her!" "my dog is probably just a snack for her!" which I've replied "she eats no more than any pup her age" "im sure I could ride her bare back" and "no, she isn't a cannibal..." pfft! Lol
  12. That running like an idiot IS her sign that she needs to go! You need to watch her and when she does it, give her the command to go outside. Mine does the same thing, I can now recognise the silly run and distract her. As soon as I say her name during her silly run, she dashes outside, so she KNOWS where she should be, she just likes to test the boundaries sometimes. Your so right! I noticed that (once I paid closer attention) that she does this stupid looking backwards shuffle, turning her head from side to side while she is playing, just before she did wee's. So I've taken this cue to get her outside and it's been great! She is a very clever girl, she will pick it up quickly now we are almost on the same page.
  13. Lol! Yep, now I just say "do wee's" and wait till she is finished then ruff her up a bit and give her lots of loving. She is still wetting inside, but thankfully only on the lino... So that's easy to clean. Once I figure out the best way to share photos from my iPhone, I'll be sure to post!
  14. Thanks for all the replies everyone! Great advice! I'm home all day with her, so I've been teaching her the wee command. She is so silly! I've had to stop getting too excited when she does toilet outside, I was singing out in a high voice and lots of praise, she would get so excited and start prancing over while she was still weeing lol! We have come to a fairly happy medium during the night. She comes in at 6:30pm, and I keep taking her out every 20 minutes till 9pm, then it's bed time. Ive set my alarm for 1am and 4am to take her out. Our side door opens onto our concrete driveway/carport, so she has taken to just doing wee's/poo's on the concrete. And that just requires a hose down in the mornings. So I'm happy with that for now. I did make her a little coat hehe. Got my sewing machine out and whipped up a couple for her out of my babies old bunny rugs lol. At least they got one more use! Haha.
  15. Im sorry, this has probably been discussed a hundred times before, but I'm very new to all this and it's doing my head in! I have a 10 week old great dane, she sleeps inside all night and is outside during the day. I usually bring her in when my kids go to bed because she goes crazy! Puppy zoomies and our floor rug has become her chew toy. She has never given any signs that she wants to go to the toilet, she will run around like an idiot then just stop and pee. No whinging no sniffing no pacing/circling, just squat and wee (or poo) I take her outside every 20 minutes and sometimes she will toilet other times she just looks at me like I'm stupid for dragging her out in the cold. I just don't know what to do!! Do I growl at her when she does toilet inside? Do I send her out when she does?? How do I stop this???? Every morning I get up in the morning, she has done at least one wee in the laundry, I don't hear her at night, she never calls out. And to be honest, it's been getting down to the minuses overnight here (was -2.3° last night) I don't want to go out, and I doubt she would toilet in the cold either... Please please help!! This is the first puppy I've had as an inside/outside dog, and I don't want her outside at night, she'd freeze!!!
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