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  1. Hi all, I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the show ring forum. Does anyone know of any trainers/classes for showing dogs in south western sydney? I've never shown before, but with the arrival of my new mastiff puppy, i am thinking about it if i can get the training done :)
  2. Holmesy


    I'd be more worried about the pups getting attacked by the chooks than the other way around. I remember my parent' s fox terrier as a puppy getting cornered and attacked by their two chickens. Thankfully we were close by and put a stop to it and no damage done
  3. Tasers seem to be effective. I remember seeing a clip on youtube of a quick thinking police officer tasered a Rotti I think that was trying to attack his partner (his partner had his gun drawn)
  4. NSW laws are that you pay a once of registration for life fee. This fee is heavily reduced if you register your pet with proof of sterilisation papers. If they changed the laws to demand that dogs be desexed by a certain age, unless it was reasonable for ALL dog breeds, there is no way i'd follow the law . Mastiffs take so long to grow, and there are numerous studies that have proven that desexing your pet prematurely can adversely affect it's long term health. I am just about to be the proud owner of a mastiff pup next week and unless there is a really serious health or behavioural issue that necessitates him to be neutered, I will not be desexing him until he is at LEAST 18 months old. That being said, I do believe that the dog and people population would be much better off if more dogs were desexed. Not everyone is responsible enough to control their entire dogs
  5. Oh no Kaffy. I am so sorry to hear about this diagnosis I know that you had big plans for her later this year. My thoughts are with you and your gorgeous girl
  6. Very good points Haredown Whippets. Maybe some registered breeders might be a little bit over the top when it comes to choosing forever homes for their litters, but it all boils down to how confident that the breeder is that the potential buyer will be able to provide the care and life that their little baby deserves or needs. This is in the best interest of the dog so that it doesn't get dumped at the pound 6 months down the road, or suffers due to the would-be owners not knowing the best care for the breed etc. It is a fine balance between it being "too hard" to get a dog from a reputable breeder, and "too easy" where the buyer can jump in and buy without any idea about the commitment that they have made, or responsibility that they have to ensure that the dog lives a healthy and happy life. The questioning and the interviewing by breeders is a good way to ensure that the buyer thinks about everything that would be involved with caring for that particular breed. Recently I had an application for a Mastiff pup from a breeder be rejected and it really made me have a good long think about whether or not that I could provide an adequate environment for one as they are a very big dog. After a lot of thought and even more research, I have decided to get one. It did make me think though. If all would-be dog owners had a good think about the commitment required when getting a dog, before getting one, the pounds and rescue groups would have a lot fewer dogs to deal with. Pet shop puppies mostly rely on impulse shoppers. Animals should not be bought on impulse
  7. I highly doubt that I will be taking my dog back to a dog park in the forseeable future after last weekend. The question that I have though, is how can you correct your dog for being rude to other dogs? I don't think that my dog is overly rude, but she can be very excitable and fully of puppy playfulness, and sometimes misses the body language from other dogs that indicates that they do not want to play. Socializing your dog with other dogs is something that really has to be done continually and now I am not sure how to achieve this as none of my friends or family have dogs (apart from my parent's mini foxy). I will be signing up with my local obedience and training club next week, but I am not sure how that will go. Any other suggestions would be great. Sorry if I have somewhat hijacked your thread, cheekymonster
  8. Sounds like something that I might have to watch out for in the next few months with Tin Tin. I take her to the local dog park every weekend and last weekend she had a bad day. I don't know what it is about her, maybe her excitement level and being a large breed puppy (8 month old Bullmastiff), but she is constantly getting picked on by other dogs. I think it's the way that she tries to play with dogs. She likes to try to plant kisses all over other dogs faces and a lot of the time they do not like it and react with aggression, she also tends to be very bouncy and full of energy (she is a puppy after all) She is very submissive when dogs try to correct her behaviour or are aggressive towards her (rolls on her back and shows her belly). This weekend, three different dogs attacked her (yes I say attacked because one actually pierced her ear). I had to take her home after that and I am reluctant to go back because this is not the sort of socialization that I want to expose her to. These dogs were all fine with other dogs in the dog park for the most part, so I can't say that these were DA dogs. Her play is very bouncy, tail wagging and kissing, and very in-your-face. I am worried about the affect this will have on her as she gets older. I am scared that when she matures, she might do what Gus did and stand her ground or fight back because that's how she was treated by other dogs when she was a pup. She is already 35KGs and is a pretty solid girl so if she gets into a fight, she would do a lot of damage before I could get her off. I will be reading this thread to see what sort of responses you get :)
  9. Wow. Another dog named Tin Tin (Tinny). :) Abbey Addie AJ Ajanta Akira Alera Ali x 2 Alice Alika Alchemy Amber Amelia Amy x 2 Anais Aneira Annie x 2 Anastacia (Annie) Angel X 6 Angelina Anishinaabe Annabelle Annabella Anouk April April RIP x 2 Ari Arizona Arki Asante sana Asha Ashka Askari Ashleigh Astrid Astro Athena Aubrey Audrey Aura Aurora Ayla Baba Babe Margaret Hoolihan Baci Bailey Basha Beanie Beans Becky Bella x 5 Billie Bianca Bibi Bit Blaize Blossom Bonny x 5 (Bonnie) Bonita Boss Bow wow Bracken Brandi Brandy x 2 Breagh Bree x 3 Brianna Bridie Bronte Buffy Buttercup Cally Cara Casey Cassie Casper CC Cedar Chapparelle (pronounced Shapparelle, and shortened to Chappa (Shappa)) Chalice aka 'Chali' Chelsea x 2 Cherrie Chevy x 2 Chloe x 3 Charley Chanel Charli Charlie Charlie-May Charlotte Cherry Chiko Chilli Choo Choo Chops Cider Cinders Cindy Cinta CJ x 2 Claire Claudia Clover x 3 Cleo Cleoparta Coco x5 CocoNut Colour (for a greyhound who's not grey!) Cookie Cossette Cossi Courtney Cricket Crystal Cristie x 2 Crupi Daisy x 3 Dallas Dancer Danika x2 Darla Delilah Delta Demi Dempsie Dexta Diazz Didge Dinky Dixie Diva x 2 Dizzy Durham Dusty Dyzney Ebony Echo x 2 Electra Elizabeth Ella x2 Elley Ellie x3 Elsa x 2 Elsie Emily Emilly Emma Emmy Enya Erin Esky Evie Faith Fame Fanta Feather Feonix Finta Flame Flash Fleur Flossy Flute Frenchie Froggy Gabbie Gabby Gael Galadriel(Gala) Gemma x 4 Genie (not exactly a girly name but I thought it suited my goldy) Genevieve George Georgea Gertrude Ginger Ginny Gina Gita Glitter Goldie Gooby Grace x 2 Griffin x 2 GT Gypsy x 7 Gyrle Halo Harlow Havarna Hayley x2 Heather Heddy Heidi x2 Holly x 7 Honeyx3 Honour Hope Imme Imogen - Imy Indi India x 2 Indigo Georgia Ingrid Isabella Issie Jade Jamie Lee Jane Jasmine x2 Jaxx Jay Jay Jazz Jazzman Jedda RIP Jelly Bean Jenna x 2 Jersey Jess x2 Jessi Jesie Jessica Jessie x 4 Jeune Jezebel x 2 Jicin Jindi Jinxy Jodie x 2 JoJo Jovi Joy Juliet Juno Kamikaze Kara X 2 Kari Karma Karmen Kaos Kassy Katie x 3 Katy Kayla X2 KC Keeta Keilani Keira Keirra Keisha x 2 Kelli Kelsey Kenzie Kibah Kiesha Kimba Kiri Kiri-Lu Kirra (agility name Kiz) Kishka (called Kish most of the time) Kisses Kitty Kizzey Krissy Kuean - (Queen) Lacey x 2 Latte Layla x 2 Lea (lele) Leader Leia Leila Lexi x 3 Lexie Libby Lily x 3 Lizzy Lobo Logan Lola x 2 Lotta (as in Li'l Lotta) Lottie Lucia Lucky (yes, a bit tacky, but I loved her) Lucy x5 Lucinda Luka Luna Luuka Mable Mac Maddie x2 Maddison Maeby Magali Maggie x3 Magic Maia Mallee Marie Claudette Marina Mary Marlo Matilda Matilda-Rose Maya Meeka Meg x 2 Meisha Meggz Merrique Mia X 3 Miekah Migaloo Mika Milky Milla Millie x5 (Milli) Mimi Mindy x 2 Minky Minnie x 2 (Mynni) Minouche Mischa Mischka Misha Missy Missie Mistletoe Misty Mitzi Molly x 9 Molly Coddle Monet Moochie Mung Bean Mya Nala Nandi Narla Natasha Nena Ness Nora Nyima Olivia Ollie Pagan x 3 Panda x 2 Paris Paxy Pchelka Pearl Pebbles Peggie Penelope Penny x 2 Pepper x 4 Perry Phoebe x 2 Phoenix Pink Pip Pippin Piper x 2 Pixie Polly x 2 Popcorn Poppy Porridge Porscha Poung Prada Priah Quince Quinn x 2 Rani Razzle Reba Rebel Reno Rhoda Riki Ricky River Rizzi Rogue Rommi Rose Rosey Rosie x 2 Roxy x 4 Ruby x 6 Rumour Sabine Sabrina Sachi Sadie Saffron Safire Sahli Sally x4 Sarah Sarah Jane Sari Sascha x 2 Sasha x3 Sarsha Satu Savannah Scandal Scarlet Scruffy Serena Sha Shae Shandy Shannon Sharnie Sharon Sharna Sheba Shelby Shimmer Shine Shishka Siann or Cyan Sinta Sienna X 3 Skye x 2 SkySnow Snotty Dotty Sola Sooki Sooty Sophie x2 Sophia Sparkles Springy Sputnik Spook Stella x2 Stimpy X2 Storm Stussy Sue Summa Suzie x 2 Sybill Tait Tamar Tameeka Tango Tara x 3 Tasha Tashi Tassie (with a s sound NOT a z) Taya Tayla Teegan X 2 Tess x 6 Tessa Texas The Divine miss Sophie Tia x 2 Tieke Tikaani Tilba Tilli Tilly x3 Tinka Tinny (tin tin) x2 Toot Tori Tully Tyche Tyra Tyneal Ulla Vada Vicki Vienna Viviane Voodoo Wandy White Whitey Whitney (reg'd) Whitneigh) Winnie Winona Winter Wilhelmina Willow Wolf Xena Xanthe Zara Zahli Zillah Zippedeedoodah Ziva x 3 Zena Zoe x 4
  10. That last one is hilarious. I walk my dog around the block twice a day and it really annoys me to have to dodge poo piles from other people walking their dogs. It is just rude, ignorant and lazy. Unfortunately i've never got anyone in the act. I doubt i'd do what these people do in this video, but I'd definitely let them know how disgusting and ignorant they are. It's good to see these people get what they deserve :)
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I think that I probably need to clarify if it's $180 per session or for the whole course. I might just have misinterpreted. I might check out the Macarthur obedience club to see what it's like.
  12. Thanks for the replies. General obedience really (particularly off lead). She is well trained when it comes to obedience with no distractions (sits/lays/very good on leash), however, whenever she sees another dog, any commands and attempts to control her are ignored (she's not aggressive, just your typical adolescent playful over-enthusiastic dog) I'll have a look to see if there are any obedience clubs in my area.
  13. Yes. She's 8 months old. Wasn't a puppy pre-school class. It wasn't a vet clinic class, but it was a referal from my vet clinic. I'm at Campbelltown
  14. Hi guys, I've been thinking about signing up for a dog training class for my dog and wanted to know what sort of prices i'd be looking at. I've contacted one training class and was quoted $180 per session for 5 sessions. Is this is a normal sort of a price? To me, that seems quite excessive as i'd be looking at $900 for basic training (this is a basic class, not an advanced one). Maybe I'm just being cheap.
  15. This is my local pound. Sad really http://macarthur-chronicle-campbelltown.whereilive.com.au/news/story/residents-outraged-after-dog-put-down-at-campbelltown-pound/ ANIMAL rescue and welfare groups are outraged after an eight-year-old labrador was put down due to kennel cough at Campbelltown Council's Animal Care Facility last week. Dog rescue group Labrador Rescue had already found a new home for the dog when it was put down after the group became the first animal rescue body to be allowed access to the Rose St facility. The council is conducting an internal review of after the incident, which prompted an influx of letters and emails to the Chronicle condemning the facility's action. Council general manager Paul Tosi said it was not normal practice for the pound to put dogs down because of kennel cough. He said the labrador was one of seven animals put down on the same day due to a variety of illnesses and based on the amount of time they had been at the pound. Vet Dr Rob Zammit, who operates the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital since 1980 and has been a vet since 1978, said he had never heard of a dog being put down because of kennel cough. ``Kennel cough is a common infection for dogs in pounds and kennels, treatment may involve antibiotics or other treatment but I have never heard of a dog being put down because of kennel cough,'' Dr Zammit said. Labrador Rescue member Warren Clifford, of Camden Park, said the dog should not have been put down and welcomed the council review. The group's chief executive officer Katherine MacDonald said the incident should also prompt pet owners to look after their animals and prevent them ending up in pounds in the first place. ``If you don't want to be responsible for a dog for its entire life, then don't ever buy one,'' she said. Campbelltown Mayor Anoulack Chanthivong said he was saddened the dog had been put down and said he was awaiting the results of the council review.
  16. I am glad to say that my vet was more cautious with this sort of approach. After getting my dog x-rayed while she was being spayed (only 7 months old) and being advised, after referal to a Hip and Elbow specialist, that she has Hip Dysplasia. Knowing that my breed (Bullmastiff) is quite prone to this problem, I wanted to make sure what my options were as far as being pro-active or reactive surgically speaking, and my vet recommended that as she is still growing (Bullmastiffs take 2-3 years to fully grow), to just keep an eye out for any pronounced changes or obvious pain or discomfort. My vet also recommended that I could possibly have x-rays done every 6-9 months to keep track of her hip progression. Neither my vet, nor the specialist that she consulted, recommended any type of surgery. My dog is now completely on a BARF diet and an exercise routine as recommended in the "Grow your puppy on Bones" book by Dr. Billinghurst (Thanks to a very helpful mastiff breeder recommendation). I guess my point is that, thankfully, not all vets want to get their scalpels out first and ask questions later.
  17. Personally I can't see any mastiff at all that aggressive dog. Yet another dog attack labelled as a mastiff x that looks absolutely nothing like a mastiff. No wrinkles in the face or droopy jowells. Either way, the only guilty party in this tragedy is the owner of the dog responsible. I'd really love to see laws that actually severely punish owners for these types of attacks. If not jail and heavy fines, ban them from owning ANY pet for life. If people had a lot to lose from failing to be a responsible pet owner, both dogs and people would be a lot better off.
  18. How about a boxer? I am not an expert on them, but they seem to tick a few of the boxes that you desire. Very energetic and have a gorgeous boof head. They're about the only other boof head large dog that I can think of that might do ok with agility training. I'd recommend a bullmastiff or dogue, but generally speaking, they are not exactly overly active and energetic dogs (pups excluded of course lol).
  19. I had my 7 month old Bullmastiff x-rayed while I had her in to be desexed. The x-rays indicated that she has Hip Dysplasia but it's still early days to see how severe. She doesn't bunny hop, but she can be slow to rise and when she walks, her hips sort of have an exaggerated sway. Not wanting to derail this thread, but has anyone had experience with having such a young dog diagnosed with this and how did you treat it? I have been considering one of the 3 surgery types but I am not sure which way to go (Triple Pelvic Osteotomy , Femoral Head Excision or Osteotomy or total hip replacement) It is still early days for Tin Tin, but I am afraid if I don't make a decision relatively soon, it might make things worse and become arthritic too. Can anyone recommend a good vet/surgeon for this type of problem in the Sydney/Southwest Sydney area please? Thanks
  20. I roll my eyes everytime that I see mastiff identified in a dog attack. Not saying that it is impossible for these dogs to possibly hurt someone, but really... They are very passive dogs for the most part and were bred not to bite, but to pin down or hold people. Mastiffs and bullmastiffs are gentle giants.
  21. Favorites - Bullmastiffs, mastiffs, large lazy dogs, fox terriers (mini and normal sized) Least favourite (not dislike.. All dogs are great) tiny long haired breeds, staffy/pitbulls
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