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  1. Looking For Participants For A Survey

    Did it once for me, the second time worked.
  2. Looking For Participants For A Survey

    Bad link here too
  3. Growling

    Were you touching his side when you were doing paws, leaning on it etc? Nope, ran my hand down his side and that's when he reacted again, wasn't touching his paws this time. He's probably just being a jerk but if you're concerned take him to the vet, he could have an injury.
  4. Growling

    Were you touching his side when you were doing paws, leaning on it etc?
  5. Growling

    Just do it again, make it a positive but big lesson. Do it tonight. Don't put up with that.
  6. Growling

    Is he in obvious pain? limping? swelling? hot to touch? Will he let you touch it if there's no clippers? There's a chance he's just testing you and he just won there's also a chance there's something medical or uncomfortable about the way you were holding his leg or paw.
  7. Do You Have Lots Of Girl Dogs?

    I have 4 girls and 3 boys. They're generally more bitchy to each other a snarl or a snap. Maybe is the only one that I have to watch as she likes to get annoyed at torque for no reason at random intervals. It's easily done with the right temperament dogs and good leadership.
  8. Coats

    I got my dog coats from a US company...... US horsey people certainly rug too, but they call them blankets. A non dog friend laughed here when I said I had rain coats for the dogs. Then we went for a walk in the rain and she saw how soggy they got and said she knew why I had the coats. Yeah I have ranch friends who don't blanket, their horses just grow very heavy winter coats. Only my show friends blanket and in blizzards or heavy snow some of the ranch horses are stabled. All have open stalls.
  9. Coats

    Slightly OT. My friend lives in Wyoming and always laughs when I mention putting coats on dogs and horses. Are Aussie's precious in that respect?
  10. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Since this is going through I demand a plethora of puppy pictures provided at all times upon request as well as randomly. Thank you.
  11. Coats

    He's a lab that lives in Brisbane. I think he'll be fine with what he has now. A nice dry and warm kennel :)
  12. Thank you, Powerlegs. I got them today. Two pups I have on DOC are currently wearing a coat each. I didn't have anything small enough and it was -1 last night so perfect timing. No smalls in the pounds at the moment but as soon as they arrive will I'll get some pics of them wearing the coats :) ETA: Both pups and mum are safe with rescue once they've served their time Marbles all snuggly in his jacket. Maisie rockin' the vintage look.
  13. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    I would be surprised if she does, staffies usually have bigger litters in my experience. Are you prepared to potentially pay for over 10 speys and castrations, vaccinations, microchips, worming, flea treatment and food? That's a hell of a lot of money. If it were me i would still pay for the mum to be desexed now. Much cheaper. But you will do what you will do :)
  14. Possibly Need Somewhere To Board My Basset

    Do not use the lady in east nowra, I forget her name. I used her and she put my dog back in my yard and left it there alone. The whole reason I wanted a pet sitter was because the dog jumped fences and couldn't be left alone in the yard and I told her that.
  15. Pyometra

    There are symptoms associated with open and closed pyo. Closed pyo is a lot harder to diagnose as the biggest symptom is puss or disgusting discharge escaping from the vagina. If that's not present then ultrasound can almost always pinpoint it or at least give you a rough idea.
  16. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Less of a risk with a young and fit dog, really far better than bringing more puppies into the world. Yup.
  17. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Why can't you just spey her earlier? That way it takes care of the pregnancy and speying. I've seen quite a few late pregnancy speys (a couple of days before due date) and everything went fine. of course there is risk but there is risk with any surgery.
  18. Pyometra

    Pretty common where I worked. I saw a heap of pyos in my 2 years but I worked in a district with lots of undesexed and overbred workers. I doubt it would be as high in affluent city suburbs.
  19. I've noticed over the past year or so and it's getting worse. People are taking photos from here and on the fb pages and creating their own advertisement for the dog that is incorrect. Advertising dogs that I deliberately kept off the fb page because they were rescue only and putting them on fb as 'friendly and just needs direction' and completely omits the rescue only tag. As well as people changing breeds of dogs for breeds they think would make the dog seem better meaning the dog is being adopted under false pretenses as well as completely changing the description of the dog. This makes it very difficult for me as I have to comment on every post i see straightening out what's been said. Sometimes I don't mind and leave it as it's not that bad but other times it's massive damage control because people are calling about a dog that isn't suitable at all and the pound doesn't know what's going on. Does this happen generally?
  20. Akita Rescue

    Sorry, Arctic breed. not alaskan lol
  21. Akita Rescue

    Pretty sure Alaskan breed rescue has taken them before.
  22. Something Frustrating.

    My pounds will not work with PR.
  23. Does anyone know where I can find the full Belyaev Silver Fox Domestication documentary online? I can only find 10 mins on dailymotion and excerpts on youtube. Thanks
  24. Kelpie X With Working Drive

    AWDRI or Farmdogz would be the best bet. How old is it? If it's under two you could also try to sell it or give it away on working dogs facebook pages. Just vet the people but most a pretty good that I've dealt with on there.
  25. Something Frustrating.

    I'm doing the post card things not and watermarking all rescue only photos that need to go up. Hopefully this will stop it.