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  1. Its great! I love the detail on the nose pictures and that rose is just awesome!
  2. Same with us, except Daisy is in her kennel:)
  3. Just the normal, dry food softened with water in the morning, a dish that our breeder gave to us(chicken, carrots, pasta, celery all mashed up)and puppy milk!
  4. Daisy can't poo. She has been trying for about 10 minutes and is whining when she does it. The poo she has done does not appear to have blood in it I am really worried about her! I called the out of hours vet and they told me to clean it and if its still a problem to take her to the vets but I want to see if there is anything I can do first!
  5. Thanks for all the advise everyone, I thought that might be the answer! Looks like we will have to tough it out.... She is also starting puppy school next aturday which will be fun!
  6. Daisy, our 9 week old puppy has always been a quiet dog, but recently she has started barking at everything! She doesn't respond to "NO!" and only occasionally responds to a growl, no matter how much we tell her and try to train her! She now barks at almost EVERYTHING, Us and the cat! Which totally freaks him out and puts us a step back in our introduction process! What is the best way to firstly, teach her NO! and then to stop her from barking when she is inside?
  7. For the outside sleeping thing- if she isn't giving you any trouble and sleeping through the night, why do you need to put her outside? Our puppy does sleep outside though,and she slept out there from day 1. I think your puppy will be pretty stressed from the warm inside to outside, but you can experiment
  8. Some dont! Our friends kelpie's ears only come up when hes listening to something- otherwise they're usually down
  9. I relise I have started a debate Daisy now sleeps outside in her kennel and is inside all the rest of the time except when we are out. Thats how she was raised at her breeders- so thats how she is raised here :)
  10. Her recall is so good for a puppy, and as to what people say about goldens and treats........... IT WORKS! :D Today I almost taught her to sit! With the help of some tasty treats- of course She usually is a terror to even try to train, as she sees the treats and refuses to actually do anything for them and jumps and nips! But I caught her in a relaxed mood and she was being amazing! Good girl Daisy!
  11. She has her collar on as much as possible, she just tries to chew the lead!!!! Oh well, puppy school next week then Obedience after that- here we come! :D
  12. I took little Daisy out on her lead in the front yard and she went crazy. She was NOT happy!!!!!! She was bouncing and bounding around trying to get her collar off! Is there any way of teaching her to calm down and that walks are good before we take her for her first proper walk? Or is it down to her first walk to teach her the good and the bad?
  13. I got this tip from a member on here, I'm not sure if it works with older puppies but it certainly works with daisy:) When she bites say a strong, high pitched 'ow!' or yelp. They usually stop and move onto something else!
  14. Wow! Thats so cool!!!!!! And your dogs are so gorgeous
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