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  1. Thanks I had seen that site but was hoping I might be able to find something a little less expensive. If not then i guess I'll just have to save up!
  2. I'm thinking about trying bikejoring with my Aussie and Std Poodle (separately lol) ... wondering if anyone can recommend a good harness for it? I'm struggling to find many options online.
  3. I live in a country town. The town is growing rapidly (noticed a huge amount of city folk moving here recently) but most people still have decent sized backyards... many people have quite large backyards or they live on property. Despite that, most people here seem to have oodle mixes. Golden Retrievers and Border Collies would probably be the most common purebreds here.
  4. My old Kelpie has CDA (I always called it Colour Dilution Alopecia). She's had it since a pup and I've never found anything to fix it... she's 13 now. For her it's worse in summer, her coat naturally thins out for summer so those areas on her sides impacted by CDA go practically bald... Her winter coat she gets a short plush undercoat on her sides, no guard hair. It's never bothered her in the slightest but I'd be interested to hear if anyone has come up with anything that helps it.
  5. Thanks all I got in contact with Euro Dog Designs and they have the one I want coming in soon... it's good to know there are other options online to source Hurtta though, I just love their products!
  6. Does anyone know places that I can buy Hurtta products in Australia or even places online that actually ship to Australia?? Ive bought from Euro Dog Designs before but they don't appear to have the item I'm after at the moment. In particular I'm after the Hurtta Rain Blocker... I like that it covers the neck, need something like that to keep my Poodle's neck fluff dry, haha! https://www.hurtta.com/global_en/rain-blocker
  7. That is too cute! My boy isn't much of a talker, kinda wish he was sometimes! Although he does sing along with my chickens every morning when they do their egg song
  8. I've noticed Aussies looking like BC's more. Lighter body structure, different ear sets (more like BC) etc. I have noticed many show line BC's now days have a heavy body structure like Aussies do.
  9. I love seeing videos like the ones in this thread I haven't taken the dogs on any big adventures for a while, got some planned soon though! Finn's first time at the beach, it was on leash only. Spent most of the time teaching him waves aren't scary, he had a blast! And last year I filmed the daily walk I go on with my doggos... just a leisurely walk, but it's nice
  10. Aussies are so good at learning to handle new things! Koda has a range of behavioural issues but he's managed to work through many of them over the years Just needs time and patience! I re-dye his tail every couple of months or so Next one will probably be red and green for christmas.
  11. How did I miss this? Gorgeous dog! Love black tris Wish this thread was still active like it used to be! My Koda is still going well 7.5 years old now... where did the time go?
  12. Mine eat mostly dry food too but they get a bone at least once a week. I find if my dogs don't get regular bones they start getting tartar build up and yellowing. Sometimes my local woolworths have bags of beef brisket bones, They're actually quite soft... even frozen my dogs can get through them super quick but they still seem to do a reasonable job at teeth cleaning
  13. Meaty bones absolutely do help with teeth as persephone said. My 3 dogs all have pristine teeth and gums (quoting my vet there). My Kelpie is 12.5 years old and this is her teeth now... never brushed her teeth, never had any kind of dental work... This is all from regular meaty bones
  14. Large marrow bones (cow femur) are very hard and can break teeth... I'm actually surprised your vet recommended them! For my dogs I like to give brisket bones, kangaroo tails and lamb necks. All bones are given to my dogs frozen. Takes my boys about 30 to 60 minutes to get through a frozen lamb neck. Keeps those teeth sparkly clean
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