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  1. Pomeranian grooming

    Many groomers will shout out and say don’t clip double coats but in all seriousness I’ve never met a dog with a double coat who’s been anything other than happy & relieved to get that coat off. If you want him ‘short but not shaved’ ask the groomer to use the 10mm or 12mm guard comb, or if they use blades, a 3# or 4#. If you want him quite smooth, a 7# blade is a popular choice. Pomeranian are unfortunately one breed who’s coat often seems to grow back a bit funky, where the undercoat is slow to catch up with the guard coat, or occasionally, doesn’t really grow back much at all. but if you’re after comfort over looks, I’d go for the haircut. My personal Chow Chow I used to clip him later in his life. He’d go from a panting stressed out mess to a bouncing happy dog, and his coat was always perfectly groomed out, but despite having a perfectly maintained coat, the haircut made all the difference
  2. Grooming for beach loving spoodle

    Les Pooch Mat Zapper brush not cheap but worth its weight in gold. Some people reckon the ActiVet slickers are an adequate alternative. A strong metal comb that is all pins with no handle, half widely spaced pins, half moderately spaced pins. Often called a Greyhound comb (that’s the brand nothing to do with greyhound dogs!) Fine toothed combs, pin brushes and bristle brushes ( anything that looks a bit like a people brush) will be next to useless. Now for the hard reality. A full coat on a wavy/curly coat plus swimming plus harness rarely ends well even with the most dedicated of owners. When the coat gets wet and then air dries, it dries tighter, curls up like an open to a closed hand. Personally, if you want a swimmer/ beach dog, I’d keep the coat trimmed back to an inch or so. Then the dog can have all the fun without as much grooming stress. Trying to have the coat & the fun just usually isn’t viable. If you are dedicated and groom the coat out 100% to the skin after every swim, you might have a chance, but one or two slip ups will end in a matted train wreck. If you trim the dog cute & short do it regularly, plus home grooming, and you’ll have an adorable teddy dog who can still have fun without so much grooming rigmarole. The way you’re going, especially coming into the age for ‘coat change’ don’t be surprised if you end up having no choice but to shave it off and start again. Ive been a groomer for 34 yrs and I could count on one hand the dogs who’ve gone through with a full coat. There are the occasional unicorn owners but most often it just works out easier to maintain a nice inch long teddy style approximately every 6-8 weeks.
  3. Spots on belly

    Could be anything from allergies to age spots to immune mediated thrombocytopenia (which is extremely serious & life threatening) and everything in between. a picture would help but we can only make suggestions. a vet check Is the best bet.
  4. My new puppy is almost here

    I think he had tape on his ears trying to get the right set happening.
  5. Help please!

    Take a deep breath, be somewhat relieved that you got any money back, explain to the kids that not everyone in the world is exactly honest and even mums and dads sometimes find it hard to sort out the rubbish people. And set about finding a local breeder that you can actually meet their dogs and speak to them in person. Also I’m not sure if you had your mind set on any particular colour, but especially in small poodles, look for excellent breeding practices and health tested parents, and the temperament of the breeding dogs, and be prepared to explore other colours to give yourself the best chance of bringing home a dog who will excel as a happy & healthy family pet Good luck .
  6. Help please!

    Personally I’d take your money & run a mile from this breeder now. Contact breeders in Vic and put yourself on a waiting list for a local puppy if you can. ive been a pet groomer for many yrs and also in rescue and I can tell you there is a less than ethical breeder of red/apricot toy poodles In QLD I’ve had some really poor examples of their dogs on my grooming table ( dodgy temperaments , severe ewe necks, roach backs, undershot jaws, luxating patellas, heart problems, undersized ‘tea cup’ size dogs which are actually just sickly runt puppies, etc etc) and also a rescuer I know has taken several ex breeding dogs out of there in appalling health. Also, Please please don’t take this the wrong way, I say it only as a fair warning from experience, but also as a groomer I have noticed a massive trend for red toy poodles amongst my Asian clientele, and sadly there are breeders breeding only for the red colour (To the detriment of other health & structural qualities) to meet this particular market. I wish I didn’t have to say that but it’s true and worth being aware of.
  7. Help please!

    Did you by chance put a non refundable deposit of $500 on the puppy originally? That may explain why only $3000 was refunded. As someone else said, all of the other puppies likely already had deposits on them.
  8. Advice beeded

    These dogs will never be happy living together and it doesn’t matter how much you love them. That REALLY doesn’t matter very much to the dogs. Forcing them to live together you’re basically enabling an abusive relationship. People who hate each other and fight violently are never going to cohabitate happily or safely. there’s a slim chance that desexing your male dog will dampen down the situation but it’s not going to happen in a few days. It may take months. It may need to be combined with extremely diligent separation and very knowledgeable behavioural modification training that will be onerous and ongoing. There is NO room for lazy in this effort. It will need to be a determined consistent daily grind. Take a moment if you think that’s sounds like hard work for you, I can assure you it will be 100 times harder for the dogs. And It may not work at all. I really feel for your difficult situation but dig deep and ask yourself if keeping these dogs together will ever be harmonious and safe. For them. Sometimes tough love is the best love.
  9. Boundary fence is being removed

    I don’t think I’d trust any info you get regarding temporary fencing and take pro active action to protect the safety of your dogs. Yes it’s seriously annoying, and will possibly see you out of pocket, but for your peace of mind I’d be looking at your own alternatives such as erecting a temp fence to your own needs, well inside your back boundary, so not only is it safe but so your dogs can’t be right at the rear boundary where the action is going on erecting the new fence, or fashion your own temporary kennel run using the layout of your home to assist, like fence off one side of the house or ‘enclose’ a verandah etc. or yes, use day boarding if you need to, see if you can get leave owing from work if you have that available etc. it sounds as if you’re not being asked to contribute to the cost of the new fence, so I guess that’s something.....short term pain, but a new fence at the end
  10. Transfer of ownership issues

    What exactly could the breeder flag the chip for? The dog is not stolen or missing.
  11. Transfer of ownership issues

    Adding to suggestions above, ask if you can provide a statutory declaration with the form outlining the purchase details. it’s really got nothing to do with the breeder now. You didn’t buy the dog from the breeder so any conditions from the original sale are now void. The fact that the previous owner didn’t abide by the conditions of sale set out by the breeder are nothing to do with you. Also, in the meantime make sure the dog has a collar ID tag with your name, number, address as if a member of the public were to find your dog, it’s highly likely they will go straight to the info on a clearly visible ID tag and contact you directly. Of course you still need to sort out the chip, and I think a stat dec will help you with that.
  12. If you and the current owner meet at the breeders and you decide to have the pup, make it on the condition the pup gets a clean vet check within 48 hrs of you taking it. As for payment, if the current owner has paid in full and they own the puppy outright , they are free to charge whatever they want to for resale. That’s got nothing to do with the breeder now. It a private sale between you and the current owner. It’s tricky if the breeder has not refunded and officially taken back ownership of the pup. you really have to decide between a private sale between yourself and the current owner, with a condition of the vet check, or walk away completely and wait for the next opportunity. If there are pedigree papers that have already been processed in the current owners name, they need to sign them for change of ownership. If the pedigree paperwork hasn’t been lodged you need to speak with the breeder about having them in your name. Same with microchip paperwork. Establish what stage it’s at and who is currently stated on the chip as owner. if you decide not to take the pup, I assume the breeder will take back ownership of it? It would be interesting to know if that happens, whether there is any refund to the current owner, and what price the puppy is re-offered for.
  13. Wahl KM2 Clipper motor wanted

    http://wahlspareparts.com.au/General-Repair-Agent-Details-1 I can also highly recommend Feather Edge but you’d have to post to Vic.
  14. Help me come up with a registered name?

    I’m not much help if she was mine I’d call her Willow Fluffy Pillow. Fur real!!
  15. Dog Club vs. Private for Group Puppy Training

    Yes as above I prefer the initial focus to be mostly on behavioural training rather than obedience training. yrs ago at obedience clubs when I took the lower classes, which back then focused on obedience, at the end of the class id ask “any questions?” And all the hands would fly up. All the questions were owners despairing ‘how do I stop Toto jumping up, scratching the door, barking at the fence, settling in the house not following me everywhere’ .....etc etc No one actually cared if their dog sat a bit crooked or didn’t quite walk to perfect heel. true socialisation is about controlling impulses under distractions, not “being everyone’s friend” find a space that trains for good behaviour & manners over drill style obedience. You can always do that later.