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  1. Debarking

    I’d debark a chronic barker no problem at all. I’ve been around several dogs who’ve been debarked and yes they still make noise but it’s a raspy hollow version of their former bark. The dogs don’t seem to know that their voice is different and behave the same as before. Which is why if the barking is found to be anxiety based, that the dogs anxiety continues to be supported long after the bark is modified. From whhat I understand in SA at least it is not illegal, but you have to meet certain criteria. Ther are certainly vets in SA who will do the procedure. unfortunately it’s an emotional topic but firstly find out the legal facts for whatever state you reside in. Personally as long as the dogs mental health is being supported it’s a no brainer. It’s people who think ‘the dog can’t expeess itself’ or other emotion charged BS. Things that will change are the dogs volume. And also stress reduction is reduced by default because every one around the dog is less anxious about the barking, and the dog isn’t having to be managed too quite the same level as before. In fact, the dog will be MORE free to express itself! links. All states would have similar information available. Vic SA
  2. Instead of extending the fence, I’d block off the whole corner with some board of fencing panel or similar, the same height or higher than the existing fences. You can tie it to the pool fencing easy enough, and sit the other side in one of the lows in the iron fence, which will brace it somewhat. Sit something heavy along the inside bottom to prevent pushing. But it should naturally brace itself into the corner if pushed .
  3. The old puppy exercise question

    I feel the same way. I think forced exercise, especially on hard surfaces, is definitely to be avoided, but letting young dogs freely romp and run without force seems normal and logical to me.
  4. separation anxiety .. one person's idea .

    Needs to put a comfy dog bed by the dummy!
  5. Hydrobath's who to repair

    They say they go all over Melbourne to service groomers and the like. I got the heads up from the guy himself so no harm in looking them up.
  6. Seasonal flank alopecia

    I’ve had clients have outstanding results even for Alopecia X with this line of products. Apparently they are very helpful if you contact them and ask for advice. I have no affiliation, just witnessed amazing results! CLICK THIS LINK
  7. Hydrobath's who to repair

    If you’re on Facebook these guys might be worth a call. Click here
  8. Question for moderator

    @Troy I tagged Troy who runs the forum. Hopefully theyll see the tag and drop in to help with your question. Or you could message Troy
  9. New breed in Australia

    As far as I can tell the Catahoula Leopard Dog is an AKC recognised breed, but is not as FCI recognised breed, and is not included on the list of ANKC recognised breeds. That doesn’t mean someone hasn’t brought them into the country, just they won’t be running around the show ring. But I’d be more inclined to think the alleged ones over here are a general hunting mix with probably merle Dane genes in there, like bullarab, Am Bulldog, G Dane mixes or such, maybe even Koolie, and anything boofy looking with that muddy Merle colour gets called a Catahoula or mix of.......
  10. The Havanese do seem to be a bit sturdier than the pure maltese. We see quite a few Havanese in grooming these days. I normally prefer boys, but I find I like the disposition of the female Havanese a little better than the boys. A couple have had patella issues, a knee joint issue not uncommon amongst many of the small breeds. But I also know 2 that have Legge Perthes In the hip joints. Saying that, I’d choose a Havanese over a Maltese. Another delightful small breed is the Lowchen. Definitely worth consideration. Don’t let the traditional haircut put you off, pets can easily be kept in a cute short teddy/lamb trim
  11. Clippers for poodle feet

    The Wahl brand have several trimmers which are very popular choices amongst professional groomers. They have a 5in1 adjustable blade. Most Of us do feet on the shortest setting, and personally I do faces and sanitary areas on the middle setting for pets. The SuperGroom, the Bravura (make sure you don’t accidentally buy the BravMini, great for toys), and the Creativa are all Wahl 5in1 trimmers. There are other brands of little trimmers out there, such as Shernbao but I don’t have any direct experience with these. Ive used Wahl brand 5in1 trimmers in a professional setting for many years and they are the standard tool for doing poodle face, feet, tail and other general sanitary trimming. I always make sure to get the types that can be used plugged in, as well as cordless with the battery, rather than battery only ones.
  12. Old dog drinking

    Hmm, thoughts on why actually......maybe due to aging when she bends to drink, holding her spine or her legs in a particular position may hurt a bit so she compensates by changing posture, which in turn sees her head on a slight tilt. Same for all joints I guess. Maybe try raising the bowl if it is on the floor, and see if anything changes.
  13. Old dog drinking

    I can’t really give a definitive answer as to why, but maybe look into a spaniel bowl for water. Picture included but just search ‘spaniel bowl’ in google and you’ll find choices of steel and ceramic also. The design help the ears go on the outside of the bowl. Tall, with a narrower opening, and sloping sides. Also if Lacey would leave it on, a snood may help.
  14. Sydney dog attack

    What breed are they being chipped as then?
  15. Sydney dog attack

    I find it interesting that the comments under this Australian article are full of alleged pit bull owners, when pit bull terrier/American pit bull terrier are banned ffrom importation into Australia, and any dog already here, deemed to be of that breed/type must be desexed, where the hell are they all coming from!?? I can only assume that unpaperd American Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being referred to as pit bull terriers? And falling foul of the laws? Or not!!?? https://www.k9centre.com.au/restricted-dog-breeds-in-australia/