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  1. I worked with Newfy for a few yrs at a big kennel. The young dogs were out in 1/4 acre grass runs with another juvenile to grow up. The only real structured exercise they got was show training. Newfy are giant furry wrecking balls when young! personally at that age I’d be dialling down the leash walking and ramping up Basic obedience training , trick training, structured play sessions. Also try hard to find somewhere to swim your dog. It’s excellent non weight baring exercise and Newfy love it! Keep you dog on a long line until you can trust him not to keep swimming to China! Newfy
  2. Regarding the supplement I looked up the brand and although it all looks fine, I am not personally a big fan of supplements. Reading through that website I see all the usual marketing drivel designed very carefully to make people question themselves about feeding their pets. The supplements are made from all the things that are entirely available in the raw diet, only in the raw diet are much more likely to be available, proportional, and digestible. And they are right there subtly pushing that idea that every meal needs everything in it..... aside from the extra calcium which if your pup is e
  3. I worked for a Newfy breeder for 3 yrs moons ago. Back then they were fed a mix of Eukanuba kibble & raw meats. if I owned one myself it would be entirely raw fed. a few things... at 7 months your pup is hitting ‘coat change’ where all that soft thick puppy fuzz starts to give way for the nice flat shiny strong adult coat. You might be able to see that stronger adult coat coming in around the shoulder area and along the back. During coat change a lot is going on with the skin and grooming needs to be doubled down on. Really thorough brushing down to the skin with a slicker brush. Pus
  4. Genetic testing is all well and good but one has to remember that it’s is also another problem in the ever diminishing available genes in a given breed. It’s a dead end road. A breed of dog by default has limited genetic material to work with to begin with, and genetic testing dismisses more and more genetic material within the bubble of genetic material within the breed.
  5. Current situation on gumtree in SA! And a total of 12 ‘litters’ on DOL breeder pages. No wonder the boutique puppy sellers are having a field day....mind you, they’re even hard to get here!
  6. Wow in SA it’s currently .... 3 or 4. No zeros. Just 3 or 4 dogs !
  7. A few things. What breed or type? A lot of dogs with tightly ‘up’ tails are prone to leaky easily expressed glands. feeding the dog bones like chicken necks or lamb ribs regularly would be my first option. If you’re a bit leery of bones, raw pet chicken mince is minced whole frame with bone in. also expressing glands externally isn’t difficult to learn so consider doing it yourself rather than the regular vet trips. anal glands can be removed as a last resort. It’s not a fun procedure but once healed the issue is resolved. I co own a little dog who had his glands removed via a new wax
  8. I don’t suppose they thought about people rehoming older entire dogs. It would seem to me the increase fee is to incentivise early desexing?
  9. So you only pay once for the lifetime of the dog? in SA it’s annual. Depending on the desex/microchip status of the dog it’s anywhere from 30-100 annually per dog as all councils have different fees and concessions. Id be happy to pay $500 if it was just once!
  10. Definitely a Cock-a-poodle that one
  11. Many groomers will shout out and say don’t clip double coats but in all seriousness I’ve never met a dog with a double coat who’s been anything other than happy & relieved to get that coat off. If you want him ‘short but not shaved’ ask the groomer to use the 10mm or 12mm guard comb, or if they use blades, a 3# or 4#. If you want him quite smooth, a 7# blade is a popular choice. Pomeranian are unfortunately one breed who’s coat often seems to grow back a bit funky, where the undercoat is slow to catch up with the guard coat, or occasionally, doesn’t really grow back much at all. but
  12. Les Pooch Mat Zapper brush not cheap but worth its weight in gold. Some people reckon the ActiVet slickers are an adequate alternative. A strong metal comb that is all pins with no handle, half widely spaced pins, half moderately spaced pins. Often called a Greyhound comb (that’s the brand nothing to do with greyhound dogs!) Fine toothed combs, pin brushes and bristle brushes ( anything that looks a bit like a people brush) will be next to useless. Now for the hard reality. A full coat on a wavy/curly coat plus swimming plus harness rarely ends well even with the most dedicated of o
  13. Could be anything from allergies to age spots to immune mediated thrombocytopenia (which is extremely serious & life threatening) and everything in between. a picture would help but we can only make suggestions. a vet check Is the best bet.
  14. I think he had tape on his ears trying to get the right set happening.
  15. Take a deep breath, be somewhat relieved that you got any money back, explain to the kids that not everyone in the world is exactly honest and even mums and dads sometimes find it hard to sort out the rubbish people. And set about finding a local breeder that you can actually meet their dogs and speak to them in person. Also I’m not sure if you had your mind set on any particular colour, but especially in small poodles, look for excellent breeding practices and health tested parents, and the temperament of the breeding dogs, and be prepared to explore other colours to give yourself the best
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