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  1. @moosmum……..“To measure equality by its diversity can only diminish diversity, because equality cancels it out” I think I might be quoting you. I love this. It’s really not hard to grasp, yet somehow ……..
  2. Also , look at the reasons why we have what can be perceived as less than desirable commercial dog breeding facilities. A couple of decades ago there was a strange shift in attitudes regarding dog breeding. When the first few of the really horrible cases of puppy farm busts hit the media, there was naturally an outcry, and the cogs began turning in the “war against puppy farms” . In the race to legislate them out of existence, all that happened was pedigree breeders sort of shot themselves in the foot, where it became positively taboo to actually breed dogs! Breeders eyed suspiciou
  3. People breeding ‘pure breed’ dogs largely don’t seem to be able to grapple with the concept that ‘protecting’ is denying them exactly what they seem so keen on protecting !
  4. Try convincing the farmer with a ‘short coat border collie’ who works hard daily and saves him the wages of several men, that his dog is less worthy than the show winning pedigree border collie, and vice versa...... All dogs have value in the big picture. Before the introduction of conFORMation dog shows, domestic dogs were bred almost exclusively for purpose. And more often than not, practiced their purpose. The look of the dog was secondary to what the dog could do, and even when ‘looks’ were taken into account, preferences were usually based on the terrain the dog was expected t
  5. Typh short for Typhoon seeing as you’ve used the other storm words before Dollop Fly
  6. So cute! For reasons unknown, the very first thing that popped into my head is Bugle
  7. Reading between the lines I get a sense that starting your search in reverse might be a better option. Perhaps by finding the sort of dog/owner you’re looking for first, and tracking back to a breeder……..so possibly look up ‘sports dog club Victoria’ or ‘Melbourne sports dog club’ etc ,join a few local sport dog FB pages. Obviously a bit hard right now with lockdowns to do anything in person, but an ideal time to get online, find the sort or people who own the sort of dog you’re looking for, and talk to them about their breeder/buying experiences. Once you’ve found your crowd, reach out to br
  8. Oh man if they’d send him to SA I’d be sorely tempted to be a dog owner again! He’s just the kind of doggo that could tempt me back !!
  9. I managed to reply in the wrong thread too!!
  10. Having experience living with Mannies, that would be a hard no!!! Very crazy high prey drive!! Seriously craziest beasties I’ve ever lived with!!
  11. The councils out here, and believe me we’re not exactly ‘remote’, choose death by shooting because our town of 3000+ doesn’t have a vet, the nearest vets are 30-40 mins in either direction for euthanasia options, they could drop them at the AWL a or RSPCA shelters (Adelaide only has one of each) but one is over 3hrs return travel, the other over 4hrs. Without private rescue options many of the dogs out here don’t stand much of a chance. To the credit of local rangers they do try to get dogs into homes directly from council impoundment, but a lot fall through the cracks for various reasons.
  12. Asal you’re not telling me anything. I used to run a rescue service with a contract to take, assess, vet & rehome unclaimed strays from 3 rural councils, who after their 72 hrs in the pound would be shot if we didn’t take them. I was the one who had to decide the fate of these dogs, and it was very hard saying no sometimes, knowing exactly what would happen to them next. Some I knew were not rehome prospects but I’d take them in and hold them for their last breath at the vet when we took the others in for their vet work. Just to save them from dying tied up to the back of the council pound
  13. While I do think more can probably be done to assist homeless domestic pets………. it’s never the animals fault for ending up in the vulnerable position they do. It’s astonishing the amount of anger that can be mobilised when a story like this hits the headlines. It’s always directed at the council, the individual who carried out the euthanasia, or the rescue groups ……everyone decrying ‘someone should have done more’ It’s all arse end around though, isn’t it. Where is the outrage and pure vitriol for the OWNERS of these animals. Neither the services tasked with cleaning up the mess, nor
  14. I’ll repeat one of my picks from above in the Smooth Collie. And other short coated working breeds & types. Another breed that occurred to me before but I didn’t end up adding was the Dutch Shepherd some people will think I’m mental to suggest but all of the “Bull Arab” I’ve ever met, especially the boys, have been incredibly even tempered dogs. with some of the types, unofficial breeds, its not that hard to find, follow and get to know breeders and dogs in much the same way as finding pedigree dogs. You mentioned Curlies above. They actually have qu
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