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  1. http://m.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/owner-slams-palmerston-council-for-neglecting-his-dog-scrappy/story-fnk0b1zt-1227300522567
  2. an american staffordshire , is under thirty kg,
  3. On the back of a ute Xyz most have terrible recall and while there are greys out there that will guard bark it's not a common trait. You get a greyhound taking off in a paddock at around 70k's an hour good luck catching it before it does itself an injury, those long legs can break easily and they have skin like tissue paper. Not sure a greyhound would suit this situation. im sure you have seen hunters with their staghounds on the back of ute.
  4. not on concrete. dont have permission for concrete.
  5. This sounds as if there is a near zero chance of these dogs having a carefree and interesting day .... no carefree here, interesting days with muzzle on. unless out hunting wish we do quiet a bit.
  6. Oh, that clears that up then...??? was an old bone, didnt see it. my fault.
  7. guess what, i broke up the first fight of my terrier with my pit bull, there was a bone in yard they were playing together abd terrier got possesive of bone they found and bit my pit bull, fight broke out, pitbull was already muzzled . i run picked it up and calmed it down bone remove, minutes later like nothing happened between them. just last night. female pitbull and a male terrier. i also had my terriet slip out its collar on a walk before when its saw a cat and went bnuts, it pulled back and i pulled it and it slipped out, almost got the cat, i jumped caught it by legs ln last seconds, i also had a pit bull slip out eight years ago, so no more, also one came out of a lead, in the beach, was using good leash type, became faulty and dog came out.
  8. Are you worried about them attacking each other, other dogs or humans? Have you had an experience with them that has led you to feel this level of constraint is necessary? thats how every pit bull in this country should be treated. if people had followed this method dog attacks by pit types wouldnt happen. my pit bull is not aggressive toward dogs or human, i can take it to dog parks and let it loose, but if an incident happens and that dog gets in to a fight, you will never forget it. muzzle lets them drink freely and breath, dont need any thing in its mouth if its not eating something i feed it.
  9. as a rule my bulldogs if they roam the yard freely then they must be muzzled same as going out for walks, when contained in yard they are chained up on a longchain and plus inside a locked cage. only time they not muzzled is inthe cage, absolutely no excuse, chance of attack is near zero.
  10. There is a difference between discussing the history of a breed and glorifying animal cruelty. You've made no secret of your respect for "real" dog fighters. thats our breed history and i respect and glorify our breed, but not animal cruelity.
  11. those were historical images of founders of bull fighting breed. it was all legal that time. like posting video of founders of german sheperd and their dogs one hundred years ago, on a all breeds forum , then get upset. you want to hide the history, but happy to sell their dogs. were pictures from late 1800s and early 1900s. you think my post was trolling, my post were factual. hard truth.
  12. beautiful dog, but it only takes one incident. generalization is wrong but im being realistic. yup i know nothing bout amstaff or apbt. just do us all a favour when your dog attacks the other dog ,dont get scared of your own dog when their eyes light up lmao.
  13. there is a saying , you can take the pitbull out of the pit but you cant take the pit out of a pitbull dog.
  14. Yup. Georgia was a wonderful dog but there are many many badly socialised dogs out there and she was having none of it. And the thing to remember is - an AmStaff will ALWAYS be blamed, no matter what provocation or which dog was the aggressor. I used to watch idiots let their dog come charging up to her and I'd be yelling 'control your dog' and they'd just laugh and say 'oh she's friendly'. Then teach her some damn manners so my dog doesn't feel threatened. Which is why, after Georgia died, I went for a goofy labrador who just shrugs off bad dog manners and takes himself out of the frame. Of course, I've still put the work in with him that I did with Georgia, but I bet HE wouldn't get automatically blamed if there was some nastiness. glad you got a labrador, american staff dont belong in a dog park.
  15. It's silgh, not Saluki, and silgaan for plural. As it's called in native home middle east and north Africa
  16. Focus on individual dogs and its offspring and ask about siblings and their parents and grand parents rather then breed in general. English stafford is a first cousin to American stafford, and American stafford is full brother to American pit bull. Difference between them is one short and the other is tall.
  17. If you take a Staffordshire bull terrier and put it in a pit and match it, does it become an English (pit) bull terrier. The stafford was being matched in England in the pit long before American go their bull terrier. Even said the original dogs that main pit dog breeders like earl Tudor came from Irish pit dogs or Staffordshire. And that dog that bitten the kid has no fighting dogs in over twenty years, most likely, so how can you call it a pit bull,it's just a bull terrier. It's not a pit dog.
  18. I remember you posting at all pit forum seven years ago.. your dog was brindle am I right.
  19. Most blue staff are bad example of the breed.
  20. Get a anti bark collar, get spray one.
  21. But my dog is a pit bull I'm not fighting to prove its not, and I'm gonna keep it, it has the natural law and right to live and keep breathing the air of victoria, despite what man says. Bsl is toughest in Victoria, and so are pit bull owners. We will see if the gov will swap a dog for a dog thief.
  22. Its the council job not police job to enforce or check if it's a pit bull, that's a council job to identify, police would only come if there was an attack, not because you think your neighbour has a pit bull or stuffy looking dog. Even then if it's registered as staffy x, and registered, no one can take it. I dealt with this issue long enough to know all sides to it. Even I couldn't tell if my neighbours dog is a pit bull could well be amstaff, unless I saw breeding of parents and papers you could not say.
  23. That a ok, I have plenty of black plastic bags too, and a cold cold room. My four legged daughter is safe on my property, dangers from intruders is some thing every one lives with. She knows very well I will protect her.
  24. Doubt they wanted to fight it, most likely just breed for looks. If they wanna fight it They would buy it from tested stock, proven biddable stock, they would cost in hundreds. No one would waste time and effort conditioning a rooster and putting their money on it against game tested ones that has generations of fighting roosters in its pedigree. Those who do are clueless not serious and haven't the connection to buy real game fowl and have time and money to waste. Unless they have seen your stock compete they wouldn't bother with your pets.
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