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  1. Hehe, you're welcome! Love a bargain. Can't wait to see puppy pics Airedaler! Are you getting another Airedale?
  2. Are there certain types of grasses that are worse and should be avoided? Is it only dry grass that is a concern? Thanks all.
  3. Congratulations!! Very cute!
  4. Just the top of a birdbath maybe?
  5. LisaCC I am the opposite to you - LOVE the Flat Coats but not so much the Labs or GR :)
  6. Love the English Cocker, totally not a fan of the American Cocker...
  7. OMG that is disgusting. Should never be allowed near animals or his practice again.
  8. Also available at Masters ATM and if you use the disc code PETROL10 (until 9th Nov I think) at online checkout you get 10% off, so total of $87.30 and you can click and collect.
  9. Thank you. To tell the truth I am not too concerned about boisterous puppies knocking over the kids. The kids will pick themselves up again no problems, and they will be used to each other pretty soon. I intend on doing a lot of obedience with whichever breed we end up choosing, which will hopefully curb any undesirable behaviour before it gets out of hand? I agree that it will be a case of teaching the dog and kids together about the rules :) , but I am confident we can do it. I didn't have 4 kids under 5 years of age without a lot of rules :D
  10. I think I will just wait until the next show and see... Maybe an ESS? I do like the FCR's though... xxx
  11. Thank you showdog, I really love the honest answers, it does make our decision easier. I think if we are honest the Collie will just be too much at this point in our lives, on our wish list for down the track definitely...
  12. Thank you SG :) Hubby needs a bit of convincing about the Collie coat, but we will make sure we meet them all before we decide. I'm waiting for some replies to emails I have sent to Breeders so will go from there when I hear back. Starting to get excited again, even if it takes another 6 months that's ok. We're getting close :) finally, hopefully...
  13. Well we are slowly changing our minds from the small-medium size dog to medium-large... hell it's pretty much large! The short-list ATM is Collie Rough, Flat Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever.... Thank you all for your advice on here, it has been so so helpful both in adding breeds we hadn't previously considered and ruling others out. The Sunbury Show in a couple of weeks will help as will a couple of breeder visits I think. I feel like we are getting close :D
  14. dancinbcs, I was more than a little excited when you said you thought a Collie Rough would suit us - I love them! I was a bit intimidated by how much work the coat looked, but if you think it would be ok once I got the hang of it... I certainly have the time for it no worries if it's only an hour once or twice a week. :) How much exercise would you say the Collie needs each day to be content? Are they a jogging dog, or do they get too hot with that coat?
  15. Can anyone recommend SKOPE Cocker Spaniels in Ballarat? PM me if you like :
  16. Thank you Tintin, I think I'll skip their cruddy article, it'll probably make me sad by the sounds of it. I am definitely still considering a cocker - blue roan is my fave colour! I will see some at the Sunbury show in a few weeks hopefully. Where did you get your Hector from if you don't mind me asking? xx
  17. Thank you all so much, I am going to head to Sunbury on Monday 3rd November to check out all the beautiful dogs at the show there. Can please anyone tell me what breeds will be at the Royal Geelong A & P Society show tomorrow?
  18. Thanks guys, I thought so but didn't want to suggest it in case they were by some miracle legit. There seemed to be a lot of bitches and puppies, too many!
  19. Can anyone tell me anything about Dachshund Australia? Google brought me to their website and there's something about it that concerns me, but I'm not sure what it is. Are they legit? I don't think they are on DOL...
  20. Showdog - I really like the Swedish Vallhund, but do you all think it may be a bit much training-wise as it's a Spitz breed? I see breeders are few and far between, which is fine as I'm not in a hurry for a puppy, but may be too independent in their thinking?
  21. Thank you SG, I totally agree with you. Think we need a calmer breed while the children are young... I don't want to find myself in the deep ending, rather err on the side of caution :) Cardi topping the list ATM, must see them at a show ASAP.
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