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  1. I hope I get some beautiful dog cooling mat recommendations from all the dog lovers here. I think my dogs feel bored in the summer and so I decided to buy a new dog cooling mat. Does it helpful and recommendation, please? A friend of mine suggested me to visit here, but I hope I get some better suggestion here. Thanks
  2. Nice thread. The price of puppies increasing day by day.
  3. A lot of things have to learn from this thread. Very helpful thread.
  4. Thanks for your sweet comment. Take care of them a lot though they don't take the place of BIg Marley or maybe.
  5. I'm a big fan of this dog. The color is very sweet and pretty too. Thank you so much guys for sharing a beautiful pic of your sweet baby.
  6. She was looking so beautiful and brave too. Thank you so much.
  7. People are here amicable, and I'm happy and love to meet with them and their dogs. Thanks to all
  8. Tell your first dog name. Mine is Diamond, a black basenji.
  9. Don't do yet, but very curious to see you talk about it.
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