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  1. should add that if I walk with a choke or normal collar he pulls. The halter goes on and he knows that he can't play up, like a guide dog with a harness.
  2. The dog ones being very thin (the nylon that is) seem to be more uncomfortable on him. He used to try and rub the dog one off but he loves this one and will now sit happily while I put it on for walkies.
  3. Kavik as a trainer can you tell me what you think of the horse halter I use on my dog (on the previous page)? I usually leave it fairly loose around the nose but can tighten so that it is still comfortable but can't open his mouth much, esentially muzzling him.
  4. not much use during actual training as most people don't use extendable leads but the $2 shop near my mum sells these little pouchs that fit over the extendable lead handle. They have a pouch that sits on each side of the handle - I like to think one side for poo bags one side for treats. And only $2
  5. highly recommend it, much cheaper than a halti, more solid, more comfortable and I like the metal buckle rather than the little plastic slip clip used on the haltis. Would fit rottis, danes, mastiffs, maybe even a very boofy staffy, mine is a lab x boxer and his nose is boofy enough to use it.
  6. here it is, sorry photo'sw not great he was wriggling. I tightened it here so that he could only open his mouth maybe 1/2 inch so he could still drink if necessary and as you can see he still didn't mind wearing it. As you can see it is similiar to a halti but I find it is more solid and comfortable and he doesn't try and pull it off all the time. Saddleworld was happy for me to go down there with him to try it on.
  7. I have just solved your problem and it's on my own dogs nose, I didn't even think of it!! Get ye to Saddleworld, for ten dollars you can get a miniature horse foal halter and the fit big dogs perfectly. The nose strap adjust really well and they are much wider that a halti, if I need to I can close it far enough to keep Beau's mouth shut. I'll get a pic and show you.
  8. Could you pad the halti and cinch it in fairly tight then so that he can't open his mouth very far??? I say pad it because they are fairly thin.hh
  9. Shephead maybe try havin a different command for the two so that she knows when she can go straight back into the heel. Rather than tell her off simply catch her collar if she goes to come around and give her the command
  10. I have the Virbac, Allerderm - Resisoothe leave on skin conditioner. It's oatmeal based it does tend to leave little flecks of oatmeal on them but if you put it on then give them a coupe of hours to dry really well then a brush it works great. It is also a cleanser so you could probably do that instead of a bath.
  11. The legs on a paralysis tick are in a slightly different spot (extending from the head rather than further down the body) so they are not hard to identify. Go to this address www.tickalert.org.au and there are piccies.
  12. Can anyone tell me the dates??? If I am going to be in Melbourne then I might bring the little girl down for a bit of a look see. She's only four months old but I am sure she'd get a kick out of it!
  13. On the raising wild birds note, we raised a red wattle bird called Charlie. We soft released him and he used to come back once a day and tap on the kitchen window. 'Go round to your feeder' we'd yell through the window and he'd meet us there for a bit of banana. He didn't come for about 4 months once and then came back with three babies in tow . We haven't seen him for many years so I think he has probably passed on but there are still lots of wattle birds around that are just a little more friendly than normal. (We also discovered later that he was known around the corner as Timmy and used to visit lots of people in the neighbourhood for bits of fruit or bread and honey!)
  14. You could always try some of that keep off spray that you can use on your gardens. It never worked real well on my dog but other people have had success with it.
  15. My vet will give an account for any emergency type work as long as you can pay for the initial visit ($40) so I keep a $100 credit on my account for just in case. That way if I am running tight and an emergency comes up atleast I can get it seen to.
  16. can anyone tell me though whether a kennel will accept your dog if it has not had it's shots done on a yearly basis? My Beua is due for his next shot now but I might wit if it not recommended any more.
  17. yeah it was pretty gross but I couldn't loose face in front of the horse guy!! My next door neighbours mum(who's a bit weird) was convinced that my dog was going to go crazy and start hunting horses!
  18. I took my dog for a walk with my neighbour riding her horse. We stopped at a farriers on the way back to get one of the horses shoes checked and he offered me a bone for my big dog. I said 'great, he'd love that' and off he went to get the bone. When he came back it was half a horses leg with the hoof and fur still attached. They get them from people that have had to put down horses and his apprentice uses them for shoeing practice. I would have felt stupid if I had said no because of the fur so Beau carried it all the way home. It was in my backyard for a day until I could stand the sight of it no longer!
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