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  1. It Started With A Kiss.....

    All just simply divine! Hard to go past a squishy faced pup
  2. Badger

    Gorgeous! Those legs in that first shot make him look as tall as a horse lol
  3. Just A Heads Up

    Well all that in mind, where does that leave us? What's still on the effective list?
  4. Just A Heads Up

    Ok I want a straight heart guard tablet, not the flavoured chew type for my sensitive tummies. What are my options? I've been using Heartgard the last 5 years and have no idea what's available these days.
  5. How Far Would You Travel

    I flew from Perth to Brisbane to pick Sofia. No way I could pick a pup based on photos alone.
  6. Girl Dog Names

    Page, Bree and Bea.
  7. Be very careful with garlic & kelp, english ivy. Garlic is a member of the Allium family, the onion genus, so potentially poisonous in large amounts. I used to feed garlic now & again, but one of my dogs who has an auto-immune disorder is unable to stomach it, so I have ceased feeding it. Kelp should be fed only two or three times per week to avoid excess iodine uptake which is harmful. Chia seed is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. I would imagine it would have similar nutritional characteristics to flax seed (linseed). If the seed is fed, then it would double as a source of fibre. I am going to look into chia seed myself, as the dog I referred to above is unable to process fats in the liver & is consequently unable to digest flaxseed or fish oil, no matter how small the amount. Unfortunately you will most likely exacerbate the problem then. I worked for the company who introduced chia seed to Australia for 5 years and have experimented with the whole seed, crushed, ground, straight oil products etc on and off over the years. The high oil content will give dogs with sensitive tummies the squirts. Add to food as required and dont grind in advance as once the seed is broken the oil will begin to oxidise.
  8. Akita, Basenji and Pug here. My personal favourites are those who insist Rafael especially can't possibly be a full blood Shar Pei because he doesn't have enough wrinkles. Guess what folks, he is lol. Pei also apparently do not come in chocolate, hence Sofia is also some random cross breed
  9. Why Do They Lay In The Sun?

    Mine do it too When I'm home I leave them out there for a few minutes and then haul their tooshies straight back inside.
  10. Toolalla Slim Dusty

    What does the big brother think of him Pandii?
  11. Vic Frenchie Fun Day

    So adorable. And I love the little fawn man with the mask :)
  12. Met My First Yorkie Today

    Cute as
  13. New Puppy A Healing Tool For Grief

    Yes absolutely understand. I lost my father to cancer a few years ago. Knowing I had Raf to come home to and relying on me to still do the regular everyday stuff with him was the only thing that kept me sane, and gave me a schedule (walks and feeding) when the rest of my life was upside down. His little sister came along a year and a bit after Dad - she was just what we both needed. Laughs and playtime everyday in my house with my two little characters. Yesterday is always a hard day for me but I try not to dwell on it. A big walk with the ratbags in the morning to clear my head got me in a good head space for the rest of the day