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  1. She is soooo very cute. And she will fit in the car with the Schippies, so if you can't find her you know where I live, I think? BB
  2. Starting to sound as if the whole of group one consists of pugs & Cavs Not many other breeds from other groups going? BB
  3. With everyone knowing the floor is slippery then exh will have to gait thier dogs properly and not run as if the deveil was after them. I agree, I would rather show indoors than on the very dry & prickly oval. BB
  4. Thanks Tarakay, I meant to say Rochester, although I think Jerilderie is supposed to be held on these dates. I wonder why Jerilderie is canceled or if its moved to another date? BB
  5. Hi BB, Yes I rememebr the stuff up last time with the show starting and not waiting for other exh to arrive from Rochester. I hope the two secretaries talk to each other during the day to keep track if Jerilderie has an unusually big entry. BB
  6. IS this the same building as last time? Next to an extremly dry oval and horse stables? If so, very nice buidling. Hope I dont miss the deadline. BB
  7. bertie Beatles?????? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: BB
  8. Whats the point of having a web site if no one can log into into it? BB
  9. We have taken the only Schipps to ET in OZ, if they can do it most breeds can do it. Rebanne, Can't you have a substitute handler? get someone else to train Fern and take her in the trial? My OH rode a bike and took Ch Semois Cinders ET and passed. Then tried a male and FAILED, I say he didn't train enough with him but OH says it was because I was there & he was too attched to me. Then tried with Gr Ch Beadale My Rebecca ET and passed. All at Cherry Lake. Was hoping OH would take Jessie through but a trial the DAY BEFORE Schipp speciality would not be a good idea. I think Jess would
  10. Isn't there anyone out there that could give me some advice? No vet nurses?? BB
  11. Hi All, My guys have been on the same brand of Heart worm tablet for about 8 yrs. I live in Vic. They have PROHEART once a month, 40 kg tablet cut into quarters. I have 5 dogs all under 10 kgs. The rest of the worms are treated every 3 months with a whole tablet for a 10kg dog, brand is changed each time. Fleas are treated with frontline plus spot on, when ever they have some, wich is hardly ever. Or when we go into NSW for shows. Should I change the brand or type of tablet so the Heart worms don't become imune to it? If so what is most eccomomical way to do 5 dogs under 10kgs? Thanks
  12. Our guys are on Supercoat-Chicken Adult for the 18 month old. The 3 & 10 yr old are on Supercoat Lite & Mature. Tried the Purina/Pro Plan as I won several bags but I found the 3 yr old just blew up like a balloon even with extra excercise. It didn't do much to the 18 month old either. I buy them in the 18kg bags to last longer. Also boiled fine chicken mince with pasta or rice, a shared can of sardines once a week. Plus yogurt & cheese every now & then. Raw bones occassionally. BB
  13. Has anyone had any luck in changing details on the "Club Page" of a breed club?? I can't. might have to talk to the VCA why I can't. BB
  14. The VCA's technical dept are not very good, who have they got fixing this problem? 5year olds? I'd say another 4 months. BB
  15. A friend registered BEHAPI with Pailions but no longer breeds them but I think it is still registered. Huang- Shar Pei ChinaBlue-SharPei BB
  16. Collielover, I purchase it RAW and put it in my freezer, then I cook it as needed. I get it in 2kg bags. 2kgs usually lasts my 4 approx 2 weeks. Occasionally I will give it to them RAW but mostly I boil it. BB
  17. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I have a 9 yr old purebred female, had one litter when she was 2 yrs old. (I tried to get OH to desex her but wont all cause he shows her at our speciality twice a year,& she's not up to breed standard) About 3 yrs ago she had a couple of mammary tumors removed (Which was probably caused by abortion injection) didn't have them tested as we couldn't afford the vets fee. Now I have found a lump nearly the size of a golf ball close to her innner back leg. She is abit tender to touch in that area BUT will roll over to have h
  18. Not sure which suburb you are in, but I go to Barking Mad Pet Supplies in Thornbury. Not sure about preservatives but a cooked 2kg batch in my fridge lasts approx 2 weeks before starting to smell, by then it's almost all eaten any way. You can get mince with some bones or very fine minced. They are reasonably priced tooo. BB
  19. We use the Proheart tablets, red box ( 40kilo dogs) and break it up into quarters and give each dog a quarter tablet, I hope they have been properly protected?? A vet clinic just told me about this injection as we have a 3 month old pup now. Does anyone know of any web sites for more info re the injection? My other dogs have been on Proheart tablets for a couple of years now so may think about changing their brand & type so the worms don't become immune. can anyone reccomend a tablet/injection suitable & VERY cheap to give to 5 dogs all approx 6 kilos- 7.5 kilos. Thanks
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