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  1. It's such a shame so many peoples opinions are generated by one or two poorly behaved examples of that breed. there are no breeds out there that are "bad" otherwise people woudln't have them. The "bad" examples are often an unfortunate result of poor breeding, poor socialisation/upbringing and/or poor ownership. Still... I'm sure most people know that!
  2. Depending on your storage facilities Fibreglass boxes might be the go as they are very easy to clean after use - problem is you can't pull them apart for easy storage they stay whole. With regards to the public, i'd go as far as putting up a tarp to block mum and pups from view. I'm sure it'd be rather stressful for mum to have strangers looking through her pen.
  3. I'd be interested - I'm very new at learning to use my camera...
  4. Hey Emery can you put any pics up? would love to see what you've done with the area. :)
  5. I've shed more than a few tears for you and Penny this morning. I'm glad that she got to be with you when she passed. RIP to a very special Penny.
  6. if you aren't keen on a chiro, you could try a good bowen therapist or acupuncture. sorry Jarrah isn't doing so well again
  7. I don't really agree 100%... if that was the case NSW would also have hoards of dogs in every home. There are things in place with their councils regarding complaints etc Most people can't even fathom having more than 2 dogs.
  8. I wish the whole country would adopt the NSW dog act.
  9. with that attitude your future LH weim will be outsmarting your mum in no time - they are especially good at manipulating and taking advantage!! :laugh:
  10. Lulu 6 weeks Lulu 9 weeks 5 months 13 Months (sorry it's so big!)
  11. Abbey Addie AJ Ajanta Akira Alera Ali x 2 Alice Alika Alchemy Amber Amelia Amy x 2 Anais Aneira Annie x 2 Anastacia (Annie) Angel X 6 Angelina Anishinaabe Annabelle Annabella Anouk April April RIP x 2 Ari Arizona Arki Arya Asante sana Asha Ashka Askari Ashleigh Astrid Astro Athena Aubrey Audrey Aura Aurora Ayla Baba Babe Margaret Hoolihan Baci Bailey Basha Beanie Beans Becky Bella x 5 Billie Bianca Bibi Bit Blaize Blossom Bonny x 5 (Bonnie) Bonita Boss Bow wow Bracken Brandi Brandy x 2 Breagh Bree x 3 Brianna Bridie Bronte Buffy Buttercup Cally Cara Casey Cassie Casper CC Cedar Chapparelle (pronounced Shapparelle, and shortened to Chappa (Shappa)) Chalice aka 'Chali' Chelsea x 2 Cherrie Chevy x 2 Chloe x 3 Charley Chanel Charli Charlie Charlie-May Charlotte Cherry Chiko Chilli Choo Choo Chops Cider Cinders Cindy Cinta CJ x 2 Claire Claudia Clover x 3 Cleo Cleoparta Coco x5 CocoNut Colour (for a greyhound who's not grey!) Cookie Cossette Cossi Courtney Cricket Crystal Cristie x 2 Crupi Daenerys Daisy x 3 Dallas Dancer Danika x2 Darla Delilah Delta Demi Dempsie Dexta Diazz Didge Dinky Dixie Diva x 2 Dizzy Durham Dusty Dyzney Ebony Echo x 2 Electra Elizabeth Ella x2 Elley Ellie x3 Elsa x 2 Elsie Emily Emilly Emma Emmy Enya Erin Esky Evie Faith Fame Fanta Feather Feonix Finta Flame Flash Fleur Flossy Flute Frenchie Froggy Gabbie Gabby Gael Galadriel(Gala) Gemma x 4 Genie (not exactly a girly name but I thought it suited my goldy) Genevieve George Georgea Gertrude Ginger Ginny Gina Gita Glitter Goldie Gooby Grace x 2 Griffin x 2 GT Gypsy x 7 Gyrle Halo Harlow Havarna Hayley x2 Heather Heddy Heidi x2 Holly x 7 Honeyx3 Honour Hope Imme Imogen - Imy Indi India x 2 Indigo Georgia Ingrid Iris Isabella Issie Jade Jag Jamie Lee Jane Jasmine x2 Jaxx Jay Jay Jazz Jazzman Jedda RIP Jelly Bean Jenna x 2 Jersey Jess x2 Jessi Jesie Jessica Jessie x 4 Jeune Jezebel x 2 Jicin Jindi Jinxy Jodie x 2 JoJo Jovi Joy Juliet Juno Kamikaze Kara X 2 Kari Karma Karmen Kaos Kassy Katie x 3 Katy Kayla X2 KC Keeta Keilani Keira Keirra Keisha x 2 Kelli Kelsey Kenzie Kibah Kiesha Kimba Kiri Kiri-Lu Kirra (agility name Kiz) Kishka (called Kish most of the time) Kisses Kitty Kizzey Krissy Kuean - (Queen) Lacey x 2 Latte Layla x 2 Lea (lele) Leader Leia Leila Lexi x 3 Lexie Libby Lily x 4 Lizzy Lobo Logan Lola x 2 Lolly Lotta (as in Li'l Lotta) Lottie Lucia Lucky (yes, a bit tacky, but I loved her) Lucy x5 Lucinda Luka Lulu Luna Luuka Mable Mac Maddie x2 Maddison Maeby Magali Maggie x3 Magic x2 Maia Mallee Marie Claudette Marina Mary Marlo Matilda Matilda-Rose Maya Meeka Meg x 2 Meisha Meggz Merrique Mia X 3 Miekah Migaloo Mika Milky Milla Millie x5 (Milli) Mimi Mindy x 2 Minky Minnie x 2 (Mynni) Minouche Mischa Mischka Misha Missy Missie Mistletoe Misty Mitzi Molly x 9 Molly Coddle Monet Moochie Mung Bean Mya Nala Nandi Narla Natasha Nena Ness Nora Nyima Olivia Ollie Pagan x 3 Panda x 2 Paris Paxy Pchelka Pearl Pebbles Peggie Penelope Penny x 3 Pepper x 4 Perry Phoebe x 2 Phoenix Pink Pip Pippin Piper x 2 Pixie Polly x 2 Popcorn Poppy Porridge Porscha Poung Prada Priah Quince Quinn x 2 Rani Razzle Reba Rebel Reno Rhoda Riki Ricky River Rizzi Rogue Rommi Rose Rosey Rosie x 2 Roxie Roxy x 4 Ruby x 7 Rumour Sabine Sabrina Sachi Sadie Saffron Safire Sahli Sally x4 Sarah Sarah Jane Sari Sascha x 2 Sasha x3 Sarsha Satu Savannah Scandal Scarlet Scruffy Serena Seven Sha Shae Shandy Shannon Sharnie Sharon Sharna Sheba Shelby Shimmer Shine Shishka Siann or Cyan Sinta Sienna X 3 Skye x 2 SkySnow Snotty Dotty Sola Sooki Sooty Sophie x2 Sophia Sparkles Springy Sputnik Spook Stella x2 Stimpy X2 Storm Stussy Sue Summa Suzie x 2 Sybill Sydney Tait Tamar Tameeka Tango Tara x 3 Tasha Tashi Tassie (with a s sound NOT a z) Taya Tayla Teegan X 2 Tess x 6 Tessa Texas The Divine miss Sophie Thea-Rose Tia x 2 Tieke Tikaani Tilba Tilli Tilly x3 Tinka Tinny (tin tin) x2 Toot Tori Tully Tyche Tyra Tyneal Ulla Vada Vicki Vienna Viviane Voodoo Wandy White Whitey Whitney (reg'd) Whitneigh) Winnie Winona Winter Wilhelmina Willow x 2 Wolf Xena Xanthe Zara Zahli Zillah Zippedeedoodah Ziva x 3 Zena Zoe x 4
  12. Weimaraner - Not they are not Greyhounds because they are grey - No they don't all get Separation Axiety and can't be away from their owners English Setter - Hear the word "Setter" and automatically assume I mean Irish and reply with "We had those back in the 70s, they are really dumb" to which i reply that none of the setter breeds are dumb, and that they are all intelligent, independant thinkers. - Is that a Dalmatian Cross? - (Because of his droopy eyes) he is sad. Old English Sheepdog - It's cruel to keep them in all that coat - That they are blind in the blue eye - No I don't use their hair to make paintbrushes for Dulux (That one was particularly hilarious)
  13. This is very typical of a Gordon, they are very smart, but can be stubborn and manipulative, they will put one over you if they can :laugh: I bet he's very talkative too :) I am so glad someone is willing to give him a chance, a massive thank you to all those who worked so hard to rescue him. Was about to say the same thing - typical setter :laugh: i am very glad to read the update on Ned... i hope that his future is bright.
  14. Sure am Whipitgood!! although I MAY have to get myself a runner at some point... I've entered both Rally and Conformation this year... see it as my last chance for a while :laugh:
  15. City of Kalamunda are a bit more relaxed about obtaining permits, ncarter, as are the City of Wanneroo and the whoever it is that covers the upper swan area (sorry not sure of the council name). South, I believe that Rockingham council is good with obtaining permits... but none of those councils will allow you outright to have more than 2 dogs.
  16. Whipitgood yep you can enter online - it's really easy :) DO IT!!
  17. HUGE congrats E+H!!! a fantastic achievement and what a way to title!!
  18. I agree with espinay, and also with MG. sometimes it just isn't possible to feed an appropriate raw diet because of certain restrictions.
  19. Suggest you take your sister to a dog show and see if you can meet some of these breeds. Lagotto wouldn't be far from what your sister already had if she wants to replicate her experience. They don't shed, and they aren't a big gundog breed. You could also have her meet some of the other breeds that are possible - poodles, bichon, Bedlingtons etc...
  20. Not a problem - I don't mind, it was only if you didn't want to have them around after you'd finished with them, but they are VERY handy!
  21. Sorry RS mine are currently in use as barriers also. They really don't cost a lot though. If you purchased some and wanted to get rid of them afterwards, I'd buy them off you.
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