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  1. Hi everyone Just hoping for some ideas for a neighbour of mine. She has two Pom mixes that bark a LOT. This morning a neighbour of hers complained that they were barking and that his family wasn't getting any sleep. My neighbour doesn't know what to do. She asked me for advice as she knows I have dogs, but my dogs are inside, don't really bark a lot, and because I'm inside with them, when they bark I just tell them to be quiet and time out them if they don't stop, which helps. but, because of this, I just have NO suggestions for her on how to get her dogs to stop. Thng is, she is NOT a real dog person, hence the dogs are outside... she doesn't want them in, so that isn't a suggestion I can make... and as irresponsible as she sounds, she does care about stopping the dogs barking. I did suggest a citronella collar but that is all i can think of, and I wouldn't use one of them on my own dogs... Anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to help, I just don't know how. HEr dogs do bark, and Id like them to stop too, although it doesn't bother me except that her dogs are the only ones in the street that get mine going, and I can't let them into the front of the house anymore because her dogs sometimes get out and run over to my front door and my dogs of course go nuts.
  2. mirawee I agree - and also, whether the winner would then become the next big thing... what they really need to make come across is that each and every breed can suit different people... i doubt that willhappen though - they have to make it a competition!!
  3. I've had an international judge who was a breed specialist for my breed, re-run my girl before awarding the challenge. She was approx 12 months, and still a little floppy on the move at times, and would take longer to settle into a nice movement. He remarked to me that she had lovely movement once she settles down. I think he knew that her movement was good but he had her move again before awarding her.. not all judges would want to do that and they don't have to. Judge on the day, their opinion, and their choice :)
  4. I help show two neuters who were rehomed by their breeders. It is part of our service as a breed club to encourage our members to get out there and do things with their dogs. Both these dogs were on Main register and the owner discussed with both breeders before entering a show. One of the dogs had a litter and was also titled in conformation as an entire... one was unfortunately returned to the breeder by someone who promised to show and was rehomed to our club member... both breeders are thrilled that their dogs are being showcased, especially the second dog, because although he never titled, he is certainly worthy of it, and he is sired by one of the top winning bitches in the country. Judges have no idea which dog is titled already and which isn't. Both do their fair share of winning, but best of all the owner never would have entered this world of dog showing without our encouragement, and the pride and joy they get out of watching their dogs in the ring, and do some winning, is priceless... plus it might mean that the next time they select a dog, they might give showing a go.
  5. if my dogs were ready for both, I'd do the RATG, simply because there are less of them with a shorter season and I can compete in Rally trials over summer... I'd struggle more deciding between a tracking trial and an RATG on the same day...
  6. Lulu rubs her face on me and OH... like a cat. It's seriously like she's rubbing her scent on us, and she gets really excited about it. It wouldn't be a big deal if she wasn't 26kg and all legs and has to stand on you!!
  7. There is a genetic inheritance to temperament, yes... but they say they get more from the dam than the sire due to the fact that the bitch raises them and the sire most of the time isn't around... I take the sire's temperament into consideration as well as the dam, and I believe that puppies can inherit a poor temperament from either parent. as for the second part of the question, I think it really depends on your own preparation and experience as a dog owner, how "easy" it is to bring a puppy in vs an adult, and the history of the adult. A puppy is a "clean slate" if you like, but you can easily stuff up a puppy.
  8. Whitka not sure if you've already arranged it but Sherae Petlink are fantastic for pet transport. I wish I was entered on the weekend, but I missed the entry date not that i'd be showing anyway, but I did want to enter Good news is I finally found my chequebook so I can actually enter some more shows!!
  9. Mim if you have no takers, you could also donate it to a local rescue :)
  10. All the cool kids go to Tassie :cool: They sure do! I'll be heading there next year at some point for a little holiday with bubs in tow!
  11. This Also suggest you read the breed standard and learn it and try to follow it. Regardless of whether you want to show or not, the breed standard is there as a guideline so that you keep breeding dogs that look and act like that breed. This works both ways...
  12. Agree - the only time I'd like to see them is when there is one of my breed FTGH and they come into the breed thread to let someone know in the hope we can get it before someone else does (especially if it's not desexed).
  13. the website is www.animalimages.com.au Go to "View your pictures" on the home page, and then click on Dog Shows. They aren't all in the picture menu so click on the drop down box to select which day you want to view. :)
  14. I'd get a property set up with dog runs and rolling green areas they could run in, surrounded with snake mesh ;) I'd love a natural river or even just a dam for them to swim in and lots of shady trees. I'd import a dog and a bitch English Setters from the UK from lines that I love and would do well together. I would also import at least two slovakian rough haired pointers!!
  15. OES - they are born to show off and they do it so well :) Any beautifully moving gundog is a sight to see... I love to see a beautiful lashing tail on a setter as they move.Seeing them all at Crufts was an absolute joy.
  16. I see breeding as maintaining the breed based on original breed standard (temperament, ability, and look), but I breed to better in each generation of my own dogs (including health)
  17. I was searching all over Australia not limiting myself by state... Suggest you ask the breeder you are interested in whether they hip/elbow and if they do any other health tests and see what they say.
  18. Past WEim girls sparky and Tansy cleaned up my mum while playing on a walk. she broke her finger! OH nearly got a broken nose from a hard weimy head the other night. I won't tell you how many times he's been smacked in the nuts.
  19. Last year I was researching breeders for GD and one thing I found was that there are very few registered breeders out there performing health testing such as hip scoring. Many of them said it wasn't in their lines so they didn't need to test. There were several that sell certain colours for more money which I find quite strange, and I struggled to really find a breeder I was happy with. When I finally did find a few breeders, and one that had puppies on the way, my dad could no longer get a dane (I was researching for him)... but the research that I did was quite interesting!!
  20. I love these bowls. They are perfect for hairy face dogs too!! just licking hte surface means their faces don't get as wet.
  21. That's fantastic Weasels!! I think it's wonderful they are showing the working ability of the dogs.
  22. When you say "working title" do you mean Field/Retrieving titles or ALL titles?
  23. Agree with others - he's looking FAB - such an improvement since you got him back :)
  24. I am currently feeding a couple of mine Earthborn Holistic grainfree and they are doing wonderfully well on it. I raised my Weimaraner pup on Raw and had no growth issues at all... but I did havea good grasp on the concept. I would highly recommend the book "Real Food for Dogs and CAts" as well as the BARF books.
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