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  1. I have 2 week old Fauve babies here and a couple of them are starting to get up on their legs in a small way and I fully expect by the weekend, when they are 2 1/2 weeks old, that they will be up and toddling. The stages pass so quickly and it surprises me EVERY time how quickly they are up and at 'em. I find once eyes open they just fly ahead.
  2. Oh Thank God!!!! Hadn't seen this. I'm so pleased that they're all okay. Big hugs from your spare son Arrow.
  3. Definitely a breed I could live with. Have fostered a few and they are very easy to love.
  4. just this bit. I wouldn't subject a pup to an operation for a minor hernia. I'd do what this breeder did and discount the price a little and say get it fixed when desexed. Yep and have recently just done this. I also don't ask a lot of questions when I talk to people, though to be fair, with a rare breed they're not going to be ringing me without knowing much about them. Instead I ask them what they know of the breed and then tell them ALL the bad stuff. If they're still interested after that then we move to the good stuff. I also believe that I have a breed that is genuinely pretty easy for the average joe - they are unlikely to have issues with aggression, if you're happy with the poor recall you shouldn't have any major issues. Once someone is interested however I actively encourage them to join our FB page and the Aussie Fauve page and they become a part of the Fauve community - they get to see the good, the bad and the ugly at that point. The simple truth of the matter is that if you're not happy you should go elsewhere HOWEVER I wouldn't necessarily consider the things you've described as an indicator of bad things.
  5. If my visitors like dogs and are people I know the house dogs are allowed in. Sometimes I have to put Cupcake away as she won't leave people alone. If it is strangers or people I know don't like dogs (like my in-laws) the dogs are always crated. To be honest, much as I love dogs I truly hate being mobbed by someone else's dogs so I expect others to feel the same way. I tend to be an "affection on my terms" person with both humans and animals.
  6. Great job folks..... My dogs are crated every night for around 8 hours, they cope perfectly fine so this sounds very acceptable to me. Don't let the negative nellies get you down.
  7. Yep same here and would NEVER do it without a crate again. Anyone who is friends with me on FB would see hundreds of photos of my dogs sleeping on the lounge. I work 10 hour days from home and those hours are spent, generally, staring at a computer or on the phone. Sadly this doesn't leave me time to supervise baby puppies in the house HOWEVER if they start whinging I immediately recognise that they need to go out to the toilet and out they go. They then spend a few hours outside until they or I decide that it might be a nice time to come inside and in they come. Generally speaking they are completely trustworthy in the house at night by around 3 months of age and are then allow to just hang out HOWEVER I have a gorgeous 8 year old BITCH who would destroy my couch as soon as look at it because she is a bitch. I think this is like the argument between feeding raw and feeding processed food. We should all do what works for us and our families and stop criticising the shit out of those who do it differently to us.
  8. Yes - I live with a number of dogs, two of whom have been debarked. Both still happily bark, both still appear particularly happy with their lot in life. One I debarked (the only time I've ever done it) and the other was done before she arrived. Different breeds and different circumstances for debarking - to be fair I don't think I would have debarked the one who who arrived here done as she doesn't bark IMO very often. The one I did I would debark MORE if I could - he drives me freaking insane as he barks for no good reason on a regular basis and it is quite unusual for his breed. And I have known two dogs with lifetime disabilities caused by debarking What where those disabilities????? I'm curious as the two I live with display no difference whatsoever.
  9. The thing is that their list knocks out all breeds for some reason pretty much BUT individuals within a breed may be suitable. If they weren't so keen on virtually no grooming a Fauve could work for them in many ways as they are pretty easy-going. Everything they've asked for would be covered other than the need to run a comb through their coat every couple of weeks.
  10. Those questions wouldn't put me off at all. I think that they're perfectly reasonable.
  11. I have had more to do with White Swiss Shepherds than GSDs recently but the ones I see at dog shows are far calmer than their GSD relatives. They also don't appear to pull their handlers over and lunge towards other dogs or each other as often. I suspect, however, that what I see is often speciality GSDs which are shown very differently at speciality level than at all breed level so when they are at all breeds shows they can appear terribly out of control and quite frightening (my personal opinion here). I haven't met a White Swiss Shepherd that was nervous or anything other than confident.
  12. I will confess I am letting my personal argument with a friend get in my way. I get very tired of her constantly telling me my Fauves are dumb and how much better her Border Collies are. It has led to me feeling a distinct lack of love for Border Collies. It is incredibly rude. If she is a neighbour and friend then I guess you are limited but I would be thinking about saying something like: "you talk a lot about how much better your dogs are than mine, do you realise how rude that is?" Id just laugh in her face. Rudely. Unless you really want her to be your BFF. Life's too short to get wound up by idiots. The Fauve of my acquaintance may not be as biddable as Ernie but he's got his mum wrapped round his front paw. That's smart, not stupid. I'm amazed folks actually do this sort of shite. Who cares where your dog stacks up on a mythical intelligence scale as long as he/she loves you and fits your needs? Is there an HSC for dogs in this country of which I am unaware?? OMG you know a Fauve???? What is his name??? I'm sorry but with only around 100 in the country I know most of them and he may be bred by me OR related to mine... Yes I am excited lol.
  13. Heart-breaking and how we ended up with those babies in rescue two years running. Still McKenzie's favourite breed ever. The day one can be shown she will want to be at the end of the lead. She was only talking about them today.
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