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  1. The "want" List

    They're pretty addictive, them leggy, long-nosed hounds! They sure are :D thank you to grizabella for this pic of my Bosco and Nicky Oh the cute, it's too much!
  2. The "want" List

    I'd love a Rottweiler as my next dog. Also in the future: More Whippets Borzoi Italian Greyhound Afghan Hound Greyhound Saluki Not likely to ever happen but still love: Leonberger Newfoundland I'm completely in love with sighthounds now after owning my first whippet.
  3. West Highland Terriers And Cats

    I have a Westie mix and a multi cat house hold, she's excellent with them but as others have mentioned it's the thrill of the chase that seems to get them. My girl will sleep with the cats, walk around with them but if they run she can't help but chase, not her fault, just instincts :) I have multiple baby gates around the house so cats can get some peace from the dogs in dog free rooms if they wish.
  4. What Temp Do You Rug Your Dog Up?

    Elke (whippet) tells me when she's cold, she tries to get under blankets or comes in to snuggle up to me, I pick up her jumper and ask if she wants it on and if she puts her head through the head hole then on it goes. She's much happier when she's coated! Generally speaking if I'm feeling the cold or her ears are cold and or she's shivering and in a tight ball then it's time for the jumpers to come out. I leave them on her during the day if I know it's going to be cold, she appreciates the warmth.
  5. Puppy Culture Rotti Puppies - Photos & Vids Galore

    How exciting, Rottie babies :love: Hope everything goes really well.
  6. Best Head Halter For Walking Dog That Pulls?

    When I occasionally use head halters for different dogs I use the Black Dog infin8 head halter. It connects at the back of the head. http://www.blackdog.net.au/dog-head-halters/infin8-dog-head-collar
  7. Whippet Coats

    Thanks heaps for your links Maddy!! :)
  8. Whippet Coats

    Thanks guys! Elke appreciates all your suggestions :laugh:
  9. Whippet Coats

    Thank you both, I'll check them out! :)
  10. Whippet Coats

    Was just wondering if any sighthound people could suggest where I can buy a nice warm fleecy but not overly expensive whippet coat? I've looked at patterns but I'm not crafty in the slightest and I can tell it will end up a disaster :laugh: Thanks in advance :)
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  12. Doggy Christmas Presents

    Mine are all getting new plush beds and some soft toys to kill (thank you Fuzzyard and T&S warehouse sales :laugh:) They will also get some treats and a trip to the beach in the morning Christmas day.
  13. Whippet Good!

    She's not a pedigree but she's pretty on par with my friends pedigree whippets in the size department. Both her parents were pure whippets, her dad on the bigger side. She has a little more growing to do but I would say she wouldn't get much bigger. I think the photos make her look a little bigger and lankier than she is in the flesh :laugh:
  14. Whippet Good!

    I'm super lucky and grateful that I've ended up with a girl like her. She's so easy to live with. She comes most places with me and will just sleep next to me while I'm doing stuff. I've definitely fallen in love with the breed. You're two girls sounded beautiful too As for the signature, I can't remember how to do it :laugh: