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We have had a hot and cold tap installed outside so that we can hydrobath our foster fur kids (mainly puppies).

We have found theat when using a garden hose, it is almost impossible to regulate the temperature so I have organised a plumber to fit

a tempering valve for me. (the tempering valves mixes hot and cold so that it can't go over a preset temperature).

I have spoken to a couple of hydrobath manufacturers and also searched the net but can't really find the correct temperature to use as

there are so many conflicting opinions.

I was hoping that maybe someone can suggest what temperature the water should be for bathing and rinsing.

Thanks for you assistance



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I dont have a set temperature I like to use. Warmer on cold days, and only slightly warm on hot days. I set mine to the highest temperature (40 degrees) but thats only so it warms up quicker. First job of the day I know it takes me about 7 minutes to heat up to a warm temperature, and the jobs for the rest of the day about 3 minutes. If I reduce the setting it takes much longer, and I dont have time to wait all day for water to heat, so full blast for me.

I would probably go for mid 20's ??? but not 100% sure as I just go by the feeling.

Sorry not that much help I know.

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Guest Amy Rose

I think work's one is around 35 degrees (I recall it being set to 38)? Obviously in winter the water we use is slightly warmer and cooler in summer. We always check the water temperature on our own skin (hands) first before using it on the dogs though. 38 I generally find to be a little too hot, so would go for perhaps 32 or 33.

I hope this helps slightly.

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I've wondered this myself when I bath my dog - what temperature do people use to wash their dogs?

I tend to find the temperature that I would shower in and then back it off a bit, as I tend to like a quite hot shower.

Thats in winter obviously, just wondering if its still a bit too warm?

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28degrees is the temperature my hydrodath heats and stays at. If I want it cooler I just turn the heater off for awhile before I bath the dogs.

You would not want it any hotter than that, you could burn yourself or your dog IMHO

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