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Handlers Basic Workshop


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You'll see ME beforehand, car trip buddy :(

I was talking to GDG :mad:eek:

Im coming too, will be like the Drive Training all over again.

Are you bringing Darcy? Poocow.

Who are you bringing PoW. - will you be bringing your shepherd that Steve was after last time?

I only have one dog, so it will have to be Jake :o

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Ooooooh! *incensed*

Greatdanegirl, can we arrange for one of your Danes to eat Poocow's mullet dog? :mad

Oi you! Stop being so rude! I'll sick the mullet dog on you!

Still undecided over whether it will be his lordship Darcy or the brainless wonder Top. Leaning more towards Top as Steve might actually be able to teach him something.

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