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  1. Thanks kindly Corvus for taking the time to write your reply - it is most helpful and informative I'd love to do CaniX at some stage but its not huge here in WA (yet!), and its an incredibly long drive for such a short run. Cost of dog equipment is not of huge concern if it is long lasting and of high quality so I will look into that harness for when my little one has reached his full size, and a cheaper one for now (just to use for training and getting used to a harness). A 2m lead would be incredibly long - I'm not the tallest person, and as you know GSP's are quite tall; although definitely think a bungee is the way to go
  2. Thanks all for the suggestions! Duffman - I didn't know that Ezidog stuff was made here, that is a big plus for me. Will go check their running leash out as I like that they use stainless hardwear on many of their products Benshiva - I've not heard of Tail Runner brand here in the WA, but if the gear is high quality and sturdy I'm interested! Showdog - Thanks, the canicross gear seems to mostly be a harness set up for the human that a leash clips to, but will chat to the club see what other gear may be around.
  3. Hi guys, Our newest GSP pup is still too young to run with me at this point, but am starting the research of leashes/ harnesses and hands free set ups specifically for running. I run both road and trail (including technical single track) so it will need to be rugged and have some stretch to it to help protect me from direction changes/stops etc. I've seen an awesome knotted one from Iron Doggy that looks like it would be fantastic, and was thinking of pairing it with a RuffWear Front Harness. I don't want anything that will wreck either of our running form (as that is how injuries happen) Are there any supplies of Iron Doggy products here? or a local company that sells something very similar? Thanks! This is the Iron Doggy Runners grande
  4. I fed my dog Euk and marrow bones... spose it wasn't too bad for 'back then'
  5. hmmm... I can't remember what size the collar is, will have to try and find out.
  6. thanks guys... after having a really good look at it, it does appear to have several 'suspect' links, ie; not quite the same shape as the others, these links are mostly the ones I use to open and close the collar. I'm sure I closed the collar correctly - tho these days it is certainly easier to close than when it was new! Just as well I don't think I'll be needing it for my dogs much longer, as I don't fancy forking out for a new one. I've got some spare links around somewhere, will swap them over and will also clip the lead to a rope check or similar (as I figure clipping the lead to the flat collar would be pointless)
  7. it is fitted properly.... nice and snug up under the chin as recommened by the trainer I purchased it from ;): . But somehow, the links have sprung apart twice now when Ollie has hit the end of the lead (and I've done an abrupt turn in anticipation of him surging forward). I can't even figure out how this has happened when the collar is so snug The collar is about 5 years old now, and was a good quality one when I bought it. Any ideas how I can 'fix' the collar or is it time to buy a new one?
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions all, especially CareyJ - I ended being able to get a refund! yay!
  9. Ok, I thought I'd try a new brand of food on my cats and bought a 3kg bag of dry and a 12 tin slab. They hate it! Now I've got a fair bit of food here, shame to waste it.... can I feed it to the dogs safely? My guys will eat anything and a lot of it so it'll be gone within days. I was thinking of mixing it with their normal food and get rid of it that way. Any reason not to?
  10. In addition to the recommended paperwork/care guidelines, I would love to receive some photos of the pups in the very early days... and enough of the puppies current food to get me by until I can by some (or enough food so I can 'transistion' onto a locally available food if the current food is not available). Something familiar to the puppy to help it settle in would also be great (be it a toy, or even just a small square off-cut section of a blanket used for the litter) Anything much more than that, whilst very nice and much appreciate, I don't see how the breeder could reasonably be expected to find the time (and possibly money) for.
  11. to the original question... the answer is maybe. Really need to know what year it is and if it has curtain air bags. Cargo nets won't fit models with curtain air bags or elite model without seriously jeopordising the safety features of your car... so don't just go buying any net you find on sale! They are available for certain models, tho are not cheap. I can get you one cheaper as you are a Perthite! (my partner is in parts at Hyundai) If you wish, PM me your VIN or rego and I will find out if it is available, otherwise, I can give you my partners' work number and you can just liaise directly with him. If he has your VIN/rego he can do a search on your vehicle (doesn't matter where you bought it from) and find out if the net will fit your car.
  12. I wouldn't stress about it, she'll have some protection against it - but one of mine has picked it up twice (not very severe, but still not nice) now despite being vaccinated; my other isn't vaccinated againt it, yet barely had any symptoms at all (he still got it, but not really noticeable) It's not the kennel owners fault if they pick it up, no more so than it the bus drivers fault if you pick up the flu on the way to work.
  13. Go through a reputable breeder with plenty of experience in the breed, be honest about your situation and requirements, and you shouldn't have any problems. I trusted Olivers' breeder (Eastern States) to select the right pup for our situation and am very very happy with the boy I received and love him to bits. In all honesty, whilst price wasnt' a big factor in purchasing a pup - it would've been cheaper for me to fly over east, select and purchase a pup and bring it back than the cost of purchasing a pup over here at the time. I don't really know the difference personality wise between an English Pointer and a GSP - the English Pointers I've met have been far more reserved and seem to 'grow up faster' than the GSP's Someone who really knows the difference will be along soon I'm sure....
  14. Daydreamer, don't rule out eastern states breeders either (whatever breed you decide on) - flying a pup over here is not expensive.
  15. ahhhhh... but poor Sandgrubber is looking after my two naughty ratbags at the moment!!! the words 'noble' and 'restrained' really don't apply to either of them :p Sleep in till 9am??? Wow, mine both wake at 5am raring to go.
  16. ahhhhh... but poor Sandgrubber is looking after my two naughty ratbags at the moment!!! the words 'noble' and 'restrained' really don't apply to either of them :p
  17. Again, I'll leave that to the pros to answer.
  18. I'd say Natures Gift as well, but my two eat bloody everything ... but if you ever want to feed them My Dog; they'd really love it (and send you broke!)
  19. After trying both my two on all sorts of expensive and supposedly better brands, I've put both mine on Bonnie Working Dog and have found it to be BRILLIANT. Cost effective, nice shiny coats, the skinny one is gaining weight, the chubby one has dropped a little weight and reasonable output (not tiny, but not sloppy mess either). My sister raised her dog on the puppy version and has a very happy healthy dog with a lovely coat. That being said, I'm not a big fan of the regular Bonnie, similar effects on my two as Supercrap.
  20. as others have said, you will know when it's time. I chose to let my old boy go the day he could no longer play fetch without being in pain (he lived to play fetch and he would've broken his soul to not be able to). I never regretted this decision although I still miss him terribly - I will always remember that sparkle in his eyes as I let leave this world before it went out. Thinking of you in these tough times, take care
  21. I store mine in the kitchen the original bag and then in a dry dog food bin that I got from the supply store. If I kept it outside my two GSP's would figure out a way of breaking into the container and gorging themselves sick
  22. Drumbeat, can you PM me with the name also?
  23. He gets wormed monthly as part of his hearworm meds... so no little wormies. Wouldn't surprise me if something was 'out' - the way this little fruitcake zooms around the yard (which is split level with heaps of rockeries) If I don't get weight on him in the next couple of weeks, I'll take him off to the vet just to make sure nothing else is going on. He could just be like me I guess - super fast metabolism (I'm skin and bones too )
  24. Thanks guys. Ollie's coat is correct for a GSP and quite glossy, no signs of flaky skin etc...and no, he never eats his own poo, he'll eat the cats if he gets half a chance (but many dogs do that ). Aside from being literally skin & bones, he seems really healthy. Huski - lamb bones are out, he gets seriously gassy and then gets runs from lamb. He is fine on all other meats that I've tried (unless I overfeed). I've tried quite a few dried foods - none seem to make a difference to his weight but he seems to do better on mid-range foods as opposed to superpremium ones. At the moment he is on Optimum Puppy. Chelsea (my other GSP) was fairly lean at the same age, but nowhere near what my boy is like.
  25. *adds a kelpie to the wish list* He is gorgeous...devine
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